Top 5 best wholesale clothing distributors in USA, UK, Australia

The fashion industry in general and clothing production, in particular, have always played an important role in recent times. This is an opportunity and also a challenge for wholesale clothing suppliers in the future to meet the increasing requirements and quality of today’s customers. So how to find the best wholesale clothing distributor and have a standard address and warehouse? Find out with Dugarco right after this article.

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1. How Do I Find a Wholesale Clothing Vendor?

1.1. Use the search engine from Google

Searching on google is now one of the ways to find out useful information for you. Google is always user-friendly and gives the best results according to user reviews. If you want to find reputable wholesale clothing suppliers, search for keywords related to the wholesale apparel distributors you want to find, and from there, you can find yourself a supplier of pants wholesale t-shirts that best match the listings in Google. That is why Google is always the most used search engine today.Some tips to find the best clothing wholesale distributors on Google SERPs by checking some keywords like:
– wholesale boutiques wholesale clothing vendors
– boutiques wholesale clothing distributor
– wholesale apparel distributors
– wholesale supplier for boutiques wholesale clothing
– wholesale bulk clothing distributors
– good quality wholesale clothing distributors
Or you can search locally by searching wholesale clothing suppliers and adding your location.

wholesale clothing distributors
wholesale clothing distributors

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1.2. Participate in fashion shows and trade shows in your area.

Wholesale clothing manufacturers always want to showcase the latest products and are looking for partners. The benefit of participating in fashion and trade exhibitions is that you are directly referring to the products, materials, and quality of the manufacturer. This is where you can find your own quality clothing suppliers. This is where you can find your own quality clothing suppliers. Some websites related to world trade and fashion shows you can follow such as:

Apparel distributors
Participate in fashion shows and trade shows in your area

1.3. Read news, magazines, and industry publications

Magazines or industry publications give you an overview and development of the business. From there, you can consult and choose for yourself one of the quality production units. The advertisements are all potential units that are likely to be reputable distributors or manufacturers for you to choose from. In addition, industry publications and magazines will have contact information that is updated regularly and you can contact them.

wholesale distributors clothing
wholesale distributors clothing

1.4. Search through the Business Forums

Going to business forums, you can have more relationships and partners with great knowledge and skills. You can consult wholesale clothing manufacturers from these businesses or you can get helpful advice from businesses in the forum.

how to find wholesale clothing distributors
how to find wholesale clothing distributors

2. Top 10 best United States Wholesale Clothing Vendors

2.1. BLOOM – Wholesale clothing distributor and dropship in the USA

Bloom is based in Los Angeles, producing women’s fashion. Bloom’s design style always keeps up with trends and is loved by many people. Product prices are also affordable, and quality and no minimum orders are advantages for clothing stores when importing from here.

Wholesale clothing distributor BLOOM
Wholesale clothing distributor BLOOM

2.2. She & Sky – wholesale apparel vendors

She & Sky is a company based in Los Angeles, specializing in providing women’s fashion products such as dresses, T-shirts, jackets, Pants, Sweaters, T-shirts, Office wear, Overalls, Outerwear, Outfits, etc. The variety of models and impressive designs, and the company has many special promotions as a place to place bulk orders here.

She & Sky - wholesale apparel vendors
She & Sky – wholesale apparel vendors

2.3. Vocal Apparel

Vocal Apparel is wholesale distributor of women’s – made in Los Angeles fashion industry. Vocal provides customers with clothing products from start to finish by the company’s factories. Vocal’s products are highly appreciated and suitable for many styles of women in the USA and European countries.

wholesale distributor of women's
Vocal Apparel is wholesale distributor of women’s


SHEWIN is a women’s fashion wholesale company. SHEWIN’s fashion outfits are attractive, easy to coordinate and have a simple style, suitable for today’s life. The prices of the clothes at SHEWIN are reasonable and suitable for everyone’s finances.

wholesale clothing distributors
SHEWIN is a women’s fashion wholesale company

2.5. Duc Giang Corporation (DUGARCO)

Dugarco is one of the major enterprises in the textile industry in Vietnam, proud to be a wholesale distributor of prestigious high-end fashion cotton products in Vietnam, the US and the European and Australian markets. The enterprise has its head office in Hanoi – Vietnam with many branches in Hanoi, Hoa Binh, Ha Nam, Thai Binh, Bac Ninh, and Thanh Hoa. Enterprise with more than 8,000 staff, technicians, and professional managers working in 25 factories and more than 160 modern production lines. At the same time, enterprises always invest in building a capable and experienced team, a friendly and harmonious working environment, and a scientific and modern business management system to ensure to bring to customers prestigious and quality products quantity.

wholesale distributor
Dugarco’s wholesale distributor of prestigious high-end fashion cotton products in Vietnam, the US and the European and Australian markets

In addition, Dugarco is constantly building an added value chain in terms of design, material supply chain, and product consumption, offering trade promotion and management solutions to create high-quality products high quality while creating competitiveness in the garment market and meeting all requirements of customers from many countries and regions around the world such as the United States, Canada, EU, Russia, Korea, Japan, …Trust good quality wholesale clothing distributors Dugarco because it is home to professional management and working team, which specializes in the research and development of new products with high technology and long experience in the industry. Dugarco is committed to international standards for buyers, trendy wholesale clothing distributors exclusivity in product design, reasonable prices, prompt delivery service, and timely processing of orders.

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3. Why should you choose Dugarco as a place to provide wholesale bulk clothing distributors?

3.1. Dugarco’s clothing products

Dugarco provides millions of clothes each year to customers with many product categories, diverse in models and designs, providing many choices for customers.

  • Jacket:
    • The jacket is made from recycled polyester providing an elegant and modern style to the consumer. This material has many outstanding advantages such as durability, fewer wrinkles, good form retention; breathable, not trapped water or sweat on the fabric; UV resistant, and dustproof.
    • And especially, they take advantage of waste materials, are friendly to the environment, and can be recycled c]y many times without loss of quality. There are different types of Jackets such as Long Sleeve Jackets, Short Sleeve jackets, Hooded Jackets, or No Hats. These styles are easy to wear, easy to combine with many different outfits, and suitable for many situations.
Dugarco’s Jacket products
  • Shirt: The T-shirts are made of organic cotton, which is a good material for users’ health, does not contain harmful chemicals, and is especially environmentally friendly because the production process of this material saves fuel, especially to save water. These t-shirts feature a super light, super smooth surface, and super cool fabric that elevates product quality to a new level, bringing a sense of luxury and nobility.
  • Uniform: The list of uniforms is divided into many different uniform themes such as work uniforms, school uniforms, medical uniforms, or workwear. Depending on the purpose of the job or the object of use, each type will be made from different materials. For example, work uniforms will be made of organic cotton, protective uniforms will be made of polyester cotton, medical uniforms will be made of oxford fabric of 65% cotton, and 35% polyester or school uniforms will be made of organic cotton.
  • Suit: The suit is a polite and luxurious fashion style that is very popular today, both for adults and young people. Dugarco specializes in producing suits or blazers from organic cotton or recycled polyester because they can be used to make durable products, moisture-wicking, absorb odors and wrinkle less, keeping the suits always uphold its standards

  • Pants: The model clothes produced by Dugarco are suitable for both young and middle-aged people because they are made from a variety of materials such as khaki, polyester, or rayon. This is an indispensable item in men’s wardrobe, so this product is very popular because it can be combined with many items, and diverse styles and helps the wearer become aesthetic and polite.

3.2. High-quality products

Coming to Dugarco products, all products of the business will be 100% inspected by their 3rd party company, ensuring the error rate is less than 1% when delivering products to customers, ensuring prestige, and quality, and bringing a great product experience to customers when choosing to use Dugarco’s clothes. Dugarco is a famous shirt manufacturers in Vietnam, in addition, Dugarco’s best-selling items in large quantities can be mentioned as jackets, shirts, pants, and suits,…

wholesale apparel distributors
High-quality products

3.3. Fast and secure worldwide delivery

For Dugarco delivery service, the business guarantees your order will arrive quickly and safely. Because up to 98% of orders from this company are always delivered on time. And more specifically, the policy of zero customer chargebacks for late deliveries helps customers experience great service, ensuring the professionalism, prestige, and trust of customers for their company.

Fast and secure worldwide delivery

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3.4. Modern production line

The special thing about Dugarco is that it has modern production lines, divided into separate stages in the production process, each person will take on a separate part of the job in combination with the operation of machines. In which, production machinery is invested in technology such as using closed sewing machines. This is partly to help the brand image become professional, and bring value to customer satisfaction.

wholesale apparel distributors
Modern production line

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3.5. Source of environmental materials

The clothing products produced by Dugarco are all used environmentally friendly materials, especially such as organic cotton, and recycled polyester. They are sustainable materials. Their ingredients are all extracted from nature, so when released into water or air, the product will biodegrade immediately. This helps to reduce the negative impact on the living environment, limit waste and reduce pollution.

wholesale apparel distributors
Source of environmentally friendly materials

3.6. High Value of Production

Dugarco always considers customer satisfaction to be the top priority, therefore, the quality brought to customers must be perfect. Continuous progress in the production line has resulted in continuously improved production quality. Dugarco has passion and enthusiasm and always innovates production methods to improve product quality and increase product value.

apparel sourcing and production jobs
High Value of Production from a reputable source

Coming to the product design part, Dugarco can meet the design needs of customers based on available product samples or products designed by customers themselves. This contributes to the enjoyment of customers from ideas they create themselves or ideas they love to create products. And the process to create a quality product from Dugarco includes 15 steps as follows: Drafting Idea, Pattern Making, Material Selection, Sample Making, Fitting, Purchasing Material, Inspection Material, Pre-Production Meeting, Cutting, Bulk Production, Quality Control, Needle Inspection, Packing, Humidity, Delivery.

3.7. Combine ODM, FOB, and CM

Dugarco is a large-scale company with modern production methods by the combination of ODM, FOB, and CM. Depending on the material and the needs of the customer, the business will choose to use each different form accordingly.

apparel sourcing and production jobs
Combine ODM, FOB and CM
  • ODM (short for Original Design Manufacturing) in the textile industry means that the garment factory will be the place to take samples, complete the samples and then deliver them to stores, shops, and sewing units. When a customer places an ODM order, the customer will ask the manufacturer Dugarco to design a sample or use the existing samples of the manufacturer.
  • FOB (short for Free One Board) means a term used to refer to an order with a design ordered by a customer, and the rest is handled by the manufacturing business. That is, the customer designs the design and the manufacturer will buy the accessories themselves, while Dugarco will be responsible for the production according to the order and transport to the pier, where Dugarco’s products are gathered.

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4. Experience to choose good quality wholesale clothing distributors

Clothing is a pretty safe option when choosing business items. Because most people need to wear clothes and it is considered a basic need in most places. For an entrepreneur, there are many options for creating products, they can design and style their items or source ready-made designs that match their brand. The search can be difficult, but knowing a few good tips will help you find the right apparel wholesale distributors.

4.1 Find a suitable wholesale clothing

Finding the right wholesale clothing source is always essential before you embark on a clothing business. You need to know where the goods come from and what the quality is. If you want to make t-shirts, find out if your potential supplier offers the type of clothing you want. Each wholesale apparel distributors will offer different items, which will make sourcing easier for you. So you will have better luck finding someone who can provide the clothes you need.

american apparel wholesale distributors
Find a suitable wholesale clothing

4.2 Find out about wholesale pricing 

Besides finding out about suitable sources of goods, price is also an indispensable factor. After finding out what they offer, the next step is to find wholesale prices for those products. Do you need to find out if the price of that item is suitable for your capital? If you are unsure of the product’s price or how much you will need to sell to break even, send in some design ideas and see if they will be willing to provide a cost estimate.

wholesale apparel distributors
Find out about wholesale pricing

The fashion design studio in Vietnam is trusted by many people because of the quality of its products and designs. So, if you are looking for a supplier of quality bulk clothes at a cheap price, then the Vietnam clothing manufacturers are the best choice for you.

4.3 Get all your information together before contacting a wholesaler

Before contacting suppliers, you should gather all the information you need to find out. Some suppliers may set up an online store to showcase the types of clothing they offer. If you are unsure or do not understand what products they offer, do some research on the website before contacting them. This will help you better understand those stores. Wholesalers often list a lot of information on their websites for potential customers to read at their convenience.

nike apparel wholesale distributors
Get all your information together before contacting a wholesaler

4.4 Contact the distributor to discuss related policies

Before submitting your design, find out the relevant policies, offers, and special discounts that some vendors working with design firms may offer. These policies will be very helpful to you. This means that the more products you buy, the lower the price of each item will be. Discuss these policies with wholesale apparel distributors thoroughly so you know how much money you will save on each item.

wholesale apparel distributors
Contact the distributor to discuss related policies

4.5 Order as soon as possible

After understanding the policy implications, you should order as soon as possible because by ordering early you can get great deals. That will help you to shorten the time to sell those products and make a profit.

wholesale apparel distributors
Order as soon as possible

4.6 Order samples before placing an order for a larger

Before your product is finished, sellers will often provide samples of any printed clothing or accessories. You will be able to see exactly what your product is like, see if there is anything wrong with it, or if your design is perfect. Although most wholesale bulk clothing distributors will not charge for a sample, some vendors do not charge a fee. The supplier can only send them out if you ask for them when placing an order.

blank apparel wholesale distributors
Order samples before placing an order for a langer

5. What criteria do quality clothing distributors need to meet?

Choosing wholesale clothing distributors to meet business requirements, and ensuring an uninterrupted supply chain is the purpose of managers’ evaluation. It is so important that they need to understand what criteria to evaluate suppliers to get the most objective and accurate results, especially quality distributors in this clothing item. It can be based on some of the following criteria:

  • Product quality: This is a very important factor to create a high-end fashion product. When you want to ensure the quality of the best bulk cotton distribution, the garment must meet the following requirements: smooth, soft surface, cool to the touch, no color, durable, and giving the wearer a comfortable feel. comfortable, comfortable feeling. Some popular materials stand out like 100% cotton, organza, linen, silk, and suede.
  • Delivery service: Delivery service must have a warehouse management system, and standard goods to ensure fast, safe, secure, and fixed-price delivery from the factory, and wholesale bulk clothing distributors.
  • Return policy: This is the customer’s activity to work with the supplier to make an exchange to receive a replacement or the customer to return the goods that the customer did not receive due to a fault from the supplier, error services, or due to the subjective wishes of the customer. The return policy for apparel distributors should be within a certain period of time, such as 7 days or 14 days.
  • Customer evaluation: This is an important factor that helps a brand attract the attention of the public, speaks to the quality of service that best wholesale clothing brands bring customers’ trust in products, and encourages many people to buy that product.

The above characteristics are all extremely important that a clothing wholesaler needs and must have in order to be at the forefront of the industry. If the wholesale apparel suppliers you choose do not meet those criteria, your company’s products will quickly be removed from this business. So invest carefully in your plan to move forward on this business path. Clothing fashion design studio in Vietnam is trusted and appreciated by many people for their designs and quality. Moreover, Vietnamese wholesale apparel distributors often provide low-priced products with a wide range of materials, designs, and quality assurance.

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wholesale apparel distributors
What criteria do quality clothing distributors need to meet?

From the information mentioned above, you can gain more knowledge to find for your business suitable wholesale clothing distributors for and ensure full professional and reputable factors, and help your business grow with the help of this article. Hope this article will bring you many useful things and you will need them. To know more about sourcing the best raw materials for the best distributors or wholesalers, do not hesitate to contact Dugarco – the best wholesale clothing distributor in Vietnam.

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