Hoang Ve Dung: Chairman of the Board of Directors at Dugarco

1. Hoang Ve Dung’s biography

Few people know that before establishing the Dugarco textile empire, Mr. Hoang Ve Dung was an extremely talented person with good foreign language skills. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Russian and a degree in literature. In the period 1981 to 1987, he was an assistant coach of the Russian language at the Military Culture School. Before that, he worked as a teacher of Russian literature at the Military Foreign Language University.

In 1987, teacher Hoang Ve Dung was just 30 years old and entered the textile industry. He first entered the textile industry as an expert in the Garment Union Import-Export Department (Ministry of Light Industry). After 17 years of striving, Mr. Dung in turn held essential positions in the textile industry. His essential positions in the textile industry can be mentioned as Head of Import-Export Department of Vietnam Textile and Garment, Director of Textile and Garment Import-Export Company – Vietnam Textile and Garment Group.

Hoang Ve Dung
Mr. Hoang Ve Dung – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dugarco

In 2004, Mr. Hoang Ve Dung was appointed General Director and Secretary of the Party Committee of Dugarco. From the beginning of 2008, after equitization, Mr. Dung was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors, concurrently acting as General Director of Vietnam clothing manufacturers Dugarco.

When it comes to Dugarco Company, both partners and competitors refer to the important position of Mr. Hoang Ve Dung. Hoang Ve Dung and his wife are also two of the four major shareholders of Dugarco. Despite his advanced age, Mr. Hoang Ve Dung is still the key and most trusted older man on the company’s council. He has trained a generation of talented, responsible, and enthusiastic junior leaders.

2. Achievements of the Royal Guard at Dugarco

Currently, Dugarco has become one of the “big guys” in Vietnam’s garment and textile industry. With 30 years of experience in the textile industry, Mr. Hoang Ve Dung has turned Dugarco into one of the largest Vietnam clothing manufacturers today. Dugarco under the talented leadership and guidance of Mr. Hoang Ve Dung has gradually become a large Vietnam clothing manufacturer, supplying clothes for many famous brands from many different countries such as the UK, USA, and Australia. Major international brands that Dugarco cooperates with include: Hugo Boss, Moose Knuckle, Calvin Klein, Dawn Levy,…

Hoang Ve Dung
Dugarco has become one of the “big guys” in Vietnam’s garment and textile industry

Since being led by Mr. Ve Dung, for 10 years, from 2009 to 2018, Dugarco Garment Company has always been the most elite member of Vietnam Textile and Garment Group Vinatex.

3. The business motto of Mr. Hoang Ve Dung

Mr. Hoang Ve Dung always wants to make Dugarco become a pioneering Vietnam clothes manufacturer exporting to the world market on a large scale. He is always strict about Dugarco’s products must be of high quality and have their own international highlights.

Hoang Ve Dung
The business motto of Mr. Hoang Ve Dung

The motto of his whole life devoted to Dugarco is: “you make clothes so that people can wear them, even better, people like to wear them, then they are proud to wear them.” and “Change to Complete. Change to success. For Dugarco prosperity” he hopes not only to give Dugarco into a sustainable garment company in the country but also reaching out to the world.