5 Vietnam Sports Clothing Manufacturers You Should Not Miss

Starting a sportswear business is a popular choice for many people, but finding Vietnam sports clothing manufacturers is not easy for newcomers to the industry. That production facility must not only ensure the supply of quality products but also have reasonable prices in line with the budget of young businesses. Understanding your concerns, today’s article on Dugarco will give you the top 5 suggestions in the field of sportswear production.

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1. Highlights of sports fashion design in Vietnam

When choosing to buy sportswear, today’s customers not only demand high comfort and coolness, but also aesthetics and fashion. Therefore, sports often choose innovative materials such as Modal, Coolmax, Tencel, Aerocool, etc. This fabric is absorbent, quick-drying, and breathable thanks to its super absorbent inner layer and soft, moisture-wicking outer layer. Besides, they are also light in weight to bring convenience when having to exercise.

vietnam sports clothing manufacturers

As mentioned above, good design will attract customers to your product. The construction of sportswear is very special, they fit snugly to the muscles to ensure that the wearer does not feel too loose or too tight. Sports clothes fit your body but do not hinder your activities. Instead, they help you to be 100% yourself during sports matches.

vietnam sports clothing manufacturers
Tank Top

With the advancement of dyeing, printing, and knitting technology among Vietnam sports clothing manufacturers, sportswear is produced with countless designs. Wearers can find clothes that fit their personality and budget. That creates unique features for the wearer in each match. When wearing sportswear, you not only look very active but also show your fashion style. Some types of gym clothes are popular such as Legging, Tank Top, Hoodie, Bra, Shirt, etc.

vietnam sports clothing manufacturers

In addition, if you have a need to buy clothes for children, then children’s clothing manufacturers Vietnam can best meet your requirements.

2. Prestigious Vietnamese sportswear manufacturer

Today, sportswear is no longer an expensive product designed exclusively for athletes but has now become a popular garment for all sports and life enthusiasts. active life. Since then, more and more sportswear stores have appeared, but you are wondering which manufacturer is reputable and suitable. So this post will list some famous Vietnamese sportswear manufacturer below for your reference.

2.1 Dugarco

Dugarco is one of the big sport Vietnamese sportswear manufacturer. This is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of garments for many famous customers in the country and the world. The enterprise has its head office in Hanoi – Vietnam with many branches in Hanoi, Hoa Binh, Ha Nam, Thai Binh, Bac Ninh, and Thanh Hoa. Enterprise has more than 8,000 staff, technicians, professional managers working in 25 factories, and more than 160 modern production lines. Dugarco specializes in providing jackets, shirts, pants, blazers, uniforms, knitting, and all kinds of sportswear.

When it involves sport, ensure your appearance the component with an extremely good choice of sports activities garments. All sports activities garb makes use of the ultra-modern era to decorate your bodily performance. Enterprise has the whole lot from going for walks garments a good way to assist hold you cool, to doors jackets and pants and garb for running out withinside the gym. Whatever you want you will be positive to discover it right here from the extensive variety of sports activities garments.

vietnam sports clothing manufacturers

In the field of sportswear, you can trust Dugarco cooperation because the enterprise not only provides prestigious and quality products but are also suitable for business startups. Some special reasons that you should cooperate with Dugarco which is one of the best Vietnam sports clothing manufacturers:

  • Excellent Product Quality
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  • Professional in Material Sourcing
  • High Value of Production in Vietnam

2.2 Ontrack

OnTrack is a manufacturer specializing in providing high-end sports equipment and apparel specializing in Boxing, MMA & BJJ Suits. OnTrack’s products include sports uniforms, boxing equipment, and exercise equipment. In production, OneTrack applies the latest and most modern technology, meeting all the standards set by customers, and ensuring a product of the best quality, variety, and reputation.

vietnam sports clothing manufacturers
Ontrack’s Boxing Gloves

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2.3 Dovitec – Dong Tien Joint stock company

Dovitec – Dong Tien Joint Stock Company is an enterprise specializing in the production of sportswear, jackets, shirts, long-sleeved shirts, trousers, high-quality underwear, and many other products with 3 large and small branches. The company headquarters area is 14.55.32m2. With a total staff of nearly 3,500 people, Dong Tien can meet all the needs of customers. The company’s products have been exported to the US, EU, France, and Asia.

vietnam sports clothing manufacturers

2.4 An Thang garment company limited

AnThang Garment Co., Ltd specializes in providing all kinds of sportswear. An Thang is proud to be a manufacturer that ensures product perfection in all aspects from design, sample delivery, printing, purchasing raw materials, cutting and sewing, and packaging to distribution to the market. The company’s factory is equipped with the latest sewing machines and modern equipment. The garment factory can fulfill OEM, ODM, CM, CMP, or FOB orders to meet all customer needs.

vietnam sports clothing manufacturers
An Thang garment company limited

2.5 Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Thygesen is a pioneer in the production of knitted fabrics and garments. Knitted sportswear is currently one of the strategic product lines of this enterprise. Thygesen has in-house experts to keep up to date with the latest innovations from yarn to knitting process, from single-needle stitch to bond, from basic qualities such as cotton, spandex or polyester to body materials more environmentally friendly such as Organic Cotton, Coffee, Recycle Polyester, etc.

vietnam sports clothing manufacturers
Thygesen Textile Vietnam

With Thygesen, you can get support for sourcing materials, sourcing, designing, prototyping, manufacturing, testing, packaging, and overseas development. The business is currently providing OEM, and ODM services to produce any kind of sportswear for customers both domestically and around the world, supporting the best services for complete flexibility and adaptability to customer requirements.

3. Special clothing design technologies of Vietnamese sportswear manufacturer – Dugarco

Dugarco is home to one of the leading Vietnam sports clothing manufacturers using the latest and greatest technology to print-on-demand apparel. Among them, the following designs stand out:

3.1 Sublimation printing

This is a specific printing process, first, your design will be printed onto a special paper using sublimation ink, then transfer that image onto another material such as polyester, finally, printing paper and fabric will be fused under high temperature. This is a print technique that uses the latest sublimation techniques to provide you with world-class garments.

vietnam sports clothing manufacturers
Sublimation printing

Sublimation printing is usually more expensive than other methods because it takes longer to print, so the image will not crack or peel over time. But one of the core limitations of Sublimation is the color of any material. Because Sublimation is essentially a dyeing process, you will get the best results when the fabric is white or light-colored.

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3.2 Screen printing

Screen printing is a form of printing technique, done on the same principle as oil ink printing on stencils, only part of the ink is absorbed through the printing mesh, printed on the printed material by several other meshes that have been printed sealed with special chemicals.

vietnam sports clothing manufacturers
Screen printing

Silk-screen printing has the advantage of low operating costs, so the cost of silk-screen printing is quite cheap and can be printed in small quantities. The disadvantage of screen printing is that it cannot print images, complex details, less vivid colors, and is not high durability. Screen printing offers you the best choice for printing team uniforms, school uniforms, fleece hoodies, competition shirts, polo t-shirts, and all kinds of other sportswear.

3.3 Cut & sew

Dugarco is one of the Vietnamese sportswear manufacturer that can fulfill all customer requirements for designing, cutting, and sewing perfect, quality products based on reference to pictures, artwork, or even the client’s rough sketch. Not only that but the original samples are also customized according to the product size given by the customer and committed to repairing if not met their satisfaction.

vietnam sports clothing manufacturers
Cut and Sew

3.4 Embroidery applique

This is a method of using an embroidery machine to create logos, images, and textures on the position to be embroidered. This technique is extremely effective when you want to embroider more branding on your product. You can order multi-color logo embroidery or custom design embroidery patterns. The advantage of this technique is that the embroidery is very aesthetic, and the lines are clear and sharp. High strength embroidery, no deformation during use, and can be embroidered on many different fabrics.

vietnam sports clothing manufacturers
Embroidery applique

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3.5 Customized printing

No matter what sport you need to design, the manufacturer will make it right for you. Dugarco undertakes on-demand printing for all types of sports uniforms for all customers. Enterprise will design and create attractive, professional, and unique sports uniforms for you with names, numbers, and sizes customized to your needs.

vietnam sports clothing manufacturers
Customized printing

Today’s article is a detailed sharing of Vietnam sports clothing manufacturers for startups in this dynamic fashion industry. The above overall introduction not only helps you to know more about sportswear design technologies but also recommends you top 5 reputable manufacturers. With the motto of upholding quality and prestige, Dugarco always brings customers the best products at reasonable prices. If you have any further questions, please contact us via the following information:

  • Address: 59 Duc Giang Street, Duc Giang Ward, Long Bien District, Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Phone: 024 3655 7930
  • Email: dugarco@mayducgiang.com.vn
  • Website: https://dugarco.com/en/


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