OEM clothing manufacturer VietNam: Pros and cons

OEM clothing manufacturer is one of the two main methods of clothing manufacturing. However, have you ever wondered what is OEM? What are the characteristics of this method? Where is it popular? In each region, are the features of this type of manufacturing different? Whether this approach fits the direction of your business? In this article, let’s find out with Dugarco – A Prestigious manufacturer from Vietnam.

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1. What is an OEM clothing manufacturer?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is a flexible but also sophisticated business principle. This kind of clothing production allows a manufacturer to create items based on your designs and specifications. The products will bear your brand labels and can be modified to your specifications at any time. If you choose the OEM clothing manufacturer path, the factory is just your employee; all of the designs and concepts are fully yours but for them to create.

oem clothing manufacturer
OEM clothing manufacturing is one of the two main methods of clothing manufacturing

However, to maintain a cordial connection between you two, you must be receptive to proposals from the factory itself. Open communication connections are also essential for being a successful OEM fiber cleaning cloth manufacturer or private-label clothing brand. Their contributions to your product will be beneficial to your firm in the long term since they are specialists in their fields, and they will also embrace your product as their own.

Finding the right OEM clothing factory not only helps you reduce production costs but also can launch high-quality, beautifully designed clothes. Oftentimes, OEM clothing manufacturers are able to produce large quantities of clothing in a timely manner that allows you to resell under your brand name. Nowadays, many OEM clothing manufacturers in Vietnam can provide finished garments with many additional services such as labels, swing tags, printing, etc. Usually, OEM garment manufacturers produce a variety of products from T-shirts, sports uniforms, and jackets to school uniforms.

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplies a finished product to another company that is their customer (VAR).
In the manufacturing and apparel industries, the concept of OEM is completely different from the aftermarket manufacturer and ODM.
Since ancient times, OEM has specialized in sales between businesses. Meanwhile, VAR (geo retail) sells to consumers or other end users.

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2. Comparison between OEM clothing manufacturers vs. Aftermarket and ODM clothing manufacturers

Below is a comparison table between OEM clothing manufacturers and aftermarket manufacturers and ODM clothing manufacturers:

OEM clothing manufacturers vs. Aftermarket
  • The concept of OEM is completely different from intermediate manufacturers that produce product parts for sale in the aftermarket. OEM is offering a separate original product. As for the aftermarket, they can offer non-exclusive products manufactured by different parties.
  • Bonus aftermarket equipment costs less than OEM products. However, because of that, the quality and longevity of the product may not be guaranteed.
  • On the other hand, many times the aftermarket clothing manufacturers can provide products of the same quality as OEM products. Many times it is because of the quality and precision that it becomes as famous as the OEM manufacturer and receives many positive reviews from users.
OEM clothing manufacturers vs. ODM clothing manufacturers
  • ODM clothing manufacturers can make their own clothing products, independent of the customer. The little thing they can do is change the designs to fit the needs of their customers. These types of clothing can then be sold by customers under their brand name.
  • ODM will usually not be as flexible as OEM because their customers will often customize an existing design that they make. However, they deliver products at a lower cost to their customers. Besides, ODM products can usually be ordered in lower quantities than OEM’s. This is one of their advantages when customers choose.

3. What are the advantages of OEM clothing manufacturers?

There are two main types of producers – OEM and ODM clothing manufacturers. Why is OEM chosen by so many manufacturers? Check out some of the prominent advantages of this method below.

3.1 Fast and Efficient

OEM manufacturers strive to preserve designs for as many components as possible on hand, even older parts that are no longer in operation. This means they can frequently locate blueprints for essential parts instantly and begin manufacturing right away. What if there are no current designs for the required components? Even when dealing with original ideas from their clients, OEMs provide a speedy turnaround.

oem clothing manufacturer
Fast and efficient

OEM firms are well aware that they operate in a very competitive industry. They take a great effort to ensure that their consumers are happy with their services. ODM endeavors to respond to every inquiry as quickly as possible, and they regularly evaluate our on-time delivery record. All emails were responded to as soon as possible. Full support accepts both standard production time orders and urgent production time orders.

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3.2 High Quality & Cost-effective

The advantage of OEM companies comes from the fact that they work directly with their customers. So they can better and precisely respond to what the customer needs. What’s more, OEM manufacturers are always working to improve the quality of their products. The OEM company’s factory is always equipped with top-of-the-line equipment, a team of experienced designers and sewing workers, and a quality sales and shipping team.

oem and odm clothing manufacturers
High Quality and Cost-effective

Every detail, even the smallest, is always carefully checked. The entire process from fabric supply to sewing, printing, and adding accessories,… is always consistent and ensures the highest quality. In addition, OEM clothing manufacturer also works directly with raw material suppliers, helping to reduce additional costs.

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3.3 The flexible order quantity for startups

OEM clothing manufacturer accepts a diversity of order quantities. If the fabric can be provided in small quantities, a small order of clothing is allowed. Clients can order a small quantity of OEM clothes with their design if firms have premade fabric in their storehouse. Manufacturer’s apparel factory has several manufacturing lines, allowing them to accommodate both regular time orders and rush time demands.

oem clothing manufacturer
With each contract, there will be different policies

If a customer requires ODM apparel manufacturing, the design team will create a variety of designs depending on the client’s specifications. OEM may have designers fix the design until it matches the requirements of clients. With each contract, there will be different policies and product quantities depending on the negotiation and agreement between the business and the enterprise.

3.4 Scientific Management & Professional Team

OEM fiber cleaning cloth manufacturer often has a team of experienced professionals on hand to assist you anytime you need.  Furthermore, the equipment is always assured to be up to date and of the highest quality. Manufacturing services are continually being developed, including development, material procurement, garment sample, clothing bulk production, and global shipping, among other things.

oem clothing manufacturer china
Professional Team

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4. Oem clothing manufacturer Malaysia/ Europe/USA

Not only in Asia, but OEM clothing manufacturers also appear in other regional countries such as Malaysia/ Europe/ USA. But are the factories here the same as the factories in Asia?

4.1 Advantages

OEM clothing manufacturer Malaysia/Europe/USA also has some basic advantages in comparison with Asia manufacturers. These companies were often suitable for clients that have associations near that region.

  • Production closer to company head office or customer located.
  • Good transport conditions so it can be easily transported in large quantities.
  • Lead production time short due to high productivity.
  • Quality is guaranteed, you can go to the production site to check the quality.

The currency is widely used all over the world so you can pay directly in your country’s currency.

oem clothing manufacturer malaysia
Inside Asian OEM clothing factory

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4.2 Disadvantages

Besides the above advantages. You also need to pay attention to some major disadvantages that can affect the growth of your business. OEM clothing manufacturer Malaysia/Europe/USA has some obvious disadvantages, which can be mentioned:

  • The cost in this area is usually higher than in Asia like Vietnam/India/China.
  • The number of factories here is less so there is less choice in choosing a supplier or a partner.
  • There are usually fewer resources here, so they often have to import fabrics/accessories from Vietnam/India/China. This means these factories are less fast and efficient than Asia producers.
  • If the wholesale apparel distributors have to import raw materials, the production process can be more time-consuming and costly. Moreover, the materials go through a long transportation process and can lose quality, affecting the performance of the clothing product.
oem clothing manufacturer
The cost in this area is usually higher than in Asia like Vietnam/India/China

For all of the above reasons, you may find that choosing Asian manufacturers is often the more effective choice.

5. Frequently asked questions for OEM Clothing manufacturer

Although OEM clothing manufacturer has many advantages, including convenience and savings. But is it suitable for your business? Can the manufacturers meet all your requirements? Here are some responses to common questions.

5.1 What do you need for your OEM garment order?

The more data you provide to make your request more specific, the more precisely the product will be made. You can provide the design, the measurements you want, the measurement technique, the drawings for the printing motifs, the blueprints for the accessories, etc. If you have any special requirements, please feel free to contact us. Remember to return detailed documentation and discuss it carefully with the manufacturer.

oem clothing manufacturer
The more data you provide to make your request more specific, the more precisely the product will be made

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5.2 Can you produce clothes based on my clothing photo?

Yes, however, your image must be clear. In addition, you must include a sizing chart. Our experts can also help you create a sizing table. In addition, you must work with us to select the appropriate fabric and accessories. We need to discuss and make comments to enhance the product after samples are out, and the proof is required to confirm. It is a complicated and time-consuming procedure that involves understanding, collaboration, and patience on all sides.

oem fibre cleaning cloth manufacturer
Pre-production meeting

5.3 What is your maximum clothing production capacity?

If your design is basic, the manufacturer can produce very large quantities with high capacity. If your order is too large and the delivery time is too urgent, manufacturers will coordinate with partners to ensure your requirements. With 25 workshops, 165 production lines, and more than 8000 workers, Dugarco is a good choice to meet the demand for extremely large quantities of goods. This corporation can produce 2,000,000 units of clothing a year.

oem clothing manufacturer
Dugarco is a good choice to meet the demand for extremely large quantities of goods

5.4 Can I print my brand on the garments?

The feasibility of printing your brand’s logo on garments depends on the design and quality of the fabric. If your product is a single-layer garment, it is very easy to print and even embroider your brand. But for double layer clothing, the friction between the two fabrics can negatively affect the printing performance. Since the printing process is due to the lining fabric and the face fabric. So, if you want to print your brand, you need to consider it right away when choosing the fabric.

oem clothing manufacturer
Printing your brand’s logo on garments

6. Dugarco – Prestigious OEM clothing manufacturer from Vietnam

From its first steps in 1990 until now, Dugarco has become an outstanding manufacturer in the Vietnamese Textile-Garment Industry. The corporation has clients all over the world such as the USA, Canada, Europe, and Russia,… With the slogan “Change to succeed. For Duc Giang prosperity”, Dugarco does not anticipate any problem with production capacity. The corporation is ready to handle any volume and kind of apparel manufacture. Dugarco is a reputable outdoor clothing manufacturers, jacket, shirt, suit, … manufacturer in Vietnam.

Dugarco has achieved certain success after three decades of hard work. Many famous brands like Hugo Boss, Moose Knuckle, Calvin Klein, and Dawn Levy… have put their faith in the corporation and cooperated with Dugarco, and that has built up the company’s position. With 25 workshops, 165 production lines, and more than 8000 workers, Dugarco is proud of our ability to meet the demand for extremely large quantities of goods. In detail, each year Dugarco can produce on average:

  • Shirt: 11,000,000 units
  • Jacket, Blazer: 3,000,000 units
  • Suit: 150,000 units
  • Pants: 2,000,000 units
  • Knit: 1,500,000 units
  • Domestic: 2,000,000 units
oem clothing manufacturer
Dugarco’s products have high quality

Besides, there are many reasons for you to choose Dugarco as your business’s OEM clothing manufacturer, this corporation is not only a prestigious manufacturer but also has a reasonable production cost.

  • The powerful capacity and strong experience in the industry.
  • Professional management and a committed team.
  • One of the corporation’s specializations is the development of creative and high-tech products.
  • Dedicated to global and buyer standards.
  • You will be secured with competitive rates and timely delivery.
  • Style development, order processing, production, and delivery logistics are all handled individually.

7. Dugarco’s OEM clothing products

Dugarco is known as a reputable OEM clothing manufacturer. What makes this manufacturer stand out among various competitors is the ability to offer a wide range of products. Not only that, but if you are a person being annoyed about the negative impacts of fast fashion, Dugarco products are your must-have items in the closet. Here would offer you fashionable and sustainable clothes which are made from organic materials. Below are the main products at Dugarco that you can refer to.

  • Jacket

Dugarco jackets are constructed of environmentally friendly materials such as recycled polyester and organic cotton. Furthermore, these materials provide superior product quality and long-term durability. The products have a trendy and beautiful appearance. The jackets come in a range of styles that may be worn with a variety of other outfits and in a variety of scenarios.

oem clothing manufacturer
oem clothing manufacturer
  • Shirt/Blouses

Dugarco shirts frequently have a Slim Fit shape that elegantly clings to the body and improves the wearer’s appearance. The shirt is primarily designed with a crisp stand-up collar. High-quality fabrics minimize wrinkles, soft, cool, durable, anti-bacterial, and UV-resistant. Shirts in exquisite colors are convenient to mix with a variety of costumes. The product is appropriate for education, business, office environments, etc.

oem clothing manufacturer malaysia
oem clothing manufacturer
  • Pants

High-quality pants products usually use Kakhi, Polyester, Rayon Fabrics, and light stretch to help hug the wearer’s body. Soft and cool material along with good sweat absorption help operate comfortably for the wearer in the workplace or daily work. Detailed design by the manufacturers, meticulous to every part, even the smallest. All the products at Dugarco have youthful, elegant style. Furthermore, there are many colors and designs for you to choose from.

oem clothing manufacturer
  • Suit/Blazer

Each seam on the suit/blazer has been meticulously created. Each product is designed with the wearer’s form in mind. Because of the blazer’s exquisite and noble appearance, the wearer will be more confident. Many distinct long and short styles, as well as many different colors, make it easy to combine with other clothes.

oem clothing manufacturer
oem clothing manufacturer malaysia
  • Knitting

Dugarco offers many different knitting designs suitable for many different styles. You may confuse by the many types of quality knitting such as round-neck T-shirts, polo T-shirts, sleeveless T-shirts, and pocket T-shirts,… Since OEM fiber cleaning cloth manufacturers mainly use the fibers of organic cotton, the products are durable and comfortable to use.

oem clothing manufacturer
oem and odm clothing manufacturers
  • Uniform

Owning a modern machinery line, Dugarco is confident to meet even the most difficult requirements for your organization’s uniform. With a variety of product lines, including Office Uniforms, School uniforms, Workwear, Medical uniforms, and Antibacterial Face masks, Dugarco’s products promise to bring the best experience to the customers.

oem clothing manufacturer
oem fibre cleaning cloth manufacturer

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Above, Dugarco has helped you know more about the OEM clothing manufacturer. The article also points out objective assessments of the advantages/disadvantages of this type of manufacturing in each region. Furthermore, we also answered some popular questions that everyone is often curious about. Hope you got satisfactory answers to your questions. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to contact us.

Contact information:

  • Address: No.59, Duc Giang Street, Duc Giang Ward, Long Bien Districts, Hanoi City, Vietnam
  • Tel: 024 3655 7930
  • Email: dugarco@mayducgiang.com.vn
  • Website: https://dugarco.com/en/


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