16 Men’s Eco Friendly Clothing Brands With Sustainable Trends

Sustainable fashion is the current fashion trend in the world that is facing serious environmental pollution. The men’s eco friendly clothing prioritizes environmental and human responsibilities in each of their products. So this sustainable fashion style can make you stylish and satisfied with what you are wearing. Join Dugarco to learn about the top 16 most popular sustainable men’s fashion brands in the world.

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1. Dugarco – Men’s eco friendly clothing in Vietnam

  • Size range | XS – XXL
  • Product line | Jacket, shirt, blazer, pants, suit, uniform, workwear

Dugarco is one of the prestigious clothing manufacturers in Vietnam. It is also known as a much-loved men’s eco friendly clothing manufacturer in US, UK, and AU. All factories are modern manufacturing lines of technology with the priority of qualified products meeting the requirements of quality standards, and non-pollution manufacture. All the entire waste is categorized, collected, and transported to the gathering ground of the industrial park to be disposed of by the current standards.

mens eco friendly clothing
One of the Dugarco collections
👉 Natural or organic fabrics & materials ✅ Recycled polyester and organic cotton are used to make eco-friendly men’s clothes in Dugarco products.
👉 Supply chain & labor practices ✅ Concentrating corporations with modern production technology lines, prioritizing the use and training of local unskilled workers and quality products that meet the requirements of quality standards, and pollution-free production.
👉 Corporate responsibility ✅ The industrial park focus on industries which is less polluted, and friendly to the environment.

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2. Tentree

  • Great for | Sweatpants, hoodies, joggers
  • Size range | S–XXL
  • Product line | Tops, bottoms, activewear, outerwear

Tentree is one of mens sustainable clothing brands that is famous for planting lots of trees with its sales. They make eco friendly clothing for men such as shorts, pants, jackets, winter jackets, and tons of sustainable accessories like wallets, bags, fair trade hats, and scarves. The men’s sustainable clothing for Tentree also includes earth-inspired graphic tees, tanks, button-ups, and hoodies.

  • Organic fabrics & materials: Organic cotton, hemp, TENCEL, and recycled polyester REPREVE® are used to make their products. Only a handful of products include a small amount of elastane which is quite rare in their range.
  • Supply chain & labor practices: Tentree strives to source all of its materials as responsibly as possible, making safe working conditions for all of its workers a top priority. So, partner factories are also regularly audited to ensure compliance and to make sure that workers are paid fairly, working reasonable hours, and with access to insurance coverage.
  • Corporate responsibility: As part of its Earth-First pledge to the planet, the brand has also committed to replacing all single-use plastics with sustainable options and eliminating virgin packaging materials from its supply chain by 2023.
men's eco friendly clothing

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3. Allbirds eco friendly men’s clothing brands

  • Size range | XS – XXXL
  • Product line | T-shirts, undergarments, sweaters,  sweatpants, and socks

Allbirds is one of the mens sustainable clothing brands that are not only famous for making sneakers but also for men’s eco friendly clothing. Their environmentally friendly men’s clothing includes jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, undergarments, sweatpants, and socks.

  • Natural or organic fabrics & materials: Their apparel is produced almost entirely of sustainable materials, such as TENCEL lyocell, ZQ Merino wool, and innovative blends like TrinoXO™ (lyocell and merino wood created from repurposed snail bones).
  • Supply chain & labor practices: All wool is produced in New Zealand and lyocell originates from trees in South Africa. The brand’s Certified B Corp certification is both audited annually to ensure high ethical requirements are met.
  • Corporate responsibility: Allbirds partnered with Soles4Souls to donate returned or used shoes to people in need. They also have a progressive carbon offset program in place to offset the emissions that their company now emits.
mens eco friendly clothing
Allbirds clothing brands for men

4. Taylor Stitch: Classic Men’s Clothing

  • Size range | XS–XXL
  • Product line |Denim, outerwear, tops, accessories

Taylor Stitch is a high-end men’s eco friendly clothing brand loved by young people. With a unique and beautiful design and durable fabric, it has made a name and maintained its position for over 10 years.

  • Sustainable materials: 100% cotton fabricator used to produce clothes is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard certified
  • Supply chain & labor practices: By partnering with some of the industry’s most reputable factories, the brand ensures ethical production standards. Fair salaries and labor conditions, superb control over quality, and a combined commitment to protecting the environment are among their fair trade standards for production partnerships.
  • Green business practices: Taylor Stitch is an essential environmentally friendly company through designing ethical long-lasting clothes using dead stock textiles, offers a garment exchange program for money, and gives free in-store fixes and online repair lessons.
men's eco-friendly clothing
Taylor Stitch

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5. Pact – Men’s eco friendly clothing brand

  • Size range | S – XL
  • Product line | Bottoms, men’s basics, outerwear, tees, boxers and socks

Pact makes ethical underwear and activewear for children, women, and men’s eco friendly clothing brands. Eco friendly clothing for men that Pact produces such as socks, shorts, briefs, track pants, t-shirts, polo shirts, long sleeves, and hoodies with 100% organic fibers. The clothes offer comfort and many other advantages.

✅ Materials Most of the products are 100% made of organic cotton.
✅ Supply chain & labor practices
  • Headquartered in Boulder, this brand still chooses to produce in India, where 74% of its organic cotton is sourced.
  • All Pact garments are made in Fair Trade-certified factories and they guarantee that all their clothing is apparel and does not use child labor.
✅ Green business practices Pact’s choice to use organic cotton saves 95% of the water used to produce regular cotton, and also employs water and energy-saving production methods aim to reduce fabric trimmings.
✅ Corporate responsibility The Pact runs a clothing donation program called “Give Back. Wear Forward,” which donates gently used clothing from all brands to nonprofits to distribute to those who need it.
men's eco friendly clothing
The Pact product

6. Obakki – Eco friendly mens clothing brand

  • Size range | S – XXL
  • Product line | Tank tops, hoodies, t-shirts

The Canadian brand – Obakki carries an “Essentials Collection” which includes eco friendly mens clothes such as super soft t-shirts, hoodies, and tanks. All the products of men’s eco friendly clothing are made from organic cotton and recycled post-consumer plastic (polyester) that are landfill-free, have a low-carbon footprint, and are produced using holistic manufacturing.

  • Obakki organic fabrics and materials: Organic cotton combined with recycled polyester.
  • Supply chain & labor practices: This brand produces its apparel using “Holistic manufacturing” which means that not only are artisans paid a living wage for their work and expertise, but the manufacturer also makes sure that other needs are met as well, like healthcare, childcare, and men’s eco friendly clothing.
  • Corporate responsibility: Their apparel is not only made ethically and sustainably but also, for every t-shirt sold, they donate a basic needs kit to a woman in Bidi Bidi Uganda—the world’s largest refugee settlement area.
men's eco friendly clothing
Fashion Obakki

7. Neem London Climate Conscious Clothing

  • Size range | S–XXL
  • Product line | Plus polo shirts, overshirts, wool sweaters, t-shirts, ball caps, and socks

Neem London provides fitted, elegant, and eco friendly mens clothes. Their clothing is made from regenerative, sustainable, or recycled materials and is produced in solar-powered mills with no toxic chemical emissions. It features mainstays such as well-fitted garments, wool sweaters, polo shirts, overshirts, tee, ball caps, and socks made of regenerative cotton that is organic or recycled cotton, manufactured from environmentally friendly supplies.

  • Nem London organic fabrics and materials: Neem uses a revolutionary spinning technology to manufacture clothing with biodegradable flexibility and fit. The brand makes use of recycled thread, sustainable cotton that regenerates, and ZQ merino.
  • Supply chain & labor methods: While men’s eco friendly clothing of this brand is created in the UK, it is distributed straight from the UK. To preserve manufacturing near home, the firm spins in Spain, weaves in Italy, and crafts in Romania and Italy.
  • Corporate responsibility: They also recycle old threads into new, environmentally friendly fibers. Exchange any unwanted apparel in any state of repair for a £30 coupon towards your initial purchase! To mitigate its carbon footprint, Neem donates to three separate charities: the Harmanlik Wind Power Plant, a UK Tree Buddying scheme, and a Guatemalan community project that stops forest degradation.
men's eco-friendly garments
Neem London brand clothing

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8. Outerknown – Men’s eco friendly clothing brand

  • Great for | Outdoor, everyday basics, activewear
  • Size range | S to XXL
  • Product line | Swimwear, tees, sustainable jeans, shirts, sweats, and eyewear

Outerknown is a coastal-minded, one of the most popular men’s eco friendly clothing operating at the intersection of style and sustainability. Founded by pro-surfer Kelly Slater, their great selection of eco friendly mens clothes features sustainable jeans, swimwear for men, shirts, sweats, tees and even eyewear.

  • Natural or organic fabrics & materials: Fabrics used include organic cotton, recycled polyester, hemp, polyester, and spandex, and also use buttons made from recycled plastic waste.
  • Supply chain & labor practices: The brand is recognized by the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and works with Fair Trade USA to invest in the livelihoods of more than 5,000 workers who help bring their products to market.
  • Corporate responsibility:
    • Creating products that are easy to disassemble and recycle.
    • Creating multiple collections and recovery programs.
    • Phasing out all toxic chemicals and materials that spill synthetic fibers.
mens eco friendly clothing
Outerknown brand

9. Kotn

  • Great for | Men’s cotton basics
  • Size range | XS–XXL
  • Product line | Bottoms, tops, loungewear

With a mission to set the standard for conscious creativity, this Canadian brand is a great choice for sustainable men’s clothing. Moreover, Kotn’s eco friendly mens clothes collection features the basics built to the latest, featuring may be exactly what you are looking for. Their selection includes denim, tees, sweats, and more.

  • Sustainable materials: Kotn products are made from 100% Egyptian long cotton.
  • Supply chain & labor practices: The company ensures that all of its products are ethically produced in Egypt and Portugal where factory employees are paid fair wages and work under safe conditions. Besides, the cotton used in their products comes directly from farmers with a Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) certification.
men's eco friendly clothing
Kotn is men’s eco friendly clothing brand is loved by many people
  • Green business practices:
    • Giza cotton can only be grown in the Nile Delta south of Alexandria. This is a huge benefit as it centralizes the brand’s supply chain within a 100km radius.
    • Giza cotton must also be selected carefully, as machines can strain and even damage its long, fine fibers. Fortunately, there are very few machine-made emissions and more jobs created.
  • Corporate responsibility: Kotn successfully built and is now operating 7 schools in rural areas of Egypt as part of their commitment to promoting access to education in Egypt. They also funded other social impact projects including providing financial and other resources to smallholder farmers and impoverished communities.

10. Asket – Most environmentally friendly clothing brands

  • Size range | S to XXL
  • Product line | Sweatshirts, socks, knitwear, outerwear
  • Natural or organic fabrics & materials: Long-staple Egyptian cotton, organic linen, and Recycled GRS Certified Post Consumer Wool.
  • Supply chain & labor practices: Asket is committed to full transparency across its entire supply chain, where it works to ensure fair labor standards and ethical production practices at every stage of the manufacturing process.
  • Corporate responsibility: Asket breaks down every garment into its raw components and traces them back using them to gauge the garment’s impact and let consumers know the true cost of a customer’s garment.
The men sustainable clothing
The men’s sustainable clothing

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11. Colorful standard

  • Size range | XS – XXL
  • Product line | T-shirts, hoodies, shorts, sweatpants, socks

The Colorful Standard covers an entire line of organic basics and loungewear, including t-shirts, oxford shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, shorts, socks, and accessories. Besides, all products of eco friendly men’s clothing are with a super-soft brushed interior.

  • Sustainable clothing brands mens: This brand’s eco mens clothing is made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton dyed with OEKO-Tex® certified eco-friendly dyes.
  • Supply chain & labor practices: Everything is made in Portugal under the strictly enforced European Union Labor Laws. In the name of transparency, Colorful Standard invites anyone to visit their factory unannounced for a tour.
  • Green business practices:
    • Every product will be pre-washed and anti-pilling, so the clothes have no chance of shrinkage or early wearing out.
    • Everything is also made in one factory that ships directly to the consumer to keep their carbon footprint small.
  • Corporate responsibility: Many years ago, Colorful Standard founded a football club in the Democratic Republic of Congo, FC Masi Manimba, by collecting soccer balls polishing materials, and building spaces. It eventually became a youth activity center. Today, they continue to donate 5% of their proceeds to this football club and foundation.
women's eco friendly clothing
The Colorful Standard brand

12. Patagonia – Eco friendly men’s clothing

  • Great for | Hats, outdoor apparel, flannels, jackets, fleece
  • Size range | XS–XXL
  • Product line | Shirts, bottoms, outerwear, accessories

Patagonia has an excellent reputation for providing quality outdoor clothing and a clear and longstanding commitment to sustainability. This is also one of the customers’ favorites mens sustainable clothing brands for ethical winter coats, ethical sweaters, and fair trade gloves, they offer a wide selection of men’s eco friendly clothing as well.

  • Sustainable materials: Most sustainable materials are made from 100% organic non-GMO natural fibers like Responsibili-Tee cotton hemp, and linen.
  • Supply chain & labor practices: Despite their huge supply chain scoring 70% in Fashion Revolution’s most recent Fashion Transparency Index, they adhere to the California Supply Chains Act of 2010 SB 657 and try to give consumers as much info as possible via The Footprint Chronicles.
  • Green business practices: Patagonia operates with the environment at its heart, through a variety of green business options. All of their pieces of cotton are organic and 72% of their current line uses recycled materials, a percentage increase year on year.
  • Corporate responsibility: Patagonia is the founding company of 1% for the Planet. They donate either 1% of every sale or 10% of pre-tax profits to grassroots environmental initiatives.
mens eco-friendly clothing
Fashion Patagonia

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13. Boody

  • Size range | S – XL
  • Product line | Socks, underwear, accessories, activewear, men’s tops

Boody is one of an Australian mens sustainable clothing brands that expanded to America after becoming beloved around the world for its ethical activewear and generally affordable ethical clothes, although the design may not come in a huge selection. This brand’s most favorite men’s eco friendly clothing items are men’s underwear, t-shirts, tank tops, and socks.

  • Sustainable materials: Boody only uses FSC, Ecocert, and OEKO-TEX bamboo produced through a closed solvent and water recovery system. The final fabric undergoes an SGS test to make sure there are no harmful elements in it.
  • Supply chain & labor practices: All manufacturing partners must have at least one ISO-14001, ISO-9001, or WRAP certification so customers know they have been double-checked for ethical and environmental practices.
  • Green business practices: All clothing is shipped using recycled packaging materials printed with plant-based inks.
  • Corporate responsibility: As a member of 1% for Planet, Boody is trying to green our world beyond just using one of the greenest plants in the world.
women's eco friendly clothing
Boody brand clothing

14. The classic t-shirt company

  • Size range | XS to XXL
  • Product line | Tees, gym shorts, joggers

The Classic T-Shirt Company makes ethical mens sustainable clothing T-shirts that are built to men’s eco friendly clothing last and have high quality. With just a handful of classic colors and four styles available, they hit the mark while keeping things simple. The cotton uses 70% less water than conventional cotton and is incredibly lightweight & comfy, and almost materials are made here in the USA, which is very important.

  • Sustainable materials: All tees are made with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and dyed with premium, non-toxic Azo-free dyes.
  • Supply chain & labor practices:
    • Everything is produced in the USA, starting with organic cotton farming and milling. Yarns are then sent to a vertically integrated state-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles for knitting, handcrafting, and embroidering.
    • The company is committed to fair trade principles, all these entities provide fair wages, reasonable hours, and excellent working conditions because the founders want their workers involved in the production cycle of their T-shirts to thrive.
  • Green business practices: The Classic T-Shirt Company creates products that are designed to last and durability above all prevent textile waste. They use only premium materials and put every garment through multiple shrink tests and quality control assurances, then recycled, plastic-free packaging.
  • Corporate responsibility: The Classic T-Shirt Company is a member of Pledge 1% which means they donate an automatic 1% of their time and profits to one of three different causes such as providing safe water to communities in need, planting trees, and ocean cleanup.
men's eco friendly clothing
The classic t-shirt company product

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15. Passion Lilie

  • Size range | S – XXL
  • Product line | Button-down shirts, accessories, shorts

The Passion Lilie is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, a Green America Certified Business, and an Ethical Fashion Forum Fellowship 500 Member. They own impressive Azo-free dyes. Their mens eco friendly clothing includes mostly printed button-downs, available in long or short sleeves, and lots of other patterns. They also carry one style of chambray shorts.

  • Sustainable materials: 100% organic and non-GMO cotton which is hand-block printed with eco dyes.
  • Supply chain & labor practices:
    • Passion Lilie’s manufacturing happens thanks to various family factories in India. These World Fair Trade Organization-certified factories are in Bangalore, Jaipur, Tirupur, and Hyderabad.
    • Each aims to provide disadvantaged community members with health care, fair wages, loan opportunities, and meaningful, reliable work.
  • Green business practices: Passion Lilie’s production is almost entirely non-mechanized. They hand wash and sundry their fabrics, then hand weave and use block printing to create their patterns. Additionally, they reuse leftover fabric scraps to make accessories.
  • Corporate responsibility: Passion Lilie company prefers to help charities that their customers are passionate about.
eco friendly clothing for men
Fashion Passion Lilie

16. Rawganique

  • Size range | S – XXL
  • Product line | Trousers, tees, and jackets

Rawganique is known as a small-scale manufacturer providing organic clothing that is gentle and on the planet. It is an excellent option if you are looking for eco-friendly socks, they also offer a wide range of sustainable clothing for men including tees, trousers, and jackets.

men's eco friendly clothing
Rawganique Brand product
  • Sustainable materials: Rawganique offers products made of organic cotton, hemp, and linen.
  • Supply chain & labor practices:
    • Rawganique develops its weaving, knitting, and sewing products in Europe or the US without any harmful chemicals or dyes making them a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin.
    • They also ensure that all of their products are made under safe and fair working conditions in their small Rawganique Atelier workshop.
  • Corporate responsibility: They focus on creating the purest products that are chemical-free, non-toxic, and most environmentally friendly, and everything is made in-house in small batches.

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17. Features of men’s eco friendly clothing

At the moment, men’s eco friendly clothing is known as sustainable clothes for men that are the umbrella term for all the other conscious terms you hear buzzing around like ethical fashion, slow fashion, eco-friendly fashion, etc. These clothing items are made from eco-friendly fabrics and the manufacturing process ensures no negative impact on the environment, so it has good sustainability and recyclability. You can also find many different styles and great basic clothes that are made from environmental materials by many different eco-friendly men’s clothing brands.

men's eco friendly clothing
What is men’s eco-friendly clothing?

18. How to choose men’s eco friendly clothing brands

While the men’s fashion industry may not be as widely developed as the women’s, it is fraught with problems and suffers from the same fast fashion pitfalls. Sustainable men’s clothing brands are not different from women’s brands, and it is equally important to a more sustainable future.

18.1 Fabrics materials

When it comes to fabrics and materials, choosing sustainable, natural, or organic options is always the best. Consider fabrics like organic cotton, ethical wool, modal, and Tencel for their lighter impact on the planet. Safe and environmentally friendly fabrics for men’s eco friendly clothing are so important because a sustainable brand has to offer garments made of environmentally friendly fabrics, even if not all garments are sustainable. Natural fibers are the first choice, including as below.

  • Organic cotton: Traditional cotton may look clean, but it is one of the dirtiest fibers in the world. Instead, organic cotton is so much better because it is grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and requires less water and land to grow.
  • Organic hemp or linen: Similar in ecological benefits and final fabric to organic cotton, which is derived from hemp fabric while linen comes from the flax plant.
what are eco friendly clothing brands
Fabrics materials
  • TENCEL (Lyocell/Modal): Technically, the fibers are respectively called Lyocell and Modal, made from the wood pulp of eucalyptus and beech trees. The process to render fiber from wood is entirely closed-loop and solvent-spinning, so it reuses 99% of the water and solvent over and over.
  • Merino wool: It is not vegan and may have some serious animal rights issues at stake. Fortunately, Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certification and the ZQ Merino label now help us distinguish ethical wool from “happy sheep” from those associated with cruelty to animals. As a fabric, wool has many benefits and is biodegradable.

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18.2 Supply chain

While material matters the most for environmental impact, this category looks at the social issues involved with the clothing industry. Ideally, the brands want transparency and a demonstration of control and traceability of the supply chains. An essential part of this step is finding certified brands and third-party auditors, which help prevent the unfortunate that is common in the industry.

  • B-Corp: It has been the best certification by far because it is really hard to become a B-corp. You have to rank super high in over 80 “impact areas” and maintain those standards for yearly audits.
  • OEKO-Tex 100: This ensures no harmful chemicals such as colorants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, or azo dyes are used in manufacturing.
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): Regulates that all fabrics are grown and treated “seed to shelf” without the use of chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, or even machine harvesting.
  • Some other prestigious certifications: Worldwide Accredited Manufacturing (WRAP), Business Initiative for Social Compliance (BSCI), Social Responsibility International (SA8000), and Fair Wear.

18.3 Green business practices

Green business practices are considered ways that a brand works to reduce environmental impact. Things like recycling manufacturing materials, considering textile waste, carbon offsets, renewable energy, apparel recycling programs, and low-waste or plastic-free packaging.

men's eco-friendly clothing
Men’s eco friendly clothing brands take responsibility for the green environment

This post has provided and explained to you a piece of information about men’s eco friendly clothing in the domestic and around the world. Nowadays, the fashion industry is growing rapidly, while it is possible to do it sustainably in a self-contained manner, it is difficult to see how companies make it, and even consumers have been misled by the very greenwash. Dugarco is willing to answer your concerns about it, please feel free to contact the company.

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