How To Mass Produce A Clothing Design | Step By Step

Due to the high demand for fashion, how to mass produce a clothing design is an important thing for the textile and garments industry. Clothing enterprises should balance quantity and quality because consumers often purchase new clothes each month and year. Now, Dugarco will provide you with some detailed information about mass production in this article. Let’s see what they are.

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1. Stages of mass production of clothing

In a fast and innovative fashion, mass production is important to supply quickly clothes for customers. The mass-market appears when ready-to-wear clothes have become popular with people of all ages. There are a total of 4 stages to producing large quantities of products in a fashion design studio in Vietnam. Now, Dugarco will show you how to mass produce a clothing design.

1.1 Correct and details documentation of your designs

This stage can be called a Tech Pack in the fashion dictionary. It will include a collection of essential documents and materials needed for your product design and target audience. Some documentation in Tech Pack is a project overview, a cutter’s list, design guidelines, operation instructions, and flat drawings. This documentation can provide an overview draft of your design.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Correct and details documentation of your designs

1.2 Sourcing information

Sourcing information is one of steps you need to learn on how to mass produce a clothing design. This means finding raw materials and components for your custom designs. When producing large fashion items, businesses have to formulate the information which is related to internal and external. Regarding internal, a company should analyze the quality and budget. On the other, suppliers and markets are really important to help your design be attractive.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Sourcing information

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1.3 Either providing approval and mass production

In this stage, having completed the sample and getting approval are important to implement the mass production. When you have already chosen your suppliers, you will need to have a lead time which is the duration for the production of your items before they can be ready. It will affect the sampling and mass production run.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Completed the sample

1.4 Brand printing and packaging

The last stage of how to mass produce a clothing design is to get ready for your product to distribute to customers. Proving a standard package, swing hang tags, and labels for your clothing will increase the connection between the brand and clients. When the product is released, businesses have to ensure that each item’s colored prints, clothing package, and other personal key elements be done.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Brand printing and packaging

2. Detailed steps on how to mass produce a clothing design

Mass production is the continuous production of standardized clothing in many large factories. It required a lot of detailed steps involving ideas, high technology, and workers to take clothes from a design to a finished product. Let’s explore how to mass produce a clothing design through the following steps.

2.1 Pre-production sewing process

When referring to the pre-stage, you can imagine that this will start from the scratch process. In detail, the pre-production process involves some activities related to sample development such as a tech pack, a sketch of garments, pattern making, testing raw materials, etc. Selecting the raw garments will help you finish the main design sketch which affects directly effective production.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Pre-production sewing process

2.2 Clothing print pattern and color design

For learning how to mass produce a clothing design, the prints and color design should be one of the top priorities when producing a product. For different fabric quality, the design has to be manufactured with fewer colors and print patterns in a range of sizes. Because using less detail will help your process easily to be duplicated. These things also help increase the visual of products.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Clothing print pattern and color design

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2.3 Garment tech pack making

Do you know what is garment tech pack making? A tech pack is known as documentation that includes all materials required for mass production to make your ideal design into a final product. Tech packs will identify the ultimate fabric specifications, flat sketches, colorways, and package instructions for factories to make samples.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Mass production

2.4 Sourcing materials

When sourcing materials, you need to select suitable fabric for your brand’s concepts. Because the first touch of your product is really important to make a customer decide to buy. Moreover, the materials should match the brand image. For example, if your brand aim to focus on luxury fashion, leather, silk, and organic cotton will be the best suitable fabric.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Sourcing materials

2.5 Pattern development

When having chosen a fabric, developing a pattern will be the next essential step. This pattern will help the brand have an overall design of the products. Some companies choose to develop their unique pattern to increase the competition in the fashion industry. The others are in partnership with sample makers where they live to optimize the length of time of production.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Pattern development

2.6 Apparel proto samples

During the whole mass production process, this is a must-have step. A proto sample is considered a first production sample. They are made of matching material quality. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the brand will make as many as proto samples. Clients will keep one sample and the other is sent to the factory for production.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Apparel proto samples

2.7 Final Costing

When it is ready for your proto sample to be sent to the manufacturers, the final costing would be given. It should be accounted for 10% of the pre-sample costing. Sometimes, you do not have to do final costing because this is such a simple design. However, some complicated styles have many changes during the pre-production process. So you need to have the final costing to work.

2.8 Bulk production of the garment manufacturing process

When identifying how to mass produce a clothing design, you need to have an overview knowledge of this step. Known as the main stage of the apparel manufacturer, bulk production involves fabric relaxation, a form of layout, marking, and cutting of bulk garment materials. Moreover, the Embroidery and Screen Print are also included in this step.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Bulk production of the garment manufacturing process

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2.9 Receiving and relaxing fabric

When the garment manufacturers receive fabric from global suppliers, the materials will be shipped in commercial containers. Clothes factories usually use a warehouse to store these fabrics when arriving. Then, they will use them to continue fabric relaxation before being manufactured. This stage allows the materials to shrink and dry when providing clients.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Receiving and relaxing fabric

2.10 Laying, marking, and cutting bulk garment fabrics

After having been relaxed, the fabric will come to the next stage is laying, marketing and cutting. Firstly, it is to cut into each ply by straight knife cutting machines. Then, the factory needs to lay each piece of the pattern and fit them in the small. After that, workers will use full-size patterns on marker paper to mark products quickly.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Laying, marking, and cutting bulk garment fabrics

2.11 Embroidery, screen printing, and heat transfer

Depending on the customer’s requirements, embroidery and screen printing can be made.  Factories use automated equipment to embroider the same pattern on multiple items. Clients can make a request such as putting logos on garments. One another is screen printing. It is the process of adding graphics to materials by textile dryers.

2.12 Sewing clothing

In this step, sewing is done when the cutting pieces are made according to size, quantity, and color. The operator of the sewing machine will get a cut fabric. Then, he repeatedly sews the same portion of the garment and passes the completion to the next one. This process helps transforms pieces of material into a designer garment.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Sewing clothing

2.13 Inline garment production checking

If you want to check the quality of your garments, there are some small steps that you can follow. Firstly, it is important to establish a standard measuring quality. After that, carry out the corrective measures if your plan has any deviations. The inline checking will affect directly the quality of products and increase the percentage of productivity.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Inline garment production checking

2.14 Spot cleaning and laundry

Additionally, if you want to identify manufacturing defects, it is essential to look for cosmetic flaws and other spots to ensure the performing quality. Spots are usually marked where the materials are cleaned. The step of laundry will happen when articles are soiled during the process by washing machines. If your product is not in this problem, this one can be deleted to be optimized.

2.15 Fusing and pressing

Ironing clothes is a step that impacts enormously on the finished look of materials. It will include fusing and pressing. Fusing will create the foundation. Then, pressing is in charge of putting the final seal of quality on the garment. When the garment is sewn and pressed, it is transferred to the ironing section to remain dry.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Ironing clothes

2.16 Bulk clothing production order packing

Prior to final the product, bulk clothing production order packing can be seen as the most powerful step. When finished, the garments will be folded in a specific dimension. The factory will attach price tags and other kinds of tags to them. It must depend on the requirement of customers. Next, the product can be packed into a polybag to keep it dry and fresh before shipping to the customer.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Bulk clothing production order packing

2.17 Final clothing inspection

The final stage which ensures the quality of your products is clothing inspection. It is an important process to identify whether it is perfect for shipping or not.  According to the customer’s instructions, the inspector has to confirm that the products are following to requirements of clients with perfect quality and the right design.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Final clothing inspection

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3. Dugarco – Popular mass clothing manufacturer

With the vision of producing a large of items for customers, this enterprise always invests in high technology and several professional workers. So, among many Vietnamese brands, Dugarco has become one of the most popular mass clothing manufacturers.  Let’s explore Dugarco products and the reason why they are famous in mass production.

3.1 Dugarco overview

Founded in 1990, Dugarco is one of the enormous leading enterprises in Vietnam’s fashion. Its headquarter is located in Hanoi – Vietnam. The company’s vision is to bring high-quality designs to customers. Specializing in style development and manufacturing, Dugarco has a total of 25 facilities and over 160 modern production lines to mass-produce. Now, the enterprise has a partnership with multiple brands such as Calvin Klein, GeoX, IZOD, and TAHARI.

3.2 Dugarco’clothing products

When referring to Dugarco’s clothing, the jacket has become a popular item that attracts many buyers. It is made from recycled polyester which is a sustainable fabric. Dugarco has launched a lot of various jackets that are custom for both men and women in any season. If you want to choose a coat for climbing, the softshell jacket would be the first choice.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Jacket from Dugarco

One option for you to mix and match casual outfits is pants. A pair of pants in diverse colors and styles can help you become more fashionable. This product is designed carefully to bring the best comfortable feeling for the customer. You can wear them in hot weather or cold winter because of the high-quality fabric.

How about wearing a blazer to increase your elegance at an event? At Dugarco, you can choose a blazer that is your favorite. Because this item never goes out of fashion, blazers are always in the top category of Dugarco. You can order a design to properly fit your body and is suitable to your style.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Known for making men’s t-shirts, Dugarco offers a wide range of elegant t-shirts. You can wear them on weekdays or important ceremonies. Made of recycled polyester fabric, the products are breathable and comfortable to wear. More specifically, the shirt will have many colors to make it convenient for you to choose your daily outfit.
how to mass produce a clothing design
Clothes from Dugarco

Referring to the brand of uniform manufacturing, Dugarco is in the top 5 companies in Vietnam. With 30 years of experience, Dugarco will bring cool fabric which is sustainable to your uniform. Moreover, the uniform will be customized to suit the working situation and the environment. You will feel extremely comfortable when owning these outfits.

Another indispensable product in your wardrobe is knitting. Crafted with high-quality materials, the knitting is perfect for outdoor activities. In addition, mixing knitting with other items will also make you more fashionable. It will be great if you wear this shirt when playing sports with your friends.

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3.3 Why you should choose Dugarco

As one of the prestigious enterprises in the clothing industry in Vietnam, Dugarco always puts customer satisfaction as the top key priority. With professionals in material sourcing, Dugarco focuses on eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Moreover, having many years of working with global markets such as the United States, Canada, EU, Japan, and Korea helps this company have the best experience in production, technology, and management.

how to mass produce a clothing design
Dugarco’s products

Dugarco will provide a professional and complete process for customers when they want to buy products. With advanced manufacturing technology and experienced team designs, this enterprise always ensures a high-quality production process and prioritizes customer satisfaction at the top.

  • ODM (Original Design Manufacturing): The manufacturing unit will be the place to make the design search for raw materials, manufacture, complete samples, and then deliver them to stores, and retailers.
  • FOB (Free On Board): The manufacturer is responsible for producing orders and shipping them to the place of product collection. Parts such as shipping fees and order insurance are covered by the customer.
  • CM (Cut – Make): Manufacturing based on design, processing, and finishing of products according to customer order.

Having information about how to mass produce a clothing design, you can understand more about the process of many big factories. Your mass production should be done with well-equipped facilities and dedicated workers. Mass clothes production consists of multiple steps that need to implement carefully. If you are looking for more details, please feel free to connect to Dugarco via the contact information below.

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