A Prestigious fashion design studio in Vietnam, good price

Are you looking for a good fashion design studio in Vietnam? There is a wide selection in Hanoi as well as reasonable prices. The garment factory is also reputable and cheap according to the requirements of customers. With more than 30 years of international cooperation experience, Dugarco is proud to be your best choice to turn your fashion ideas into reality in production. Today, this post will explain to you the reason why you should choose this company. Let’s start! 

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1. Dugarco studio – Prestigious fashion design studio in Vietnam

Dugarco Studio, which belongs to Dugarco, has been a world-class apparel manufacturer since 1990 and has more than 30 years of international cooperation experience in the United States, Canada, EU, Russia, Japan, Korea, China, etc. For many years, this Vietnamese fashion designer studio is the prestigious partner of many famous brands in Vietnam and the international market such as Tom Tailor, Incity, Kavin Klein, and more.

fashion design studio in vietnam
A Prestigious fashion design studio in Vietnam, good price

2. Why should you choose a fashion design studio in Vietnam Dugarco?

This famous design studio is well-known for upholding the core values of people, production, and benefit. As the founder understands that having top-notch design professionals, expert sourcing and skilled tailors is not enough. The core factor that they aim at is to arouse passion in each individual, constantly innovate to breakthroughs in productivity, and bring maximum benefits to customers.

2.1 Excellent product quality

The fashion design in Vietnam supplies millions of clothing for domestic and international partners, across multiple apparel categories every year. All products are inspected 100% by 3rd party inspection company, and the quality defect rate is less than 1% after delivering the garment to the customer. The best-selling product lines are jackets and shirts, made from recycled polyester, and organic cotton with a variety of outfits, suitable for many occasions.

fashion design studio in vietnam
Excellent product quality

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2.2 Advanced manufacturing technology

Over 30 years of industry experience, know-how, and constant improvement have made Dugarco one of the leading garment manufacturers in the list of Vietnamese fashion design studios. The company’s goal is to provide partners with the ultimate experience throughout their product development. This famous Vietnamese fashion designer has high expertise in designing unique evening coats with sewing machines and sealed Veston.

fashion in vietnam
Advanced manufacturing technology

2.3 On-time delivery

Headquarters is located in Hanoi – Vietnam, this business currently has 11 companies located in Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Ha Nam, Thai Binh, Thanh Hoa, and Hoa Binh with more than 8,000 workers, technicians, and officers. Professional management works in 25 factories, over 160 modern but specialized production lines. As reported in 2019, 98% of orders are delivered on time and there is no chargeback to customers for late deliveries.

fashion design studio
On-time delivery

2.4 Professional in material sourcing

Material sourcing is a strategic decision that a fashion design studio should take caution before placing an order for a garment. The full-service sourcing team offers the best and richest selection of raw materials from mills and converters all over the World and gets 100% responsible for all elements of the production. As the company wants to be a long-term partner in delivering quality and reliability, some criteria that a Vietnamese fashion designer prioritizes when choosing raw materials for a new product.

  • Quality meets customer needs.
  • Service quality and reputation of the supplier.
  • Reasonable price.
vietnamese fashion designers
Professional in material sourcing

2.5 A high value of production in Vietnam

With passion and enthusiasm, the company’s Research and Development department has a mission to find the most reasonable solutions for the production process, helping to improve the value and quality of products. As Vietnam’s leading clothing manufacturer and renowned fashion designer, Dugarco Studio has a stable workforce and future benefits of Vietnam’s EVFTA, CPTPP, and EAEU.

vietnamese fashion designers
A high value of production in Vietnam

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3. The production process at the fashion design studio

There are hundreds of design studios willing to create your dream outfit right in front of your eyes. If you are wondering how to order from a fashion design studio in Vietnam, you need to discuss your needs and vision, create sketches, based on that discussion, and finally accessories before transferring the final product. Here are some steps that detail what will happen when you take an order.

3.1 Discussing your needs with the design studio

The most exciting stage in new product development is the design process when the studio helps you to explore your ideas. Providing the Vietnamese fashion designers team with a reference sample of your garment will help them to understand your vision and facilitate the production process. During this time, both parties should also come to a mutual understanding about what should be done.

5 famous fashion designers
Discussing your needs with the design studio

3.2 Sketches

Based on the information gathered from your meeting with the fashion design studio, sketches are created using your vision as a reference point. These drawings will illustrate the ideas discussed during the initial consultation and give you a good idea of what to expect from custom-made clothes in Vietnam. Furthermore, these sketches can change as they go through different drafts, but it helps everyone clarify their vision for the final product before work begins.

vietnamese designer brands

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3.3 Fittings

Once all the details are completed, it is time to finalize the outfit’s accessories. The famous Vietnamese designers will work closely with your team to ensure that everything is in order before starting to create the final product. Do not be afraid to say if something needs to be adjusted as this part of the process must ensure that you are satisfied with your order.

fashion design studio in vietnam

3.4 Finished product

The final product of using a fashion design studio in Vietnam is amazing quality clothing at an affordable price. Customers can freely choose the style without having to worry about finding another reliable supplier. From your approved sample to the mass production of your product, your custom clothing is made and shipped right to you. If you are looking for professionally tailored clothing at no extra cost, ordering through a fashion design studio is the best option.

fashion design studio in vietnam
Finished product

4. The main service at Vietnam fashion design studio Dugarco

There are three main services at the Vietnam fashion design studio, they are the Research and Development room (R&D), Sourcing, and Manufacturing. Dugarco Studio’s team creates collections for each season of the year, based on the match between R&D results and the upcoming trends within the fashion world.

  • The objective of R&D is to improve processes and products by optimization, enhance efficiency in a sustainable way, reduce the utilization of natural resources, and the last is to Innovate sustainable products and processes.
fashion design studio in vietnam
Sourcing and Manufacturing
  • Sourcing is a profession that is still very new in the world. This is not a simple job because it requires sourcing people to converge many factors such as having in-depth knowledge of raw materials, having a strategic vision, knowing how to analyze the market, and quickly grasping new products and services, and new trend.
  • Dugarco has the production capacity to manufacture your entire collection. Over the years, the company has continuously invested in building a capable and experienced team, a scientific management system, and a friendly and harmonious working environment.

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5. The main products at the fashion design studio in Vietnam

There are jackets, shirts, pants, suits, knitting, and uniform are the main products at the fashion design studio in Vietnam. Moreover, they are produced to supply millions of clothing for domestic and international partners every year. Product quality at Dugarco studio is commented at a medium and high level, meeting European export standards.

  • The jackets and blazers are made from recycled polyester for an elegant and modern look, producing an average of 3 million pieces per year.
  • The shirt is made from organic cotton that is easy to match with many different outfits, suitable for many situations, 11 million pieces a year.
  • Pants are sewn with trendy, polite, and luxurious khaki, polyester, and rayon materials with a capacity of 2 million pieces per year.
fashion design studio in vietnam
The main products at the fashion design studio in Vietnam
  • The suits are designed with an amount of 150,000 pieces per year with many modern designs with office and formal styles.
  • Knitted clothes have dynamic designs, diverse colors, and selected organic cotton materials to support good sweat absorption when outdoors, reaching 1.5 million products per year.
  • Uniforms are the most diverse when there are many designs and categories of items to serve many subjects from office workers, students, workers, and doctors to antibacterial masks for medical use. These products are ordered in a quantity of 2 million sets per year.

This article has provided you with a wealth of information about Dugarco – A famous fashion design studio in Vietnam. Fashion is an indispensable part of life, both as a mirror of social life and associated with aesthetic concepts. However, fashion does not stand still but always changes from day to day. Hopefully, you are having a number of useful things through this post. If you need any further concerns about this studio, please feel free to contact the company by the following.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 59 Duc Giang, Duc Giang Ward, Long Bien District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
  • Phone: 024 3655 7930
  • Email: dugarco@mayducgiang.com.vn
  • Website: https://dugarco.com/en/


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