8 Best Children’s Clothing Manufacturers Vietnam For Business

Vietnam has a large top source of children’s clothing manufacturers Vietnam. They provide plenty of kids’ clothes for chain stores and retail chains in our country and the world. In this article, let Dugarco introduces the top 8 reputable children’s clothing manufacturers that produce high-quality and sustainable fashion for kids.

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1. Overview of the children’s clothing industry in Vietnam

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of children at home and abroad. Many children’s clothing manufacturers in Vietnam have played an important role in the source of supply due to the growing demand of consumers who have kids. In this industry, the annual growth rate is nearly 7% a year and is expected to show a higher percentage in the following year.

children’s clothing manufacturers Vietnam
The children’s clothing industry in Vietnam

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2. The best children’s clothing manufacturers in Vietnam

The development of Vietnam baby clothes in Vietnam significantly contributes to the national economy’s growth. When referring to children’s clothing manufacturers in Vietnam, customers can decide to believe in the quality of designs and printing from some reputable enterprises. Now, let’s discover the top 8 private label clothing manufacturers in Vietnam.

2.1 Dugarco

With 30 years in the textile and garments industry, Dugarco is one of the most prestigious Vietnam baby clothing manufacturers with its headquarters located in Hanoi, Vietnam. Specializing in style development and manufacturing, Dugarco owns 25 facilities and over 160 modern production lines to supply clothes for all ages, especially children.

children’s clothing manufacturers Vietnam

Following the demand of customers, Dugarco receives designs according to requests. Some products for kids are distributed such as casual or school uniforms for boys and girls. Thanks to the professional workers and the latest technology,  the design can be diverse in design, color, and quality assurance to deserve the best service and satisfaction for customers.

children’s clothing manufacturers Vietnam
Children’s clothing of Dugarco


2.2 Thu Thuy

Thu Thuy factory founded in 2004 specializes in children’s clothing production for exporting like some china children’s clothing manufacturers. They produce exclusive clothing and supply for only wholesale. They have pride in exporting to international markets with a cheap price of transportation like Pakistan, India, Palestine, Spain, and Portugal with a variety of designs for kids. You can find this factory in Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City.

children's clothing manufacturers vietnam
Thu Thuy garments factory

2.3 Salakids

Established in 2010, Salakids is one of the professional children’s clothing manufacturers with the main products that tend to catch the trend like fashion-forward styles and innovative designs. Come to Salakids, customers can customize the design with some elements attached such as swing tags or packaging. Their goal is to focus on high-quality fashion products with reasonable prices for children. You can easily find Salakids at Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City.

children's clothing manufacturers vietnam

2.4 Long Thanh

Long Thanh factory is a distributor and fashion business for traders at Tan Binh market. They produce items such as pants suits, and children’s dresses for boys and girls. Currently, Long Thanh has several customers from major provinces like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Binh Duong, and Bien Hoa. When buying products from this factory, customers can get policies and reasonable returns. You can find Long Thanh in Ward 7, Tan Binh district.

children's clothing manufacturers vietnam
Long Thanh garment

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2.5 Babeeni Vietnam company limited

Babeeni was established in 2007 as a big manufacturer and wholesaler for children. With a total of 1650 employees, they have diverse and unique products which easily attract customers. As a reputable children’s clothing manufacturer in Vietnam, Babeeni has successfully approached the global market like Europe. If you want to know more about this company, let’s come to 66 Viet Hung, Long Bien, Ha Noi.

children's clothing manufacturers vietnam
Babeeni Vietnam company limited

2.6 Anh Thy Kids

Anh Thy Kids specializes in children’s clothes all year round. Depending on customers’ demands for clothes, Anh Thy focuses on producing more than 500 different items. This wholesale company will support partners to export large orders, and free shipping to airports, train stations, or home delivery. If you want to know more about what clothes are made in Vietnam, come to the office of Anh Thy in Ho Chi Minh city.

children's clothing manufacturers vietnam
Anh Thy Kids

2.7 Ngoc Linh Textile Company

Ngoc Linh used to be known as a machining workshop for children’s clothes. As one of the organic children’s clothing manufacturers, Ngoc Linh always produces high-quality materials that guarantee the health of children. With a prestigious reputation and safety operation, you can choose Ngoc Linh to buy clothes for your kids.

children's clothing manufacturers vietnam
Ngoc Linh Textile

2.8 Thygesen Textile

Thygesen Textile was established in 2004 with the headquarters located in Hanoi. Having a name at the top of children’s clothing manufacturers in Vietnam, Thygesen mak focuses on the latest technology and material research to provide the best products for kids. This factory has some unique items made from cotton/spandex or polyester such as Cordura, Outlast, Cationic, and Tactel.

children's clothing manufacturers vietnam
Thygesen Textile

3. Prestigious, good price children’s clothing manufacturer in Vietnam

Having more than 30 years of experience, Dugarco always provides customers with high value of production and excellent product quality as one of the tops Vietnam baby clothes factories. Some key products from this enterprise such as jackets, pants, suits, and shirts. The company operates the professional process to provide children’s clothing for both domestic and global markets.

children's clothing manufacturers vietnam
Prestigious, good price children’s clothing manufacturer in Vietnam

In recent, the network of Dugarco is large with more than 16 partners such as Calvin Klein, Marmot, Tahari, etc. Depending on orders or partners, there will be an appropriate policy for customers with high commitment. Consumers can work directly with Dugarco to unify the policy of returns and delivery for their orders. In the process of manufacturing, Dugarco specializes in designing unique down jacket patterns. With advanced technology, this enterprise always follows professional procedures. 

In the future, baby fashion will have a higher proportion in the textile industry with the contribution from the top 8 children’s clothing manufacturers in Vietnam above. If you are looking for quality kids’ clothing, let’s consider using the product from these companies. For more details about these businesses, please feel free to contact Dugarco following this information:

  • Address: 59 Duc Giang Street, Duc Giang Ward, Long Bien District, Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Phone: 024 3655 7930
  • Email: dugarco@mayducgiang.com.vn
  • Website: https://dugarco.com/en/


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    1. There are several benefits to working with children’s clothing manufacturers in Vietnam, including:

      Cost-effectiveness: Vietnam is a relatively low-cost country to produce clothing, which can lead to significant savings for businesses.
      High quality: Vietnamese manufacturers are known for their high-quality workmanship and attention to detail.
      Wide range of capabilities: Vietnamese manufacturers can produce a wide range of children’s clothing, from basic t-shirts and jeans to more complex and intricate designs.
      Social responsibility: Many Vietnamese manufacturers are committed to social responsibility and ethical labor practices.

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