How to start your own clothing business: A 12-step guide to success

All fashion is clothing, but all clothing is not fashion. Behind the success of every clothing brand are great stories. Nowadays, when most malls are filled with clothes. But little is known of their origin, they may have been created in a company that is about to go bankrupt or in the drawings of an unknown designer. Nobody knows. With 12 steps on how to start your own clothing business. Learn tips on product design and experience for successful branding.

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1. Things to do before starting your clothing brand

How to build my own clothing brand to become a successful brand? The first step to making your own clothing brand you need to take is to identify a niche. You need to take care of two things: do you like that niche and whether people are interested in the type of clothing my own clothing brand is selling? Identify those two factors, even though you produce many other products, buyers still come to you because of their trust in you.

1.1 Identify your target market to create your own clothing brand

Starting your own clothing line is a very difficult process. You have to fill the gap in the market, what do they need that other big clothing brands don’t have? You need to know who you are targeting and focus on every detail of your business. That will be the highlight of your clothing brand. Strongly hitting the buyer’s psychology is the trick that many clothing brands use the most. Thus, how to start your own clothing business when there are more and more competitors in the industry today.

    • Location: focus on local, national, or international.
    • Customers’ conditions: their occupation, gender, and income are stable to be able to buy clothes every month.
    • Habits of the people approaching: how often do they buy clothes, what kind of clothes do they usually use.
    • When starting a clothing line, what problems will you face?
how to start a clothing brand
Criteria to consider when making a decision to choose a target market

1.2 Know the target audience of the clothing product you want to reach

This step is one of the key steps in starting a clothing line. You need to focus not only on the product but also on the consumer market and customers. No one will know how great your product is without many customers. This is something you need to clearly define. If you target young people because they are easily accessible via social networking sites, they like to access new and original things, but they are also volatile and their income is limited.

In today’s fashion trend, if you know how to start your own clothing business to reach middle-aged customers, you will find loyal and reputable customers if your clothes are really quality. Since they have a stable income, they will buy for a long time. But the problem is that it is very difficult for them to reach your clothing brand because they have little exposure to traditional media.

how to start a clothing brand
Criteria to consider when choosing an audience target

1.3 Make a business plan for your clothing brand

Everything needs a precise goal and plan. Behind every successful fashion brand is a business plan. Ask yourself: what do you want your brand to produce? Want it to become a famous brand like Chanel? Or do you want to create a private label brand like Zara and Uniqlo? Define a goal and keep that goal in mind as you build your brand. Your business plan will give you an overview of what you’re aiming for in the future. From there, you will have the next direction for how to start your own clothing brand business question. From there, you will have the next direction for how to start your own clothing brand business question.

how to start a clothing brand
Make a business plan according to important criteria

1.4 Create your own design

This is also an important stage, you must consider this as your brainchild. The first impression is always the one that leaves a lasting impression. If your design is good enough and has its own personality, quality, and good tailoring that will be the factor that attracts a lot of customers. Practical factors such as product quality, design, price, and customer needs will be the point of distinguishing your brand from the competition. From there, how to start your own clothing business will no longer be a difficult question for you.

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starting a clothing line
Custom designs are better because of your brand’s personal identity

1.5 Create your clothing brand identity

Your brand identity affects how they view your brand and sets you apart from your competitors. Having a good brand identity set will help your brand build customer loyalty and trust in the long run. When you establish the basics of business such as market, business model, and quantity of consumption, you will come to the right place to start gathering your brand. Anyone can be starting their own clothing brand, but whether it succeeds or not depends on whether your brand forms a close relationship with your customers.

starting a clothing line
The design of the brand is personal

1.6 Identify suppliers, and clothing manufacturers for the brand

If you have chosen a design the next important step is to choose a manufacturer and supplier that will provide you with samples of the fabric, and turn that design into prototypes. You need to clearly understand your production goals. When starting my own clothing line, the budget will be very limited, so you must choose a supplier who can produce fast, good quality, and at favorable prices.

starting a clothing line
Dugarco’s clothing factory in Vietnam

You look for people who sew simple clothes according to the pattern at home or in the studio. You need to print small logos on the shirt, not high requirements. So you should produce locally on a small scale. But if you have higher ambitions in how to make a clothing brand successful, you have to find fabric suppliers and quality printers with high experience. Large-scale manufacturing plants that have been rented by well-known brands will be very suitable in this case. This will lead you to countries like China, Vietnam… This can be expensive and often has to be communicated via email or phone. We always choose garment manufacturing in Vietnam because they have a good reputation but cheap prices.

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how to start your own clothing brand
Ingredients are selected from experienced professionals

1.7 Determining the price and level of market competition

This step is related to your goal discovery step. To be able how to start your own clothing business effectively, you need to choose a price that is suitable for production costs, the effort you put in will help you approach closer to customers. You can attract investors by selling your idea. You must also determine the level of competition with competitors in the market and set the appropriate price. You can sell products, earn profits and build credibility with customers.

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how to start your own clothing brand
The price and level of advertising should be decided wisely.

2. Start selling your brand’s clothing line

To start a clothing brand line, you need to ask questions, prepare and learn a lot of things. You need to read a lot of books about marketing, how to manage a business, and how to govern information.

2.1 Choosing a platform and marketing for your clothing brand

At this point, your new business needs brand awareness. If you learn how to start a fashion brand then reaching customers through social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest or starting your own clothing website is a necessity. you need to create a business account for the brand on all of the above platforms and reach the maximum number of customers through advertising and building useful content on these social networking sites. Focus mainly on the platforms that reach the most people that will make your business more and more popular. Of course, this takes a lot of time. You need to use design tools to refine your image and try to promote it on a small scale.

how to start your own clothing brand
Social media platforms you can use to post ads.

2.2 Set sales goals and choose actual distribution points

Trade shows or business conferences are a good opportunity for you to promote and introduce your products to many customers, and if you are lucky, you can also receive investment. This will also help you expand your knowledge of the clothing industry and how to start your own clothing business successfully. You can choose your clothing consumption points on online sales platforms. This is also a good way when you don’t need to pay the rental fee. 

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how to start my own clothing line
Start a clothing brand with a small store

2.3 Introduce your clothing brand to retailers

If starting your own clothing line is difficult, you can contact retailers who will help you sell the clothes. Retailers can help you advertise your products to consumers, but it will be difficult at first because you will have to sell at a low price, sometimes at a loss. However, then you can build a brand, start producing on a large scale, and consume more and more.

how to start my own clothing line
Start a clothing brand by selling products to retailers

2.4 Build an online store

Today, social networks are no longer a place where you can only share and exchange, you can sell and promote your products on them. The level of publicity is directly proportional to the people who reach your brand. Young people today rarely go to the store to choose, they can order at home and the delivery person will bring it to the door in a short time. The counselors will help them choose the right clothes for their needs. Adding reviews so customers trust to buy your clothes. This is the way many people use it because it takes less time, effort, and money.


how to make a clothing brand
Own design is a highlight when you want to start a clothing brand

2.5 Looking for Investments and Partnerships

You can contact companies, investors, and investment funds for young entrepreneurs, they will help you with a part of the capital and help you promote the product. Of course, you will have to prove to them that the money they spend on your business is completely worth it. This will be very difficult and requires careful preparation

how to make a clothing brand
When you start a clothing brand or whatever, sponsors are always the ones to help you

2.6 Always improve knowledge, learn from experts

You should learn a lot from those who have gone before. Join many projects and get to know many people, they will give you the experience that they have gone through. This will help you a lot to improve and build your brand. Ask them “how to start a clothing line with no experience”, and they will tell you something interesting. There’s nothing better than learning from your competitors.

how to create a clothing brand
Make sure you always learn from the experience.

3. Frequently asked questions about starting a clothing brand

You need to be aware of the problem yourself and find out the answer. Frequently asking questions will help you adjust progress, processes, product quality, and customer care. For example: How to start your own clothing business, how to start a clothing brand online, how to make my own clothing brand, how to make my own clothing line… Ask questions and find them online, through inspirational stories, through friends, and relatives, and ask them to rate the product for you.

3.1 How much does it cost to start a clothing brand?

How to start your own clothing line without money? That’s a pretty silly question if you don’t want your business to fail. Startup costs can vary depending on the different types of clothing you want to sell. A small line of clothing costs up to $5,000, for a larger line it can range up to $50,000, increasing 10 times. This is just an estimate. You can calculate the cost of building a clothing brand by the following criteria: 

  • Manufacturing costs
  • Materials and labor costs
  • Design and shipping costs
  • Marketing and promotion costs
  • Product and distribution costs
how to create a clothing brand
Depending on your needs, the amount of money spent is reasonable.

3.2 How to register a trademark legally?

You need to consult a lawyer then establish a business then register your business legally in the state, local or country you live in. You can also buy an existing brand and change the name to your own, but remember not to break the law. This saves you waiting time and less money. Your business will be protected by law, but you are fully liable if your business is wrong. This should be noticed.

start clothing brand
Business activities must be legalized

3.3 How to distribute clothing brands for free?

You can model your clothes with designer graphics, or take your own and then edit and crop them, making sure they don’t look too fake. Then you use the software to upload a list of products on online sales channels. You must register and pay if you want to use the website’s offers. However, you do not need to pay ground taxes or product taxes for any of your clothing lines.

how to start a fashion brand
It’s not difficult for you to start clothing brand

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. All successful people say that patience, adaptability, and dedication are the key points to learning how to start and operate your own brand of clothing. Whether you have a lot of experience or not, learn and overcome the deep pits ahead. Today’s Dugarco article shared with you how to start your own clothing business, and how to operate and build a new clothing line. If you have any questions, please contact us using the information below. Wish you a good day!

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