11 Tips How To Make Your Fashion Brand Sustainable

Being an enterprise in the textile industry, understanding how to make your fashion brand sustainable is essential. Sustainability relates to the way business is dedicated to humanity and the environment. From the start to now, Dugarco always focuses on these factors which helps the enterprise maintain itself as a top fashion brand. For more information, this article will show you the pro tips you need to know to build your brand sustainably.

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1. Define your brand sustainability ethics

To make customers recognize you among enormous fashion brands, you should create ethical and sustainable clothing brands. It will help you develop your brand’s concept and attract customers through your unique vision. For example, you need to determine what you stand up for and your style of clothing like sportswear, streetwear, or formal wear. Then, tell them the story behind your concept. Last but not least, identifying which fabrics you will use for your products and how you will design them is necessary. Thus, you have clearly defined how to make your fashion brand sustainable for businesses

how to make your fashion brand sustainable
Define your brand sustainability ethics

2. Waste considerations 

Every year, the amount of pollutants from the fashion industry is alarming. When the environment is seriously damaged, fashion brands’ factories should consider waste. So, the first thing you should do to make a fashion brand sustainable is to invest in facilities that meet environmental standards. Moreover, using renewable energy sources is the best option to reduce waste from the production of clothing.

how to make your fashion brand sustainable
Tons of waste caused by fast fashion

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3. Resource source considerations

In recent years, customers tend to choose environmentally friendly materials. How to make your fashion brand sustainable if production resources are not identified. Selecting the source is a must-have if you want to build sustainability for your fashion brand. It is essential to avoid heavier fabrics. You must limit materials made from fossil fuels by befriending farmers to source from them. Natural and recyclable resources can limit waste and environmental problems.

how to make your fashion brand sustainable
The need for environmentally-friendly materials

4. Source eco-friendly materials

According to some statistics, material from fashion requires a huge amount of power which pollutes the environment. Optimizing the components used to make clothing can make it sustainable. Or you can fulfill the stage of packaging by recycling bags. There are some kinds of materials that are better for nature like linen or organic cotton with no chemicals. Dugarco suggests you can use this one for a more eco-friendly choice.

how to make your fashion brand sustainable
Source eco-friendly materials

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5. Pay attention to social benefits

Back to the question of how to make your fashion brand sustainable, firstly, your internal company has to be in good condition. Workers should be treated with proper wages and reasonable working hours. Working in the textile industry, each business needs to contribute to SDGs 1,5, and 8 which focus on supporting work and economic growth. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is also important if a business wants to have a good impact on society.

how to make your fashion brand sustainable
Pay attention to social benefits

6. Pay attention to the impact on the environment

The fashion industry is responsible for high average pollution of the environment and global warming. How can you reduce this problem? The textile system must be equipped with automated manufacturing, reducing the transportation cycle. Importantly, nontoxic dyes and detergents are not preferred due to having harmful chemicals to the environment. They will destroy soil, water, and air which lead to climate change.

7. Understand the sustainable fashion consumer

In the modern world, customers not only choose high-quality products but also prefer sustainable fashion. Because protecting nature is not the responsibility of the textile industry. They tend to use eco-friendly products with reusable bags. So, fashion brands need to explore the insight of customers and change into sustainable working ways.

how to make your fashion brand sustainable
Understand the sustainable fashion consumer

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8. Develop a brand design concept

Do you want customers to think about your brand when others refer to a unique concept? To do this strategy, defining your target market and ideal customer is really important. Name, logo, and color schemes are represented your brand identity. A special design idea can present the company’s vision and get the best interaction from customers.

how to make your fashion brand sustainable
Develop a brand design concept

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9. Promote fashion brand label launch

The promotion stage is a business key to boosting your clothing brands. You can use a list of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to reach out to customers. These marketing activities will help your brand launch successfully. Creating a campaign to tell stories and connect with your customers is such a good idea to make your label stand out in a competitive market.

how to make your fashion brand sustainable
Promote fashion brand label launch

10. Demand for the sustainable fashion market

With the destruction of the fast fashion industry now, the world needs to find a solution to the question of how to make your fashion brand sustainable. Due to toxic fashion, our planet and surrounding environment are seriously damaged. It is important to reduce the amount of pollution and build a sustainable evolution for the apparel industry. In a study, roughly 47% of consumers are willing to pay more for ecological materials. With lots of support from customers, the demand for sustainable fashion is essential. Dugarco is one of the clothing manufacturers in Vietnam applying sustainable fashion.

how to make your fashion brand sustainable
Demand for the sustainable fashion market

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11. Use quality reputable sustainable fashion clothing manufacturers

Dugarco is a reputable fashion brand in the clothing industry with more than 30 years of experience. Being an eco-friendly product wholesale, this enterprise can show you how to make your fashion brand sustainable. Here is some information about Dugarco and the characteristics of some products that are environmentally friendly.

11.1 Prestigious clothing distributor for many years

Dugarco has expertise in producing a variety of clothing for both domestic and foreign markets. This enterprise always puts its effort to strengthen the entire system by adding high-quality human resources and practical training. After 30 years in the textile industry, Dugarco has a large production network with regional and international clients. In detail, they collaborate with multiple brands like Calvin Klein, GeoX, IZOD, and TAHARI.

how to make your fashion brand sustainable
Dugarco – Prestigious clothing distributor for many years

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11.2 Characteristics of Dugarco’s eco-friendly clothing production

Applying sustainable fashion, clothing manufacturers in Vietnam Dugarco always provide customers with eco-friendly clothing.  Organic cotton and recycled polyester are the main materials that Dugarco uses for products. They not only support the environment but also create a comfortable feeling for clients when wearing them. The process to create a final sample is also sophisticated. Dugarco always tries to calculate the necessary materials which are not harmful to the natural environment.

how to make your fashion brand sustainable
Dugarco’s eco-friendly clothing products

11.3 Dugarco’s eco-friendly clothing products

As a garment manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience, Dugarco has produced a lot of categories of clothes. Research & development activities aim to manufacture products sustainably. The same characteristic is eco-friendly. Unlike other companies, Dugarco decides to make friends with farmers and use organic cotton which is an ancestral farming method.

The T-shirt is one of Dugarco’s best-seller items. They are made of organic cotton and recycled polyester. There is nothing greater than wearing a T-shirt in hot weather and hanging out with your friends.

how to make your fashion brand sustainable
Shirt from Dugarco

One more product of Dugarco that is eco-friendly is jackets. Our team applies recycled polyester in our jacket collection to generate fewer CO2 emissions. These jackets can catch up with the trend of sustainable fashion and have positive impacts on nature.

how to make your fashion brand sustainable
Jackets from Dugarco

Come to Dugarco, you can find many different kinds of suits and blazers which are customized for men and women. In today’s world of fashion, a woman with a blazer will increase luxury and an elegant vibe. For men, a fitted suit is always the best choice when you want to join formal events.

how to make your fashion brand sustainable
Blazer from Dugarco

These are all of the tips on how to make your fashion brand sustainable. Dugarco hopes this article will help you understand more about sustainable fashion brands and how to launch your brand like that. If you want to explore more about the fashion industry, do not hesitate to contact our team via the contact information below.

Contact information:

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  • Tel: 024 3655 7930.
  • Email: dugarco@mayducgiang.com.vn
  • Website: https://dugarco.com/en/

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