The most high-end women’s clothing manufacturers right now

Are you looking for a reputable and quality women’s clothing manufacturer? Then don’t miss this article. Here, Dugarco will tell you how to choose the best women’s clothing manufacturing companpies  for your business.

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1. The importance of finding a women’s clothing manufacturer

Manufacturer of women’s clothing is a supplier, sewing products exclusively for women such as skirts, bibs, women’s coats, and women’s t-shirts,… Today, women’s aesthetics and styles are increasingly changing according to trends, so women’s clothes manufacturers are always updating and changing models and colors to suit the tastes of women.

clothing manufacturing companies
The importance of women’s clothing supplier

The women’s clothing manufacturer plays a very important role in the economy. One of the industry’s leading tasks is to provide products for domestic and foreign markets. Besides, the demand for garments increases, which contributes to creating jobs for thousands of workers. Currently, the product quality of Vietnamese manufacturing companies is highly appreciated. The number of products exported to foreign countries is increasing, this is probably a potential source of clothing for many brands.

2. Top 4 favorite women’s clothing brands

2.1. Dugarco – Prestigious women’s clothing companies in Vietnam

Dugarco Textile and Garment Company is one of the largest women’s clothing manufacturers in Vietnam. With more than 30 years of establishment and development, the company specializes in manufacturing a variety of quality womens clothes such as jeans, jackets, t-shirts, pants, uniforms, and suits,… Currently, the factory has 11 branches with more than 8000 experienced employees, workers, and technicians.

women's clothing manufacturer
DUGARCO – Duc Giang Textile and Garment Company

To get quality manufacturer of women’s clothing, Dugarco always improves the process as well as uses modern production technology. Advanced machines are invested with diverse automation systems such as AI, Adobe,… It is these things that make the production capacity up to 20 million units per year.

manufacturer of women's clothing
Dugarco is a famous women’s clothing manufacturer

Not only specializes in supplying and manufacturing domestic garment products, but Dugraco also exports goods to international markets such as Canada, the United States, Korea, etc. The company focuses on each stage of production and the selection of materials. The best material to ensure quality. Accompanying the quality is the extremely reasonable production cost in Dugarco, cheaper than womans clothes manufacturers in other countries. In addition, the factory ensures the right quantity and on-time delivery to meet partners’ needs in a timely manner.

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2.2. Pineapple Clothing

Pineapple Clothing is a well-known women’s clothes manufacturer and supplier of children’s clothing in the United States. This brand is known for unusual prints and designs worn for both daily use and special events. While they sell customers directly, they also supply and make apparel for retail stores.

manufacturer of women's clothing
Pineapple Clothing brands for women

2.3. Hawthorn Women’s apparel company

Hawthorn is a large UK-based of high-quality women’s clothing manufacturer. The company specializes in conceptualizing and women wear manufacturering service for businesses large, small, and established fashion brands. Some of the prominent products of this brand are t-shirts, jeans, jackets, hoodies, tracksuits,…

women’s clothing manufacturer
Hawthorn garment brands

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2.4. Good Clothing brands

Good Clothing is a women wear manufacturing service company situated in the United States, caters to both small and large-scale fashion brands, creative individuals, and old companies alike. The company provides sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing garments. They offer their customers to fill out an online form on the website with all of their information so that they may make an appropriate offer.

women’s clothing suppliers wholesale
Good clothing company is one of the famous women’s clothing suppliers

3. Criteria for choosing a high-quality women’s clothing manufacturer

There are so many clothing manufacturing companies now, you are still wondering which supplier to choose. Then there are some important evaluation criteria that you need to keep in mind during your search for a women’s clothing manufacturer. From there, it will help you choose a quality and faster manufacturer.

3.1. Professional experience

The first important criterion that cannot be missed is the professional experience of that women’s clothing suppliers wholesale. You should research carefully the information about the women wear manufacturing service company and the products they sell to the market. Through this information, you will be able to add an assessment of their professionalism and credibility.

women's clothing manufacturer
Professional experience criteria

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3.2. Sustainable production

One of the next key factors that cannot be ignored is sustainable production. You should visit the factory to check the technology, the origin of the dyes, and the chemicals they use in women’s clothes manufactures. Besides, if manufacturers use environmentally friendly materials and products, that will be a plus.

clothing manufacturing companies
Sustainable production factor

3.3. Product quality standards

The next criterion when choosing a women’s clothing manufacturer is product quality standards. Manufacturers that comply with quality standards will ensure the safety of users. You can see their standard information on the packaging and product labels to check what standards the clothing product meets. Some standards in clothing production such as regulations on children’s products (EN 71), regulations on chemicals and substances (REACH), labeling regulations, and so on and so on…

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3.4. Production capacity and technical base

In addition to the above three factors, production capacity, and technical base are equally important. Potential suppliers can meet the number of products on time, they will also have enough capacity, technical machinery, materials, and labor to manufacturer of women’s clothing. In addition, you need to check that the manufacturing plant has a QMS quality production system in place during production.

women's clothing manufacturers
Production capacity and technical base

3.5. Production and shipping costs

Production and shipping costs are equally a concern to many people. Please choose factories that can meet the requirements and production quality in accordance with the current investment capital. In addition, if possible, choose domestic manufacturers to save time, and costs as well as faster shipping.

women's clothing manufacturing companies
Consider production and shipping costs to match the initial financing

3.6. Manufacturer’s aftersales service

Aftersales service refers to how efficiently a company handles problems that arise after product delivery. This may require replacing damaged items or issuing reimbursements where necessary. The best vendors will offer free shipping and return support for defective products, as well as offer free samples that allow you to try them out before placing an order. They also provide periodic updates on purchase status and respond quickly if requested.

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4. Where to find high-quality women’s clothing manufacturers in Vietnam?

Currently, on the market, there are many companies manufacturer of women’s clothing with different designs and styles. You can refer to some of the following ways to find the most reputable and qualified supplier.

4.1. Fashion and trade show

Participating in domestic and foreign events, trade shows, and fashion shows is an activity you should not miss. This will be an opportunity to meet face-to-face, exchange favorably with many suppliers as well as create business relationships with them.

manufacturer of women's clothing
An exhibition of apparel companies

Besides, it also helps you learn more about businesses so that you can determine whether to cooperate or not. Some famous fashion exhibitions such as the New York Fabric Exhibition, the International Exhibition of Vietnam Textile and Garment Industry, International Textile Fair,…

4.2. Enterprise data

You can buy enterprise data from organizations if you still can’t find reputable women’s clothing manufacturing companies. These organizations have reliable and well-informed data sources that will help you identify the right supplier. Some organizations have data sources that you can contact such as Cosmo Sourcing, Seditex, Sew Vietnam,…

4.3. Online Marketplaces

An online marketplace is one of the ways to help you find a women’s clothing manufacturer. Thanks to the development of e-commerce, you can easily search on B2B trading platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay,… You can filter suppliers as well as view reviews with customers first, for an overview review.

women's clothing manufacturer
An online marketplace is an effective place to find clothing manufacturing companies

4.4. Facebook group

With the wide coverage of the social networking platform Facebook, this is a great tool for you to find and connect with several women’s clothing manufacturing companies. You just need to type search on a Facebook group, and in a moment there are a series of results returned. You should join reputable commercial business groups with many participants and regular activities, helping you find the right company.

4.5. Data supplier

Another popular way to find a women’s clothing manufacturer is to contact a data supplier. You can find manufacturers through these supplier data. Like in the Vietnam market, you can find it on Vietnam Export, Vietnam AZ, Vietnam Yellow Pages,…

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5. Some frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Read on to find out that the same problem may be answered with you.

5.1. Should you choose a domestic or foreign clothing manufacturer?

Choosing domestic or foreign women’s apparel manufacturer companies has its own advantages and disadvantages. Clothing suppliers in the country, you can easily meet and exchange conveniently with each other. As for foreign manufacturers, it will be more difficult to visit and inspect the factory. Shipping time abroad is also much slower than in the country.

clothing manufacturing companies
Should you choose a domestic or foreign women’s clothing manufacturer?

5.2. What is the minimum quantity for an order?

Before proceeding with cooperation, you need to determine how much the minimum order quantity is. The larger the order quantity, the lower the production cost. Quantity from 200 to 2000 products or more, depending on the needs and capital of your business. You need to calculate carefully because if you produce too much and keep it in stock, it will cost you a lot of money.

5.3. Does the manufacturer provide product samples?

Asking for product samples is something you should discuss with the company from the outset. You can completely request to see samples before committing to an order, helping you to be assured that the quality of the product is what your business wants.

women's clothing manufacturers
Does the manufacturer provide product samples?

The above article is all the detailed information about women’s clothing manufacturer that we want to send to readers. Hope you will choose a manufacturer of women’s clothing that matches the criteria you are looking for. Don’t forget to contact Dugarco immediately to receive incentives and support!

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