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How can streetwear clothing manufacturers express the individuality of their customers through their clothing? How do you keep up with a trend without losing steam? Prepare to take notes, as Dugarco will show you all you need to understand about streetwear fashion. You will be unstoppable when it gets closer to this style and its current trend at the end of this blog, and then you have capable of pulling together your outfits with your eyes closed. See the post now!

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1. Is streetwear fashion a current trend? 

Fashion Streetwear is currently quite popular with many people and has become popular with many artistic and modern styles. Strong, comfortable products made by streetwear wholesale manufacturers are quite popular with celebrities promoting this style on social media, giving it an aesthetic aspect and high social popularity. So the big high-fashion brands and custom streetwear manufacturers have grown at a rapid pace. It has been competing with other fashion trends. Streetwear clothing is currently a popular trend among young people and teenagers. While streetwear can span many design styles, it seems to often revolve around four key characteristics, namely comfort, scarcity, menswear, and contemporary art.

streetwear clothing manufacturers
streetwear clothing manufacturers

Activewear clothing manufacturers are also an increasingly popular trend combined with street clothes to create an extremely youthful and dynamic style, which is being favored by young people and teenagers today. While streetwear can span many design styles, it seems to often revolve around four key characteristics, namely comfort, scarcity, menswear, and contemporary art.

streetwear clothing manufacturers
Is streetwear fashion a current trend?

Streetwear is more than simply apparel; it is a lifestyle and a culture that originated in the 1990s with an urban audience. The style of streetwear is unique, reflecting changing trends. It is an indescribable mix of athletic and sporty, hip-hop and skateboarding, surf, and modern punk. It is an individual and unique means of self-expression for both men and women.

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2. How to become the best streetwear manufacturer, meeting international standards?

One of the top concerns of garment factories today is sustainability and environmental friendliness. Streetwear clothing manufacturers must be ethical, sustainable, and trustworthy in exchange for being able to create comfort and follow traditional fast fashion production methods. Streetwear has become vibrant and is being loved by the whole world. You can do the right thing and look for a custom streetwear manufacturer with good working conditions and low environmental impact. Keep reading for more details!

2.1 As an eco-friendly manufacturer

The ISO-14001 standard or the social compliance license will be the perfect choice for the company that wants to be a high-quality “urban streetwear manufacturer”. To be the best streetwear clothing manufacturer, you need to make sure that all processes in the factory are done in an eco-friendly way. However, a streetwear producer can find a way to stay sustainable without the need for licenses and standards. They can safely control wastewater and textile waste, preventing them from going to waste in landfills. Eco-friendly streetwear that can use a backup power source, such as a wind turbine or solar panels, if possible

streetwear clothing manufacturers
As an eco-friendly manufacturer

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2.2 Be an ethical manufacturer

If streetwear manufacturers are truly ethical, their employees must have enough leisure time to have a life outside of work. In terms of remuneration, they must be paid at least the base salary of their country. They should also be paid more when working overtime as well as on weekends. That is the absolute minimum. It’s an ethical woven textiles producer that everyone dreams of.

3. How do streetwear clothing manufacturers make comfortable clothes?

The explanation is simple: wholesale streetwear suppliers choose materials that are soft and elastic. Brushed French terry and fleece are popular fabrics for hoodies and sweatshirts because they have a lot of fluff and a buttery feel. Quality custom streetwear manufacturers should be possible to provide you with those textiles in a variety of weights. The following sentences will describe particular.

3.1 Cutting heavy fabric according to the right technique

Streetwear manufacturers have to use CNC fabric cutters to cut it efficiently. The bottom layers won’t look like the top layers if they use a hand cutter. Then you can see the wholesale streetwear manufacturers filter out substandard items, it takes a lot of care in cutting so parts are cut incorrectly, you will be wasting your time. Waiting for suitable replacement parts.

streetwear clothing manufacturers
CNC fabric cutter

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3.2 Apply the link between softness and fabric weight

When the weight of a fabric grows, it will contain more of that fluffy inner component, such as brushed french terry. As a result, thicker fabric equals more comfort. The most common fabric weight for hoodies and sweatshirts is 340 gsm, however, if next-to-skin comfort is your priority, go higher. Nevertheless, custom streetwear clothing manufacturers producer has these fabrics on hand, and the equipment to properly process them.

Streetwear encompasses a wide range of styles and outfits, from high-end labels like Supreme and Louis Vuitton to fashion brands outlets like H&M and Zara. There is something for everyone. Below are the fabric suggestions for popular streetwear examples to assist you to make the correct selection when creating your clothing line.

  • Twill: It is a plain-weave fabric in which the yarns are pressed closely together to create a dense pattern of diagonal parallel ribs. It is frequently used for tough workwear, trousers or pants, and upholstery.
streetwear clothing manufacturers
Twill fabric
  • Woven Nylon and Nylon Blends: Nylon is a synthetic polymer fabric formed of monomers, which are long-chained carbon-based molecules. The fast-drying fabric is strong, resilient, lightweight, and tear-resistant, making it an excellent choice for water-resistant clothes.
  • Woven Polyester and Polyester Blends: It is popular because of its long life and low cost. Its robust fibers produce a material that is torn, stretched, pill, and abrasion-resistant, making it an excellent choice for clothes as well as accessories like backpacks and tents.
  • Corduroy: The unusual twill weave structure of this ridged fabric, which is created of the woven pile-cut yard that will then be divided into cords or wales to produce vertical ribs. Therefore it is a thick and sturdy material that keeps warmth and is sturdy.
  • French Terry: A smooth knitted exterior side contrasts with a loosely woven, thread-looped pile interior in French terry. It is softer than traditional sweatshirt materials and delivers a bit of warmth without even being bulky. It makes an ideal for casual sportswear and layering.
streetwear clothing manufacturers
Corduroy fabric
  • Jersey: The lightweight material is highly absorbent and breathable, giving it a fantastic option for fitness, t-shirts, underwear, and baby items. It is famous for its resilience and close-knits.
  • Chambray: Chambray is a lightweight and breathable plain weave fabric that is suitable for summer wear. It has a little faded appearance owing to the multicolored yarn structure and a smooth and soft sensation against the skin due to the tight weaving.
  • Fleece: Polyester is used to make fleece materials. It is woven into a light fabric that’s brushed to help increase fiber volume, giving it a velvety and cozy feel. Its moisture-wicking characteristics and ability to allow air to circulate keep the skin comfy and dry, making it a great option for cold weather and sporting.

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3.3 Prioritize elasticity when choosing materials

You have read about some fabric suggestions, so when producing streetwear, you should be careful in selecting the materials. If the design of your streetwear garment traces the body in any way, ensure you request elastane fabrics. Even 5% would significantly increase the mobility and convenience of those who wear your brand.

streetwear clothing manufacturers
Prioritize elasticity when choosing materials

3.4 Make sure the seams are flat

When you know your apparel will be worn next to your skin, flat seams are essential. A seam is a line in which two or more layers of material are sewn together by streetwear clothing manufacturers. They can flatten them using special techniques to avoid chafing. Let’s save these tips because it is crucial for you to produce comfortable streetwear garments successfully.

streetwear clothing manufacturers
Make sure the seams are flat

4. How to express your personality through streetwear?

You need to understand that your personality, or truly functional streetwear, is often created by fully customizing garment manufacturing. This is true even for seemingly basic items like t-shirts. It can be done by streetwear clothing manufacturers who can explore a variety of tech packs as well as make a large number of samples and duplicate prototypes.

Therefore, there is a simple way. Particularly, graphics are the only way to achieve individuality. In that situation, other considerations become more important. When you have fantastic designs or other visuals that would look interesting and appealing on cloth, a range of printing technology from the producers can help you gain brand uniqueness.

streetwear clothing manufacturers
How to express your personality through streetwear?

The streetwear clothing producers you are considering should offer screen printing as well as dye-sublimation printing to ensure that you are covered. It is suggested this is just because cotton and natural fibers collaborate well with screen printing. Dye-sublimation, on the other hand, gives a great color transfer on polyester fibers. You will be capable of transferring your graphics and illustrations toward any cloth with this technique.

5. Which jacket is for a streetwear style?

The top of the list has always been street style, which is quite popular among teenagers. The youthful, dynamic street jackets, which give the wearer a personal and liberal appearance, have helped to make street style fashionable style. A valid and frequently asked question! After getting everything in order, most people are confused as to which jacket to wear for street style. When you fully understand what types to aim for, there is no shortage of possibilities. There are three selections for you:

  • Windbreaker jackets: These models, which have been reintroduced by streetwear fans, are ideally suited for urban or workwear appearances. The materials used in their products ensure that no breeze reaches you, while also adding a current technological element to your cloth. They convey seriousness and secrecy in the most somber tones, a fantastic match for winter.
  • Down jackets: They may not appear to be much, and they can also be your favorite streetwear buddy. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, including urban themes.
streetwear clothing manufacturers
  • Denim jackets: There is nothing like a classic to bring streetwear and retro together! They are the ideal method to offer your appearance as a second layering piece or with their own in the warm season. The trendy denim jackets maintain the fabric strong while bringing it to life in a whole different way.

6. The price per order of streetwear

The streetwear clothing manufacturers can provide an estimate for your plan based on image representations such as a tech pack or digital flat mockup, fabric type, outside branding places, and delivery address. If you are just beginning, you can provide the manufacturers with a drawing or ideas of products you like, they will give you a quote and assist you to plan a screen share design session.

The price per order of streetwear
The unit price depends on the quantity ordered and the materials used

Dugarco is here to create this process as simple as possible so that you can concentrate on the more significant aspects of running a direct-to-consumer goods company. However, the price per order depends on the commitment of the company to its partners. In addition, the cost is also conditional upon the materials used, different models, or the total number of products per order (the more products you order, the more discounts you can receive).

7. About streetwear clothing manufacturers – Dugarco

The Dugarco corporation is known as one of the leading garment businesses in Vietnam. It produces and supplies prestigious garments both domestic and global including in the United States, Russia, Canada, Korea, China, and so on. With more than 30 years of formation and thriving and now, the brand has 11 affiliates with over 8,000 workers, technicians, and professional management officials working in 25 factories.

Completely automated factories with different automatic machines including the Clo3D, AI, and Adobe can ease the production system, reduce manual errors, and increase factories’ efficiency. Dugarco – one of the streetwear clothing manufacturers – has cooperated with a wide range of famous partners in the world. It includes Hugo Boss, Jupiter, Tom Tailor, Taifun, Geox, Windsor, Calvin Klein, Bean Pole, Men’s Wearhouse, Izod, and so on.

streetwear clothing manufacturers
Street fashion designed by Dugarco

Are you a streetwear designer in search of a company to help you build your project, one-of-a-kind creations to life? Dugarco can assist you. Streetwear is a distinct and original style that reflects rapidly changing trends. In streetwear, being related is critical; having failed to do so can destroy your product. Dugarco has established relationships with brands oversea capable of providing low minimum order quantities, high-quality goods, and producing in a certain style of making and equipment to ensure the quality.

You have concluded the blog about streetwear clothing manufacturers. Dugarco hopes that these tips and information can assist you to find or build your brand in the streetwear fashion industry. You can begin your creative adventure once you have mastered the fundamentals and are at ease. Your outfit’s features should boost your confidence, interests, and style.

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