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Among the plenty of Vietnam jacket manufacturers, have you found your favorite one yet? A jacket, it can be told, is a multi-functional must-have item in a personal wardrobe. Therefore, the customer demands for this type of clothes are increasing regardless of the season in the year. By always ensuring high-quality product-making procedures and offering rational prices, Dugarco is a reliable partner for any jacket provider. Keep on reading if you want to explore a Vietnam prestigious manufacturer for your brand!

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1. Dugarco – Vietnam jacket manufacturers with good price

A jacket can both protect you under the aggressive sunlight in Vietnam’s hot summer and keep you warm when the cold breezes just come. Hence, the customers’ demand for jackets exists across seasons. For purchasing decision of a Vietnam jacket, going along with normal criteria that depend on the weather is the requirement for an eye-catching jacket design. Therefore, to attract a wide range of customers, a jacket manufacturer in Vietnam should also have the capabilities to adapt to diverse aesthetic tastes in fashion.

vietnam jacket manufacturers
Dugarco is one of the leading jacket manufacturers in Vietnam

Dugarco can be said to own in-need competencies to win other Vietnam jacket manufacturers. The company has established in 1990 and now become one of the leading businesses in the Vietnam garment industry. With over 30 expertise experiences, Duragco has built up strong positions in Vietnam and even global customers. Dugarco proves outstanding credibility among competitors by the list of partners coming from different international brands, parts of which are the giants in fashion such as Calvin Klein, The North Face, HUGO, etc.

Throughout the partnership, Dugarco guarantees that all the created ideas of the partner would turn into reality and meet sufficient standards. By applying various cutting-edge automatic technology such as Clo3D, AI, and Adobe, the errors within manufacturing also can be minimized. More importantly, those who are in partnership with Dugarco definitely do not need to worry about the risk of product design leakage. The company always commits to fair work, trade, and cooperation as well as to protect the partner’s intellectual properties.

Being a prestige jacket manufacturer in Vietnam, Dugarco currently is willing to produce different kinds of jackets. On average, about 3,000,000 units of jackets and blazers are produced here each year. Even if you are looking for winter jacket manufacturers or men’s jacket manufacturers, this Vietnam partner is sure not to disappoint you due to their expertise working experience, and manner.

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2. Why should you choose Vietnam jacket manufacturers Dugarco?

What makes Dugarco stand distinct among diverse Vietnam jacket manufacturers? What helps this name turn out to be familiar with both domestic and international fashion giants in the garment industry? To support all jacket providers in finding the most reliable partner who can offer the perfect finished products, this article would walk you through some main benefits when being in partnership with Dugarco.

2.1 Experienced design and production staff

Dugarco gains attention from jacket vendors due to having an excellent team of designers and production staff. Human plays a crucial role in making an enterprise enhance competitive advantages. Each individual who is working for design and production teams at Dugarco is affirmed to have high skill, experience, and knowledge to meet clients’ requirements and bring out the most qualified Vietnam jacket original.

jacket manufacturer in vietnam
Dugarco Design Team

2.2 Nice jacket made in Vietnam, easy to match clothes

Looking through the company website, you would see a vast range of jackets in all styles. Whether you want your jacket to look chic or sporty, or you want it could fit your height and weight, the products displayed here would satisfy all your interests. Moreover, by targeting customers with various tastes, the Vietnam jackets offered by this jacket manufacturer in Vietnam will not make you worry about not being able to mix and match them with your original styles.

denim jacket manufacturers usa
Easy-to-match jackets at Dugarco

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2.3 On-Time Delivery

In general, businesses when deciding whether to cooperate with a supplier/manufacturer or not partly depend on the committed time delivery. Late delivery as promised could be taboo for a jacket manufacturer in Vietnam in business dealings because the manufacturer’s credibility can be significantly decreased. In this case, Dugarco is confident in ensuring on-time delivery. The company’s 2019 report shows that 98% of deliveries meet the deadline and no customer chargebacks due to late delivery.

vietnam jacket manufacturers
Dugarco ensures on-time delivery

2.4 Advanced Manufacturing Technology

As introduced above, there are different kinds of high-technological automatic machines used in the manufacturing process. This way, the company optimizes the efficient outcomes by minimizing production errors. Not only that, Dugarco can respond to different cut and sew requirements from clients. They use the latest seam-sealed and veston garment machinery to create and customize the best fit and the most unique Vietnam jackets for customers. 

us vietnam uniform
Advanced technology used in manufacturing process

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2.5 Dugarco Professional in Material Sourcing

The reason why the reputable jacket manufacturer in Vietnam, Dugarco, can mostly meet a high rate of on-time delivery is partly coming from how they work professionally in material sourcing. Dugarco is in partnership with worldwide suppliers to ensure the best and the most diverse fabric for customers’ choices. By committing to be responsible for 100% production elements, Dugarco has established and nurtured a sustainable relationship with reliable suppliers around the world.

jacket vendors
Dugarco Sourcing Team
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    1. Yes, Vietnam boasts several reputable jacket manufacturers, specializing in various types including lightweight jackets, soft shell jackets, and black jackets, catering to different market needs.

    1. There are infinite options to design a good jacket. Generally, it takes longer to stitch and tape fabric together, which makes them more expensive than other garments. But the unique fabrics that high-end brands use come at a cost too

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