What is ODM clothing manufacturer? Top 3 best ODM companies

ODM clothing is created with diverse styles, designs, cut, sewn, packaged, and made by reputable manufacturers in the market. Let’s find out with Dugarco in this article.

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1. What is an ODM manufacturer?

What is OEM clothing manufacturer or ODM clothing manufacturer and what role does it play in the market. An original design manufacturer (ODM) is the original designer; when their products are made, second parties will purchase them and brand them. An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) stands for the original equipment manufacturer, while these manufacturers create their own products, brand themselves on them, and market them. The designs in an OEM factory are not for sale. You can select designs from catalogs provided by ODM factories.

oem and odm clothing manufacturers

2. Types of ODM manufacturing

ODM production is generally divided into private label and white label. Each label has separate uses to help customers feel secure when using the product.

2.1 White labeling

As stated, ODM producers are able to mass-produce goods for a range of various clients. Manufacturers will offer individual brands the same completed goods that are unbranded if you need a white labeling solution. Following that, your brand will use its marketing strategies to distribute things under its own name. Then ODM clothing is best delivered to customers thanks to a third party.

what is oem/odm products
Retailers sell white label products under their own brand

2.2 Private labeling

Due to their popularity among clients who enjoy a dynamic and active lifestyle, hoodies are regarded as a leading Activewear item. Moreover, an experienced private-label apparel maker can offer ODM/OEM production services. ODM clothing manufacturers will create and finish exclusive products for brands in accordance with pre-orders when they use private labeling. As a result, you can promote this product line without fear of competition, turn a profit at a reduced cost of production, and have more money to put toward expanding your company in other directions.

oem and odm clothing manufacturers
Private label products are those produced by one company for sale under the brand of another

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3. Pros and Cons of ODM

The consumer base adores ODM clothing. Its manufacturing and research expenditures are little to nonexistent. But only some products may use it, and there are no unique products.

3.1 Advantages of ODM

One of the biggest advantages of ODM manufacturing is that it will cost you very little to create and invest in production-related machinery, even though these two expenses are highly expensive. Additionally, you can purchase finished goods at substantially lower costs by using ODM clothing, even for small number of orders. ODM manufacturers’ specialized production lines will save you a tonne of time if your business excels at marketing or product distribution but lacks manufacturing competence in their industry.

oem and odm clothing manufacturers
The benefits of ODM manufacturing in factories

You’ll take less time installing and getting to know the devices, as well as less time researching, designing, and testing items. Prior to ODM manufacturing, most companies had to place orders that were extremely expensive and large in quantity. You can test a wide range of items on the market with the assistance of ODM manufacturers, making it simpler to develop an effective marketing and sales strategy. This reduces potential dangers during the sales process while also saving money.

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3.2 Disadvantages of ODM

However, businesses would have a difficult time locating original designed and produced goods with Original Design Manufacturing because ODM clothing producers frequently produce in huge quantities to offer other enterprises. You run the chance of going up against products from different companies that are essentially interchangeable in the market. To address this, numerous consulting firms were established to assist companies in locating ODM suppliers of novel and distinctive products.

what is oem or odm
Finding original designed and manufactured goods is difficult

Another drawback of the ODM clothing brand is that it is only appropriate for specific kinds of goods that don’t need customized designs for every client. As a result, ODM manufacturers are only frequently found in the footwear, cosmetics, or textile industries. These are the things that different companies on the market offer, although the pricing of the goods might vary depending on the marketing strategy and brand name.

4. Which industries apply the advantages of ODM manufacturers?

Between OEM and ODM clothing manufacturers, ODM producers can benefit a variety of industries, enabling businesses in these sectors to sell goods with competitive prices and high quality. These sectors comprise:

  • The textile and apparel sector (clothing, footwear, etc.)
  • Food sector (fast food, canned food)
  • The consumer electronics sector (power banks, phone cases)
  • Pharma industry
what is oem or odm
ODM manufacturers can benefit a wide range of industries

5. The best ODM clothing manufacturers today

ODM clothing manufacturers have garment manufacturing experience. They have skilled workers and experienced pattern makers. They have amassed enough styles over the years to provide customers with options. Here are some reputable manufacturers you should not overlook.

5.1 Dugarco

Dugarco prides itself on having staff with extensive industry knowledge. Professional leaders and collaborators focus on the research and development of advanced products. Furthermore, a high level of devotion to the buyer and assurance of ODM clothing is produced according to international standards. Competitive prices and prompt delivery to consumers. Independent design, order processing, manufacturing, and shipping to the contract location. Customer satisfaction is always given high importance by us. Dugarco has been constructing value-added chains of design, materials supply chain, product sales, and the synchronization solutions of commercial promotion, technology, and quality management.

odm clothing brand
Dugarco Clothing

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5.2 Dony Garment Company

A subsidiary of Dony International Corporation is the Dony Garment Company. Better to hear from one of Dony’s clients when describing how the company differs from all the other factories. Dony adheres completely to the international standards for textile production in order to protect worker safety and speed up production. Dony keeps up with certifications from ISO, Intertek, CA, REACH, and other organizations.

oem and odm clothing manufacturers
Dony strictly follows international textile production standards

5.3 Thai Son S.P. Co., Ltd

Another prominent apparel company in Vietnam is Thai Son S.P Co., Ltd. The company employs talented and knowledgeable workers who produce circular knitted fabric for a variety of clothing items for men, women, and children, including basic and printed T-shirts, polo shirts, pants, skirts, and dresses in current trends, as well as children’s wear and athletics.  They have two factories, the first in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 9 and the second in Sung Nhon, in the province of Binh Thuan. Customers of Thai Son S.P include brands like Calvin Klien and Brands Kappa.

what is oem/odm products
Thai Son S.P Co., Ltd is another well-known clothing company in Vietnam

This is an article about the ODM clothing that Dugarco brings. Hope you will have more useful information about the clothing line. Thereby having an overview of the quality product lines at Dugarco and in the market.

Contact information:

  • Address: No.59, Duc Giang Street, Duc Giang Ward, Long Bien Districts, Hanoi City, Vietnam
  • Tel: 024 3655 7930
  • Email: dugarco@mayducgiang.com.vn
  • Website: https://dugarco.com/en/

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