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Have you ever heard about Dugarco which is a famous Vietnam jeans manufacturer? This company has produced a wide range of services and products, such as jackets, pants, uniforms, knitting, shirt, blouses, and especially jeans. And the following article will introduce this jeans manufacturer with professional service and high-quality products. Let’s discover it now with useful information!

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1. Introduction about Dugarco – Vietnam jeans manufacturer

The Dugarco corporation is known as a leading Vietnam jeans manufacturer. It manufactures and supplies prestigious garments both domestic and global, such as in the United States, Russia, Canada, and so on. Besides, this private label clothing manufacturers Vietnam always aim to increase the quality of social life by providing high-quality clothing and services, combining business marketing, technology, and quality management solutions to create good, competitive products.

vietnam jeans manufacturer
Dugarco cooperates with international brands

With more than 30 years of establishment and development and now, the brand has 11 affiliates situated in Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Ha Nam, Thai Binh, Thanh Hoa, and Hoa Binh with over 8,000 workers, technicians, and professional management officials working in 25 factories. Completely automated factories with different automatic machines including the Clo3D, AI, and Adobe can ease the production system, reduce manual errors, and increase factories’ efficiency.

The thing that makes the Vietnam jeans manufacturer well-known is the company has cooperated with a wide range of famous partners in the world. It includes Hugo Boss, Jupiter, Tom Tailor, Taifun, Geox, Windsor, Calvin Klein, Bean Pole, Men’s Wearhouse, Izod, and so on. Thanks to experiences in producing clothing for these brands, Dugarco can meet the need of the clients in the styles and quality of jeans products.


2. Why should you choose Dugarco as a jeans manufacturer?

You have read information about Dugarco company and you wonder if this band is truly an outstanding Vietnam jeans manufacturer with good materials and diversity in styles. Moreover, does the company really use advanced technology for production? And below can help you to answer these questions as well as give some reasons why you should choose Dugarco as a jeans manufacturer such as a women’s clothing manufacturer.

2.1 Guarantee the best product quality

One of the key elements making jeans commercially viable and widely available is excellent product quality. Dugarco – The Vietnam jeans manufacturer – Always notices and prioritizes this. Particularly, all products are thoroughly inspected by a third-party inspection company. After delivering the clothing to the customer, the quality defect rate is less than 1%. Besides, the company’s design team researches their own and creates in order to make different styles of jeans.

vietnam jeans manufacturer
Guarantee the best product quality


2.2 Modern machinery and equipment system

To have the best products, the brand has applied advanced manufacturing technology with many experts in designing. Factories are equipped with seam-sealed and Veston garment machinery, and various automatic systems, namely the Clo3D, AI, and Adobe. Besides, thanks to the management system as well as productivity and quality improvement tools, Dugarco has gained lots of achievements and beliefs from customers.

vietnam jeans manufacturer
Modern machinery and equipment system

2.3 Provide a variety of service packages

Because the customers are famous fashion brands and entrepreneurs both national and international, Dugarco has provided a variety of service packages. It is hoped that they can assist the company in building longstanding cooperation between the partners. Below are three main packages:

  • ODM (Original Design Manufacturing): The production unit will create designs, find material sources, manufacture and complete them, after that, they are delivered to shops and clients that ordered.
  • FOB (Free On Board): The production unit has the responsibility in order manufacturing and delivering goods to the gathering place. The buyer has to bear all costs and risks to the goods.
  • CM (Cut – Make): Producing develops on designing, processing and finishing products based on orders’ clients.

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2.4 On-Time Delivery

On-time delivery is one of the main factors to retain clients. In this way, there were 98% of orders on-time delivery in 2019  and are still maintained now. Furthermore, in 2019, there were no consumer chargebacks for late deliveries. It brings benefits and conveniences to both the company and the clients. Especially, this not only encourages the buyer to place orders but also helps the brand sell more goods.

vietnam jeans manufacturer
On- time delivery

2.5 Professional in material sourcing

Let’s believe and use Dugarco’s garment products because a full-service procurement staff provides the best and broadest range of raw materials from mills and converters across the world. What is more? The Vietnam jeans manufacturer always works with a motto that is fully responsible for every aspect of production. Besides, Dugarco uses sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. Therefore, it can reduce environmental pollution.

vietnam jeans manufacturer
Professional in material sourcing


3. The process of producing jeans is applied in Dugarco

Most customers and partners may be curious about how Vietnam jeans brands make their products. You may see how the operations are carried out by looking at the manufacturing process of Dugarco, one of Vietnam’s biggest jeans companies. There are 15 primary steps in the production of Dugarco jeans, which are as follows:

  • Drafting idea: As part of its full-service offering, Dugarco’s design staff will begin drafting jeans patterns as soon as orders are received. The jeans draft can then be changed till the client is satisfied.
vietnam jeans manufacturer
Drafting idea
  • Pattern making: this is an important element of any jeans manufacturer’s job in Vietnam. When a firm has to create hundreds of jeans of the same size and measurement, this step is really helpful. As a result, pattern grading for each size would be provided during the pattern-making step.
  • Material selection: The manufacturer will choose the fabric based on the customer’s quality and colour choices.
  • Sample making: after that, it will be carried out by using the previously designed pattern. Typically, 2-3 samples are manufactured first to determine whether the jeans parameters are acceptable and adequate.
  • Fitting: This testing stage assists Dugarco in determining and precisely assessing the pattern’s fit for various jeans sizes.
  • Purchasing material: Dugarco will contact fabric providers to agree to purchase the amount of fabric that corresponds to the units of jeans to be produced after the fitting step is completed.
vietnam jeans manufacturer
Purchasing material
  • Inspection material: A third party will be in charge of ensuring that the fabric used in the manufacture meets the requirements. This is done to ensure that the completed jeans are of the greatest quality.
  • Pre-production meeting: An internal meeting will be held at Dugarco to ensure that every team understands the procedure and specific needs for producing jeans that satisfy client specifications.
  • Cutting: Fabric cutting will actually occur on a flat surface as soon as there is an adequate fabric source. A cutter will be used to cut multiple layers of fabric at once. Nevertheless, the cutting lines will be pre-marked before cutting to ensure precision and reduce fabric waste.
  • Bulk production: Dozens of tailors will start work on the jeans production line. During manufacturing, a number of sewing machines will be running at the same time in order to ensure production speed and uniformity.
  • Quality control: A third party will be related to check for any defective jeans before shipment to the client, similar to fabric quality checks. If this is the case, incorrect products will be repaired or replaced.
  • Needle inspection: Finding needles in jeans is a crucial step. This not only ensures the quality of the completed garment but also improves the safety of the consumer by reducing the chance of needle injuries.
vietnam jeans manufacturer
Material test
  • Packing: Hangtags and price tags will be attached to the jeans by the staff. The product will next be packed either according to the customer’s requirement or in standard poly bags.
  • Humidity: Before shipping the jeans to consumers, Dugarco will maintain them at the proper humidity to avoid damage.
  • Delivery: Customers will now receive their finished products on schedule.

Above are 15 stages of process jeans production. However, these stages depend on every client and then the company can reduce some steps. For example, if the customer has already had a design, the first two steps will be cut.

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4. How long does it take to produce 1 pair of jeans?

Each jeans manufacturer may be inquisitive as to how much a pair of jeans costs in Vietnam. To begin, you should recognize that due to low labour prices and professional capabilities, Dugarco currently attracts a substantial amount of international investment. As a result, if the price of a pair of Vietnam jeans is only decided by the cost of production, you can be comfortable that they will be cheaper than jeans produced in other nations.

vietnam jeans manufacturer
How long does it take to produce 1 pair of jeans?

However, the price of jeans is determined by the requirements of each order, as well as the amount and materials of the jeans units, which can result in a variation in production time. Dugarco provides high-end garment production services and is eager to provide you with lower pricing than any other Vietnamese jeans maker. As a result, you can observe the different times for Dugarco’s jeans production:

  • Sample preparation time: 1 to 5 days.
  • The minimum quantity is 50 pieces, and the production time is 5 to 7 days.
  • 2 weeks to make 500 pieces.
  • 3 weeks to make 1000pcs.
  • 4 weeks to make 10.000 pieces.
  • 8 weeks to make 100.000 pieces.

5. Other products of Dugarco

Nowadays, people’s demand for clothing is increasing due to the strong development of the fashion industry. To keep up with modern trends, Dugarco always creates lots of products that are suitable for the times. The Vietnam jeans manufacturer always tries to create top-quality garment products to be able to serve its customers. Let’s discover other fashionable products of Dugarco.

5.1 Shirt/Blouses

With many years of working experience, Vietnam shirt manufacturers Dugarco always tries to improve the shirt/blouses production processes applied to today’s leading 4.0 technology, thereby bringing the best quality clothing products to customers. The company has chosen the best fabrics, especially organic cotton – a very environmentally friendly material. Moreover, this product can be combined with a variety of outfits and is appropriate for a variety of occasions.

vietnam jeans manufacturer
Shirt pattern for men

5.2 Jacket

The second one is jackets made from recycled polyester that offer an elegant and modern style. There is a wide range of styles which is suitable for both men and women. As a women’s fashion brand under Dugarco Corporation, each collection of HeraDG has a modern and different fashion spirit. In each product, the designer wants to convey a message of awareness and spirit of environmental protection, as well as bring a confident and modern style to the wearer.

vietnam jeans manufacturer
Young and dynamic jacket

5.3 Pants

Dugarco also brings customers new experiences when continuously launching breakthrough products – pants. The products are all superior in design diversity, leading trends, suitable for all male customers, environmentally friendly green materials, and modern production technology.

vietnam jeans manufacturer
Long pants for women

5.4 Suit/Blazer

Suit or Blazer is one of the most necessary items in your wardrobe. The modern blazer is a modification of the suit, with new inventive seams added to provide more variety and comfort to the wearer. Blazer jackets are no longer just for males; they are increasingly widely worn by ladies in a variety of styles. Going to work, they can wear a blazer with their job clothing, or build a jacket with a dress when going out. Besides, a blazer is still a great choice for important occasions or formal parties.

vietnam jeans manufacturer
Blazer shirt

5.5 Knitting

Knitted clothing has a softness to them that brings comfort and ease to the skin of the user. Furthermore, knitted fabric is appreciated and highly popular in the summer. This material has a tight connection but yet has a certain amount of stretch to provide the best comfort, thanks to the weaving technique. Designed with the wearer in mind. This style of apparel is ideal for wearing while participating in sports.

vietnam jeans manufacturer
Clothes using knitted fabrics

In the context of the garment industry, this article presented you with the Vietnam jeans manufacturers. Truthfully, Vietnam is a market worth considering if you are looking to expand your brand’s production facilities and find cost-effective labour. If you are worried about the cost of production in this country, reach out to Dugarco for providing a specific!

Contact information:

  • Address: No.59, Duc Giang Street, Duc Giang Ward, Long Bien Districts, Hanoi City, Vietnam
  • Tel: 024 3655 7930
  • Email:
  • Website:


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  1. I’m interested in being a vendor for your company. I have a small town boutique in Alexandria, LA and I am looking for some jeans that every other boutique in this town doesn’t have. Not made in China. Please advise.

    1. Yes, Vietnam houses several jeans manufacturers, contributing to the country’s robust textile industry by producing quality denim products for various brands.

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