Vietnam’s leading winter clothing manufacturers you should know

There are many winter clothing manufacturers in Viet Nam. However,  finding a manufacturer that best suits your business is a very difficult thing. Thus that company not only needs to be reputable but also needs to have a reasonable price and meet the demand for quantity as well as quality. In this article, let’s see whether Dugarco can match your requirements for a good manufacturer.

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1. Dugarco – Quality winter clothing manufacturers

Dugarco has been a prominent player in the Vietnamese Textile-Garment Industry since its inception in 1990. The corporation has clients all over the world. Dugarco is ready to handle any volume and kind of manufacturer of women’s clothing. Therefore the manufacturers do not anticipate any problem with production capacity.

Dugarco has carved out its own niche in the garment business after three decades of hard work. Many famous brands like Calvin Klein, JC Penney, Costco, Nautica,… have put their faith in the corporation and cooperated with Dugarco, and that has reinforced the company’s position. With 25 workshops, 165 production lines, and more than 8000 workers, Dugarco is proud of our ability to meet the demand for extremely large quantities of goods. In detail, each year Dugarco can produce on average:

  • Shirt: 11,000,000 units
  • Jacket, Blazer: 3,000,000 units
  • Suit: 150,000 units
  • Pants: 2,000,000 units
  • Knit: 1,500,000 units
  • Domestic: 2,000,000 units
winter clothing manufacturers
Dugarco – Quality winter clothing manufacturers

Besides, there are many reasons for you to trust Dugarco among many winter clothing manufacturers:

  • Strong capacity and long-term experience in the industry.
  • Professional leadership and a dedicated team.
  • R&D of innovative and high-tech items is one of the corporation’s specialties.
  • Dedicated to worldwide and buyer’s standards.
  • With competitive rates and prompt delivery, you can not go wrong.
  • Style creation, order processing, production, and shipping arrangements are all done independently.

Amidst Dugarco’s many high-quality product lines, the winter coat is one of the most well-known. Models that are versatile, adaptable to many styles, and appropriate for a variety of circumstances. The jacket’s quality is always assured, providing you with total peace of mind. For an attractive and sophisticated design, the jacket is manufactured from recycled polyester. The shirt is made of organic cotton thus these products can be easily mixed with a diversity of outfits.

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2. Our winter clothing products

Are you worried about what kind of jacket will be warm enough to withstand the harness weather? Worried that a warm coat might be oversized and unfashionable? Do not worry, you will find the warmest and most trendy clothing at Dugarco. The corporation has a large selection of items that are appropriate for every weather. Furthermore, the model is constantly updated to ensure that it remains diverse and adaptable to a variety of styles.

extreme winter clothing manufacturers
Dugarco’s products use organic cotton

Most importantly, as an extreme winter clothing manufacturers, Dugarco has always had the greatest respect for the environment. We use products made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester,… Products made from these materials are not only beautiful and sustainable, but they also show the wearer’s high awareness of environmental issues.

winter clothing manufacturers
Dugarco winter products

And if you’re wondering how these products are made by winter clothing manufacturers, check out Dugarco’s rigorous 15-step process:

  • Drafting idea: As part of its full-service offering, Dugarco’s design staff will begin drafting jacket patterns as soon as orders are received from clients. The jacket draft can then be changed till the buyer is pleased.
  • Pattern making: Making patterns is an essential part of each Vietnam jacket manufacturer’s operation. When a firm has to create hundreds of jackets of the same size and measurement, this step is really helpful. As a result, pattern grading for each size would be provided during the pattern-making stage.
  • Material selection: The fabric will be chosen by the manufacturer based on the quality and color requirements specified by the customer.
extreme winter clothing manufacturers
Material selection
  • Making samples: Following that, samples will be made based on the previously defined pattern. Typically, 2-3 samples are manufactured initially to determine whether the jackets parameters are acceptable and adequate.
  • Fitting: This testing stage assists Dugarco in identifying and precisely assessing the fit of the design corresponding to various winter clothes sizes.
  • Purchasing material: Once the fitting step has been completed without mistakes, Dugarco will contact fabric suppliers to agree on the quantity of fabric to be purchased about the number of units of products to be made.
  • Material for inspection: A third party will be in charge of determining if the cloth used in manufacture fits the standard. This is done to guarantee that the completed jackets or other types of winter clothes are of the greatest quality.
  • Pre-production meeting: An internal meeting will be held at Dugarco to ensure that every team understands the procedure and particular needs for producing winter clothes that satisfy client specifications.
  • Fitting: This testing stage assists Dugarco in identifying and precisely assessing the fit of the design corresponding to various clothes sizes. Fabric cutting will be done on a level surface as soon as there is adequate fabric supply. A cutter will be used to cut many layers of cloth at the same time. However, before cutting, the cutting lines will be pre-marked to ensure precision and save fabric waste.
  • Bulk production: Dozens of tailors will begin to work on the products line. During manufacturing, several sewing machines will be running at the same time to ensure production speed and consistency.
  • Quality control: As with fabric quality checks, a third party will be involved to inspect the jackets/winter cloths for any defects before they are shipped to the buyer. If this is the case, damaged items will be repaired or replaced.
  • Needle inspection: Detecting needles in clothes is a critical step. This not only ensures the quality of the completed garment but also ensures client safety by reducing the possibility of needle injuries.
  • Packing: The employees will next apply to hang tags and price tags to the clothes. The goods will next be packed according to the customer’s specifications or in poly bags as is customary.
winter clothing manufacturers
  • Humidity: Dugarco will keep the winter clothing products at the proper humidity level to minimize damage before distributing them to consumers.
  • Delivery: The finished products will be delivered to clients on time.

The complete production process at Dugarco is shown above. The procedure will be shortened based on the customer’s requirements for each purchase. For example, if the customer already has a design, the Dugarco production team will skip the “Drafting idea” stage and directly begin the “Sample making” step. Each product of Dugarco undergoes strict production and preservation processes. This ensures the best quality to the customer. With winter products, the user experience is always strived to improve. You will be satisfied with warm, fashionable, durable, and affordable shirts.

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3. Understanding fabric properties & quality

You should learn about the fabric to be more certain of the product’s quality. In addition to learning about the extreme winter clothing manufacturers’ manufacturing process and procedures, you should learn about the materials used to create the product. You can source materials using the example garment (fabric sample). For an examination of fabric qualities, see the list of common fabric testing parameters. These are put to the test to confirm that the fabric quality standards are met.

winter clothing manufacturers
Understanding fabric properties & quality

Fabrics are rigorously examined for quality and characteristics at Dugarco. The goal is to ensure that the product is safe and benign for the user. Because the user is near the product for an extended period. Furthermore, there are numerous types of skin and a large range of scenarios to consider. Therefore, extreme winter clothing manufacturers like Dugarco always appreciate the durability and safety of each product.

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4. Price for orders in large quantity

Product cost is always an important factor in the value of winter clothing manufacturers. It relates to a lot of other factors in the production and distribution of the product. The price, whether high or cheap, is determined by cost, material, quantity, labor, market, and so on. These characteristics are particularly advantageous in Vietnam for price reductions. Vietnam is a densely populated country, with a young population structure, low labor costs, and abundant resources, so textile materials’ prices are not high.

extreme winter clothing manufacturers
Dugarco has a competitive price

For all that conveniences, the cost of products of extreme winter clothing manufacturers in Vietnam is often cheap but still ensures high quality. Thus, Dugarco takes advantage of the dominance of Vietnam to own quality products at competitive prices, bringing many benefits to consumers. In addition to winter clothing, there are many reliable streetwear clothing manufacturers.

5. The process of creating a winter clothing

Looking at the seemingly simple shirts that can withstand all harsh weather, you must be curious about the process that extreme winter clothing manufacturers make the products. Let’s have a look at a couple of the steps involved in constructing a warm shirt.

5.1 The main types of insulation

Down and synthetic filling are the two most common types of insulation. The fluffy feathers seen near the skin of geese and ducks are known as down. It was and still is the most popular winter jacket filler. It retains heat well, but when wet, it bunches up. Furthermore, the amount of down required to mass-produce coats necessitates the use of a large number of birds, not all of whom are handled humanely.

On the other hand, it is synthetic insulation. It can be costly to create, increasing the overall cost of the jacket. In terms of warmth-to-weight ratios, it pales in comparison to the genuine thing. A synthetic jacket will weigh substantially more to provide the same amount of warmth. Coverage, on the other hand, is more consistent than it is down. Synthetic insulation is commonly used in waterproof winter jackets.

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5.2 Layer by Layer

Once the insulation has been chosen, it is up to the tailor to construct the layers. A massive roll of cloth is put out, with the design on top. Previously, the design was printed on large sheets of paper. The design is fixed in place, and the parts are cut out with electric scissors. The scissors are strong enough to cut through numerous layers at once. Each layer of cloth is spread out and filled with the necessary filling. This implies that the completed winter jacket is made up of two coats sewed together: the inner, warmer layer and the windproof outer layer.

winter clothing manufacturers
Layer by Layer

At times, the polyester stuffing appears to be larger than the jacket itself. This was done on purpose to guarantee that every section of the garment is well-insulated. As previously stated, the filler tends to compress and “leak” heat. Compression is no longer an issue if the filler is greater than the coat itself. This is also the reason why many winter coats are puffy.

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5.3 Start sewing

Any surplus insulation is removed (if possible). Each layer is sewed separately, either by hand or using an automated machine. The usage of a standard sewing machine is determined by the quality of the jacket and the size of the piece. You may also observe the double stitching at the coat’s hem. This is done to keep the filler in place and enhance durability. It’s referred to as an overlock.

winter clothing manufacturers
The usage of a standard sewing machine is determined by the quality of the jacket and the size of the piece

When the inside jacket is finished, it’s time to start on the windbreaker. This is often constructed of nylon or another waterproof material. After all, you’d want gear that keeps moisture out when playing in the snow. Nylon contains microscopic pores in it to enable moisture to escape. This keeps the user warm while preventing overheating. Wind and water cannot enter because the openings are too tiny.

extreme winter clothing manufacturers
Each layer is sewed separately, either by hand or using an automated machine

The two coats have been stitched together. If you examine your winter jacket attentively, you will see that no seams are running through it. If there was, the insulation would be ruined. Any stitching used to connect the two coats is only where it is essential. Do not worry, it’s still quite durable and can withstand normal wear and tear. More robust material and stitching are employed for intense sports.

5.4 Check every detail

Finally, the nuances that create the winter jacket come into play. Zippers have been sewed on and tested. Snaps are inserted in important areas such as the cuffs. If there is an embroidered design, it is applied at this time. Designers transfer the embroidered pattern to a computer and have a machine stitch it onto the garment. Unlike the coat, which takes human attention, the stitching of the design requires the use of a machine. It saves time as well. Hand needlework would take a long time, whereas a machine can do it in minutes.

winter clothing manufacturers
The completed coat is packed and distributed to merchants or to the consumer directly

The completed coat is packed and distributed by extreme winter clothing manufacturers to merchants or the consumer directly. Perhaps they put it on straight immediately. Perhaps it will be hung in a closet until the next blizzard. In any situation, the finished winter jacket will keep the wearer warm and comfortable. The maker then moves on to the next garment.

Above, the article has provided you with more information to check the quality of winter coats as well as the production process of it. Would it be interesting to find out that your jacket has to go through many steps before it reaches your hand? After all, you can trust Dugarco to fully meet the standards of good winter clothing manufacturers. If you have any questions or want to discuss, please contact us.

Contact information:

  • Address: 59 Duc Giang Street, Duc Giang Ward, Long Bien District, Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Phone: 024 3655 7930
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