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These days, fashion is not the only important factor, when they are always appreciated and interested by everyone in the world, not only Vietnam. Sustainable fashion in Vietnam trends is becoming more and more popular as people gradually realize that fast fashion trends are not eco-friendly. That’s why Dugarco will introduce you to famous brands in Vietnam that are producing sustainable fashion! Find out now!

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1. Sustainable fashion trends in Vietnam today

Vietnam is the 4th country in the world in terms of dumping plastic waste into the sea, in which, fast fashion plays a big part in this problem. Although the financial sector of the textile and garment industry ranks second in Vietnam’s total GDP, the concepts of sustainable fashion in Vietnam are almost too new. Fast-paced consumer demand increases in proportion to the country’s economic development, making customers more inclined to reject garments. As a result, tons of clothes are thrown away every year in Vietnam.

sustainable fashion in vietnam
Sustainable fashion trends in Vietnam today

The number of organizations working on recycling and restoration of old clothes is very low. Although new and less popular, sustainable fashion in Vietnam is also approached by many people, especially from the age of 20-30. People started looking at brands like Uniqlo, Muji, Zara, Adidas,… more. The products of these brands are all aimed at being environmentally friendly and durable in use. In addition, the movement to buy secondhand is also very interesting, when people will buy unique items at a cheaper price than second-hand ones.

sustainable fashion vietnam

In Vietnam, about 70% of consumers are willing to spend a higher amount to buy an environmentally sustainable fashion product. As Vietnamese clothing manufacturers are already well aware of sustainable production, the focus on producing these eco-friendly clothes is increasingly focused and strongly developed today.

2. Reasons to choose sustainable manufacturers in Vietnam

Thanks to the policies that Vietnam enjoys from the TPP Agreement and the EU Free Trade Agreement, Vietnam has become the fourth largest consumer garment producer in the world and is growing more and more. Therefore, trusting sustainable fashion in Vietnam will be a perfect decision. Find out through the following reasons:

2.1 Low labor cost of clothing production

One of the indispensable advantages of the Vietnamese market is a large number of employees with attractive costs. On average in 2022, the minimum wage for Vietnamese workers ranges from $121 to $190 per month, much lower than in other countries in the region.

sustainable fashion in vietnam
The low labor cost of clothing production

Many workers accept wage work in factories because their finances are stable. Besides, Vietnam’s minimum wage has also been stable in recent years, so Vietnamese factories can be a long-term destination for brands or businesses. Moreover, these investors choose Vietnam thanks to the fact that they will get discounts and tax breaks.

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2.2 Business-friendly environment for sustainable clothing manufacturers in Vietnam

One of the other reasons why sustainable fashion in Vietnam thrives and is noticed by businesses is thanks to the friendly business environment. The openness and trade have given investors more opportunities to produce clothes in Vietnam.

A few benefits:

  • Taxes: Eliminates physical copy requirements of employers’ value-added tax returns and reduces payments to employee funds.
  • Build a business: Reduce start-up costs and online announcements.
  • Contract enforcement: Online posting of enforceable judgments with business cases at all levels.
sustainable fashion vietnam
Sustainable fashion in Vietnam thrives and is noticed by businesses is thanks to the friendly business environment

2.3 Political stability to support clothing production

Vietnam is an independent country run by the Vietnamese communist party. Thanks to this political model, Vietnam is the most politically stable country in the ASEAN bloc. The Vietnamese President also actively promotes trade, helping Vietnam to enter the global economy. This outstanding feature has made Vietnam a favorable clothing production point for businesses.

sustainable fashion in vietnam
The Vietnamese President also actively promotes trade, helping Vietnam to enter the global economy

3. Dugarco – Prestigious sustainable fashion in Vietnam

Dugarco with Duc Giang Corporation is one of the famous sustainable clothing factories in Vietnam. We have been established for more than 32 years with extensive experience. More than 8000 hard-working, skilled workers, ready to work productively to bring you the best product. With a wide range of apparel products produced each year, Dugarco is a trusted manufacturer of sustainable fashion brands Vietnam. 

3.1 Sustainable fashion made from sustainable materials

To move towards a future that emphasizes the role of sustainable fashion, the most important thing you must do is choose a good factory. We are a manufacturing company that pursues sustainable fashion, always choosing the best materials and being as environmentally safe as possible. Dugarco’s Sourcing department always chooses strong materials such as natural cotton, bamboo, and recycled polyester. These materials will ensure sustainability if the production and decomposition process has the least impact on the environment.

sustainable fashion in vietnam
Sustainable fashion made from sustainable materials

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3.2 Reliable supplier, international certificate

If a company or factory shows you these certifications, cooperate and shake hands with them immediately. Partnering with them means you are on the right track in producing sustainable fashion in Vietnam. Some of the environmental certifications we hold:

  • ISO 14001: is part of a series of international standards related to environmental management that are applicable to any business organization anywhere. This certification enables control and management of environmental aspects including upgrading of production systems. Enterprises with this certification can ensure the trust of customers and partners in the environment.
  • OEKO-TEX and GRS/GOTS certification: Vietnamese sustainable fashion both received these certifications. For OEKO-TEX, it is guaranteed that there are no harmful chemicals in the product. GRS is a certificate for recycled and recyclable fibers. GOTS is the certification of the safety of organic fabrics in the textile industry.
  • OEKO_TEX certification: Oeko-Tex is a certificate that represents the product label and certifies that the composition of the item including threads, buttons, and other accessories, has been tested for harmful substances and is harmless to human health. Provided by the International Association for Research and Testing in Textiles and Leather Ecology (also known as Oeko-Tex). Using dyes ensures no harmful chemicals and ensures sustainability issues with the environment.

3.3 Brand value fashion Sustainable & Environment

By using sustainable fashion brands Vietnam, you are contributing to environmental protection. Natural or recycled, eco-friendly fabrics will easily return to the earth rather than stay in the ground or air for hundreds of years.

  • Waste-free fabrics reuse already created fabrics or products – a natural dyeing method that doesn’t pollute water
  • The amount of carbon emitted during the production of garments is as low as possible.
  • Transport methods such as carbon neutral
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
sustainable fashion in vietnam
By using sustainable fashion brands Vietnam, you are contributing to environmental protection

3.4 Many partners have great brands in the world

The clothing factory in Vietnam is highly appreciated for applying modern technological machines to production, so the production quality is extremely high. Besides, Dugarco can produce more than 20 million products per year with many customers. Some of our domestic and foreign partners are Barbour, Marc O’Polo, TED BAKER LONDON, The North Face, and Ralph Lauren,…

sustainable fashion in vietnam
Dugarco can produce more than 20 million products per year with many customers

In conclusion, sustainable fashion in Vietnam is increasingly developing thanks to strong international integration. Hopefully, Dugarco has shared with you useful information about this area of interest. If you want to cooperate with us, you can contact us using the information below!

Contact information:

  • Address: 59 Duc Giang Street, Duc Giang Ward, Long Bien Districts, Hanoi City, Vietnam.
  • Tel: 024 3655 7930.
  • Email:
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