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Have you ever wondered why Vietnam shirt manufacturers are mostly chosen by many large apparel service providers? If you are a new entrance into the garment industry and looking for a reputational partner to turn your product ideas into reality, you should not ignore this article. Here would provide you with all information about Dugarco – one of the leading garment manufacturers in Vietnam. Keep on reading to find out more details for your business production!

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1. Dugarco – Vietnam shirt manufacturers reputation

Vietnam is an attractive market for any foreign investment and also an ideal location to address your manufacturing facilities. For any Vietnam clothing brands and international businesses operating in the garment industry, Vietnam is considered a business-friendly environment in which the government highly supports free trade and moderate tariffs. Moreover, the cheap-cost labor going along with excellent competencies would save your production cost considerably.

Moreover, your manufacturing process would be so advantageous because of the shipping advantage in Vietnam. There are two international airports and various major ports in Vietnam that are equipped with easy-to-access Internet and cellular networks. Notably, due to the geographical characteristics of the country, the major of Vietnam shirt manufacturers are living nearby the airports and ports, which create many favorable conditions for delivery.

vietnam shirt manufacturers
Dugarco – A reputable shirt manufacturer in Vietnam

Among various shirt manufacturers in Vietnam, Dugarco is a fashion design studio in Vietnam standing out over competitors by having more than 30 years of expertise experience and developing a professional team to work with. Dugarco has provided apparel services for many prominent clients in both Vietnam and worldwide. Some reputable partners of Dugarco can be named Menswear house, Marc O’Polo, Mc Gregor, International Concept, and Brax.

You do not need to worry about the manufacturing facilities in Dugarco. The company has established three large factories in the northern areas of Vietnam including the Shirt & Knit factory in Hanoi, the Pant & Jacket factory in Lac Thuy (Hoa Binh), and Shirt & Veston factory in Do Luong (Thai Binh). As you can see there are up to 2 factories focusing on manufacturing shirts, which reveals their potential capacity in producing process.

shirt manufacturers in vietnam
Inside a factory of Dugarco

Dugarco’s annual production capacity is impressive. This is evident in the following numbers:

  • Shirt: 11,000,000 units
  • Jacket, Blazer: 3,000,000 units
  • Suit: 150,000 units
  • Pants: 2,000,000 units
  • Knit: 1,500,000 units
  • Domestic: 2,000,000 units

The number of shirts produced each year is always at the forefront of Dugarco’s total products. This can show the strength of Dugarco’s shirt production as well as the customer’s love for this product category.

Shirts go along with every moment in life, from your daily hang-out to your first job interview and even at your wedding if you are a groom. Hence, not any shirt manufacturers in Vietnam want to miss this product in their manufacturing queue. Dugarco offers a wide range of shirt patterns such as dress shirts, ship collar shirts, Cuban collar shirts, denim shirts, etc. Especially, Dugarco is also famous as a women’s clothes manufactures. If you wish, you can contact the company via the information below.

Contact Information

  • Address: No.59, Duc Giang Street, Duc Giang Ward, Long Bien Districts, Hanoi City, Vietnam
  • Phone: 024 3655 7930
  • Email:
  • Website:

2. Why should you choose Vietnam shirt manufacturers in Dugarco?

It is not natural that many global brands are in partnership with Dugarco. To achieve sustainable growth now, Dugarco has come through ups and downs without giving up on constantly innovating its products and services, expanding manufacturing locations, ensuring performance, and gaining clients’ trust. Moreover, to persuade you that Vietnam manufacturing companies are the best choice in garment manufacturing in Vietnam, below are reasonable explanations.

2.1 Provide a variety of service packages

In case you expect a long-term relationship with Vietnam shirt manufacturers, do not forget to add Dugarco to the list. Whether your business is a domestic or international one, Dugarco commits to offering you full-package services including Original design manufacturing (ODM), Free on Board (FOB), and Cut-Make (CM).

vietnam shirt manufacturers
Dugarco offers a full-package service for clients in the garment industry
  • ODM: When receiving orders from customers or partners, Dugarco would be responsible for designing, sourcing materials, manufacturing, and delivering the finished products on time to those who make an order.
  • FOB: In delivery, the company would ensure the finished products meet the requirement, as well as the delivery, will not be late. However, the clients must pay for delivery costs and order insurance.
  • CM: Dugarco commits to turning your product’s ideas/concepts into real ones. Every stage in cutting and making shirts would be based on the design agreed upon between the company and the clients.

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2.2 Have the ability to design samples

Always meeting customers’ demands is mostly thanks to the harmonized collaboration, expert knowledge, and professional capabilities of the Design and Production Team at Dugarco. Each team member always puts the highest effort into paying attention to every shirt detail, updating the trendy pattern, selecting the best-quality fabric, mix the eye-catching colors to design and make a perfect shirt for the customer.

shirt manufacturers in vietnam
Design shirt patterns

2.3 Equipped with many modern machines to produce clothes

Dugarco has applied much cutting-edge technology to the manufacturing process, which aims to minimize production errors and maximize performance and efficiency. Moreover, if you are wondering whether the company can respond to any customizing requirements for clothes, the answer for you is yes. The company has used various types of machinery of seam-sealed and veston garments to make the best-fitted shirts.

vietnam shirt manufacturers
Full cutting-edge automatic machines at Dugarco factories

2.4 Excellent Product Quality

Any clothing brands have concerns about if Vietnam shirt manufacturers can ensure the best product quality. As one of the leading Vietnam shirt manufacturers, Dugarco has implemented strict methods to create excellent outputs within manufacture. There would be a third-party inspection company that is responsible for inspecting all products before delivering them to customers. As a result, the company reports has shown that there is only less than 1% of products contain defect after delivery.

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2.5 Professional in Material Sourcing

The way Dugarco works professionally in materials sourcing significantly makes contributions to meeting on-time delivery at a high rate which is 98% of clients’ orders. Accordingly, various suppliers worldwide are in partnership with Dugarco in a commitment to ensuring the best quality for fabric as well as offering diverse fabric choices for customers. Moreover, Dugarco has succeeded in maintaining a sustainable relationship with global suppliers through its commitment to being responsible for 100% of product elements.

what clothes are made in vietnam
Sourcing materials

On the other hand, nowadays, Vietnam shirt manufacturers expecting sustainable success must know how to balance profit and social corporate responsibilities. Particularly, ensuring that business operations would not harm the environment is a top priority. Dugarco is now also offering many kinds of sustainable clothes for those who prefer sustainable fashion. The fabric used to make them are organic cotton and recycled polyester.

2.6 On-Time Delivery

Whether shirt manufacturers in Vietnam can fully ensure the on-time delivery or not can directly impact their credibility and reputation. It is understandable due to not any clients would trust a company who are late for shipping their desired products. Hence, Dugarco might not disappoint you by having 98% on-time delivery in 2019 and no chargebacks caused by late delivery.

shirt manufacturers in vietnam
On-time delivery

3. The process at Vietnam shirt manufacturer Dugarco

How a shirt is made by Vietnam clothing brands might be a query that most customers and partners are concerning. You can take a glance at the manufacturing process of Dugarco – one of the leading shirt manufacturers in Vietnam – to easily imagine how the procedures take place. There are 15 main stages in how Dugarco makes a shirt which would be described in the following:

  • Drafting idea: As offering full-package services for any client, Dugarco’s design team will start drafting shirt patterns as soon as receiving orders from customers. Then, this shirt draft can be adjusted until the customer feels satisfied.
  • Pattern making: Making patterns is an integral part of any Vietnam shirt manufacturers‘ work. This stage is very supportive when a factory has to produce hundreds of shirts of the same size and same measurement. Hence, pattern making stage would provide pattern grading for each size.
  • Material selection: The manufacturer will proceed to select the fabric by the quality and color criteria given by the customer.
  • Sample making: Next, sample making will be carried out based on the previously designed pattern. Usually, 2-3 samples will be made first to see if the shirt specifications are correct and appropriate.
how much is a shirt in vietnam
Sample making
  • Fitting: This test step helps Dugarco identify and accurately assess the fit of the pattern corresponding to different shirt sizes.
  • Purchasing material: As soon as the fitting stage has no errors, Dugarco will contact fabric suppliers to agree to buy the quantity of fabric corresponding to the units of shirts to be produced.
  • Inspection material: A third party will be responsible for checking whether the fabric used for production meets the standard. The purpose of this is to ensure a finished shirt of the highest quality.
  • Pre-production meeting: A meeting will take place internally at Dugarco to ensure that every team has a clear understanding of the process and specific requirements to make shirts that meet customer requirements.
  • Cutting: As soon as there is enough fabric source, fabric cutting will be carried out on a flat surface. Multiple layers of fabric will be cut at once with a cutter. However, before cutting, the cutting lines will be pre-marked to ensure accuracy and limit the waste of fabric.
  • Bulk production: Dozens of tailors will begin to join the production line of the shirts. A series of sewing machines will be operated at the same time during production to ensure the speed and uniformity of the product.
vietnam clothing brands
  • Quality control: Similar to fabric quality checks, a third party will be involved to check for any defective shirts before shipping to the customer. If so, the correction and replacement of defective products will be carried out.
  • Needle inspection: Detecting needles in shirts is a very important step. This not only helps to ensure the quality of a finished shirt but also guarantees customer safety by preventing the risk of needle injuries.
  • Packing: The staff will proceed to attach hang tags and price tags to the shirts. Then the product will be packed according to the customer’s request or packed into poly bags as usual.
  • Humidity: Dugarco will proceed to preserve the shirts at the right humidity to avoid damage before delivering them to customers.
  • Delivery: Now the finished products will be delivered to customers on time.

Above is the detailed production process at Dugarco. However, depending on the customer’s requirements in each order, the process will be shortened. For example, if the client already has a design, the Dugarco production team will immediately start with the “Making sample” step and skip the “Drafting idea” step.

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4. How much does it cost to make a shirt in Vietnam?

Each shirt provider might curious about how much is a shirt in Vietnam. To begin with, you should acknowledge that Vietnam today attracts a significant amount of international investment due to low labor costs with expert capabilities. Thus, if the price of a Vietnam shirt is only determined by the cost of manufacture, you can rest assured that it will be less expensive than shirts made in other countries.

what clothing brands are made in vietnam
Is a shirt price in Vietnam cheap or not?

However, the price of shirts also depends on the quantity and materials of shirt units that you wish to buy. In that case, you can contact Dugarco to get the most detailed shirt quote. The company offers prestige services related to manufacturing garments and is willing to give you better prices than any other shirt manufacturers in Vietnam.

5. What clothing brands are made in Vietnam?

Have you known what clothes are made in Vietnam yet? Currently, many famous foreign brands choose Vietnam as a place of production. It is not uncommon to see labels on clothes of major brands that have the words “made in Vietnam” appearing. Dugarco is one of the Vietnam shirt manufacturers that attract the cooperation of world brands such as Menswear house, Marc O’Polo, Mc Gregor, and Brax.

5.1 Menswear house

Dugarco is currently cooperating and responsible for producing shirts for Men’s Wearhouse which is one of the famous American brands. This brand has been in the apparel industry for 45 years and is confident in delivering world-class products and services. Men’s Wearhouse designs are very modern and elegant which attracts real men to become potential customers of diverse product lines including suits, shirts, pants, shoes, etc. The credibility of Men’s Wearhouse shirts has proved the high quality of what clothes are made in Vietnam.

vietnam shirt manufacturers
Men’s Wearhouse

Contact Information: 

  • USA: 1-877-986-9669
  • Canada: 1-855-267-8087
  • Australia: +800 40020060
  • All Others: (00 +1) 281-776-7111
  • Website:

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5.2 Marc O’Polo

Marc O’Polo is a young label that was established in 1967 and achieved significant success in only 5 years of operation after then. This is a premium brand that offers high-quality products, materials, and designs for a vast range of products of womenswear and menswear. Each year, Marc O’Polo launches a series of collections full of personality and creativity, impressing the global fashion world. Some of them can be named Marc O’Polo Modern Casual, Marc O’Polo Bodywear, Beachwear, Eyewear, etc.

shirt manufacturers in vietnam
Marc O’Polo

Contact Information:

  • Adress: Marc O’Polo International GmbH – Hofgartenstraße 1 , D-83071 Stephanskirchen
  • Email:
  • Website:

5.3 Mc Gregor New York

McGregor New York is a lifestyle brand that has offered clothing, footwear, and accessories since 1920 and has enjoyed huge success in the USA and Europe. McGregor is like a father figure in the American fashion industry that offers American-style products for both men and women. Currently, McGregor’s product lines include Shorts and Bermudas, Polos, T-shirts, and Shirts. In addition, McGregor New York also trusts to choose Vietnam manufacturers clothing as partners to produce shirts, one of which is Dugarco.

vietnam clothing brands
Mc Gregor New York

Contact Information:

  • Email:
  • Website:

5.4 Brax

Brax is a global fashion brand founded in 1988 and is present in Europe, Asia, and America. The main product that made Brax famous is high-quality trousers. However, the company has now expanded its products and added high-end knitwear, shirts, and outdoor pants for men and women. One of the shirt manufacturers in Vietnam for Brax is Dugarco. Brax is also known for its “Feel Good” sustainable fashion collection that comes at affordable and reasonable prices.

vietnam shirt manufacturers

Contact Information:

  • Adress: Leineweber GmbH & Co. KG, Wittekindstraße 16-18, 32051 Herford, Germany
  • Phone: +49 (0) 5221 / 592-0
  • Email:
  • Website:

This article introduced you to one of the most reputable Vietnam shirt manufacturers in the current context of the garment industry. To be honest, Vietnam is a potential market that you should not miss when you expect to expand your brand’s manufacturing facilities and look for an affordable workforce. If you are concerned about the cost of production in this country, try contacting Dugarco to get the most detailed quote!

Contact information:

  • Address: No.59, Duc Giang Street, Duc Giang Ward, Long Bien Districts, Hanoi City, Vietnam
  • Tel: 024 3655 7930.
  • Email:
  • Website:


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    1. The cost to produce clothing varies depending on the materials used, design complexity, order quantity, and manufacturer’s pricing. Obtaining quotes from multiple Vietnam shirt manufacturers can provide a clearer cost picture.

    1. Vietnam garment manufacturers always improve technology, and machinery and comply with international standards. Products from Vietnamese garment factories are in the top 10% of the world in terms of quality.

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