What are the best soft shell jacket manufacturers today?

Do you know what are the best soft shell jacket manufacturers in the fashion industry? When referring to this kind of item, there is a list of well-developed factories that are big suppliers for consumers and stakeholders. They produce a large number of jackets in many styles and colors for different kinds of clients. In this article, Dugarco will show you an overview of the softshell jackets and why you should choose them as your best option.

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1. Today’s leading soft shell jacket manufacturers

Because of the good quality of the softshell, many top textile and apparel companies are choosing this material to produce jackets. If you want to find a great new and best price jacket, Dugarco is a custom soft shell jacket manufacturer which produces the best items for your wardrobe. Now, you can get more information from this enterprise below.

1.1 Dugarco – Viet Nam

Established in 1990, Dugarco is one of the enormous soft shell jacket manufacturers. This Vietnam apparel manufacturers were headquartered in Ha Noi with a total of 25 facilitates from the main city of North Vietnam. With more than 30 years of experience, Dugarco has nurtured a big team of professional technicians and workers to produce a lot of items. They are in partnership with multiple brands like Calvin Klein, GeoX, IZOD, and TAHARI.

soft shell jacket manufacturers

Jackets are the most common items of softshells which are typically made from a woven material. They are one of the best items of Dugarco. Now, Dugarco produces these products which are smoother, softer, and water-resistant. The unique feature is that you can use them for some outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing in changeable conditions. They not only keep you dry in hot summer but also keep you warm in cold weather.

soft shell jacket manufacturers
Jacket from Dugarco

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1.2 Oasis jackets – USA

Founded in 1991, Oasis is the latest high fashion brand that sells clothes and accessories. Known as a strong company among many soft shell jacket manufacturers in the USA, Oasis always helps customers feel the best when choosing their items. This brand produces jackets that are breathable, suitable, and comfortable to wear in water and seasonal weather. If you want to select a simple and high-quality jacket, Oasis can meet your demand.

soft shell jacket manufacturers
Jacket from Oasis

2. Features of Dugarco’s softshell jacket products

Softshell jackets are special items of Dugarco. They are one of the best-seller products for both men and women. This kind of jacket is produced with all of the optimal features that combine standard characteristics and unique ones from Dugarco. Here are some basic features and information about softshell jackets.

2.1 Sustainable materials

Sustainable materials which are made out of recycled polyester are eco-friendly to the environment. Because it takes fewer resources to make, this thing can have a positive environmental impact. Moreover, recycled polyester has the characteristic that it does not absorb moisture. With 100% water-resistant, this material is used widely as the primary fabric.

soft shell jacket manufacturers
Sustainable materials

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2.2 Various designs and colors

Dugarco is a custom soft shell jacket manufacturer because they have a professional fashion design team. If you want to choose a jacket but have no idea, there are available templates for you. Dugarco also gets the design according to the customer’s request. Depending on the needs of clients, the color and format can be adjusted accordingly.

soft shell jacket manufacturers
Various designs and colors

2.3 Strict production process

To provide good jackets for customers, the factory has to comply with strict production to produce the best quality products. There is a total of 15 steps in this process. You can see that each step is in charge carefully the product. If the customer has a personal design, Dugarco can cut steps 1 and 2 in the process. 

soft shell jacket manufacturers
Strict production process
  • Pattern making: Dugarco team with professional workers does the pattern making to come out from the sketching to the real product.
  • Material selection: This is such an important step to choose the suitable material for the design.
  • Sample making: In the pre-production phase, this stage is bringing the drawing to real life. Creating the sample can represent the look and colors of products. 
  • Fitting: After making a sample, Dugarcohas to fit products to follow the customer’s body figure.
  • Purchasing material: Each jacket needs different material. Dugarco will import suitable material from many places to get the right one. 
  • Inspection material: In this step, Dugarco reviews raw materials to evaluate their quality.
soft shell jacket manufacturers
Sample Making
  • Pre-production meeting: Before producing the product, staff needs to discuss the style and trims for the following stages. 
  • Cutting: Cutting means to separate the garment’s pieces from the lay of the fabric into its general form.
  • Bulk production: Bulk manufacture means that all items are handmade and quality checked carefully again. 
  • Quality control: This is the stage where products are checked before being packaged for delivery.
  • Needle inspection: Dugarco implements needle inspection to check whether clothes are perfect for shipping or not during the manufacturing process.
  • Packing: In this stage, Dugarco will wrap the product in a paper bag or transparent plastic bag before putting it in the main box or package to deliver. 
  • Humidity: Due to the humidity of the air, clothes can release moisture which leads to the odor. So, the company should reduce or balance the humidity to maintain the best condition for clothes.
  • Delivery: The final stage is delivering the products to customers. Depending on the address, Dugarco will follow the best option for consumers to get t-shirts.

2.4 Some typical soft shell jacket designs of Dugarco

Made from a woven material or recycled polyester, a softshell jacket is a water-resistant and breathable item should have in your wardrobe. With these main features, you should choose it for outdoor activities or any working conditions to ensure good movement. Moreover, this type of jacket is stretchy so you can avoid overheating and moisture. Let’s see some various softshell jackets from lady’s soft shell jacket manufacturer like Dugarco.

soft shell jacket manufacturers
Jacket design of Dugarco
soft shell jacket manufacturers
Paddle jacket design
soft shell jacket manufacturers
Light jacket
soft shell jacket manufacturers
Blazer Shirt
soft shell jacket manufacturers
Life jacket
soft shell jacket manufacturers
Long shirt

3. Why should you buy softshell jackets at Dugarco?

The first reason you should choose Dugarco is the strong capacity and long-term experience of this enterprise. With professional teams and a high commitment to international and buyers’ standards, this enterprise can provide you with the best jacket adapted to your interests. Specializing in the R&D of new and high technology products, Dugarco will give you a great elasticity jacket. Moreover, the competitive prices with fast and timely delivery helped Dugarcor become one of the top 5 experienced soft shell jacket manufacturers in Vietnam.

soft shell jacket manufacturers
Why should you buy softshell jackets at Dugarco?

4. Other hot-selling jacket products from Dugarco

When you come to the Dugarco website, you can see a lot of typical jackets in various formats and colors. These are best seller items that are suitable for both men and women. Due to their style and fit, softshell jackets are appropriate for casual outfits. You can select many designs from Dugarco depending on your favorite.

4.1 Down Jacket

A down jacket is the best fit for the cold weather because of the soft layer under the feather. If you want to go climbing, backpacking, and travel, let’s choose a down jacket to keep you warm. Other features of this type of jacket are ultralight models and lightweight down insulation. Known as a men soft shell jacket manufacturer, the down jacket will be an indispensable item of this fashion brand.

soft shell jacket manufacturers
Evening coat

4.2 Padded Jacket

The paddle jacket is made from nylon or polyester with 1 to 2 layers of fabric. These jackets are designed to prevent water and keep dry when wearing. This type of jacket can be shorter or longer according to the design. For women, a long paddle jacket will make an attraction to everyone because of its elegance. For men, a shorter one will be the best option.

soft shell jacket manufacturers
Padded Jacket

4.3 Seam Sealing Jacket

When constructing a jacket, two or more pieces of fabric are stitched together. This is the method of the seam. This jacket is strong construction and has some characteristics like rainwear. There are many types of seam sealing jackets to serve the purpose of each customer. You can choose and see how customized them to mix the best casual outfit.

soft shell jacket manufacturers
Seam Sealing Jacket

4.4 Light Jacket

Being a top fashion item, the light jacket is always a best-seller arrival of soft shell jacket manufacturers. The unique thing is that you can wear it in winter, autumn, or even summer without worrying about being out of fashion. This jacket is a short coat with long sleeves. You can mix them with other items to impress your style.

soft shell jacket manufacturers
Light Jacket

After reading this article, do you want to pick an item immediately from these soft shell jacket manufacturers? Dugarco hopes that you can have more knowledge and information about this type of jacket. If you want to explore more about the softshell coat, don’t hesitate to contact us by following this information:
Contact information:

  • Address: No.59, Duc Giang Street, Duc Giang Ward, Long Bien Districts, Hanoi City, Vietnam
  • Tel: 024 3655 7930
  • Email: dugarco@mayducgiang.com.vn
  • Website: https://dugarco.com/en/

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