What is ISO certification? Benefits for manufacturing factories

ISO certification for manufacturing is a standard for a food safety management system established and published by the International Organization for Standardization. Thus, this certificate is not only accepted in Vietnam but also valid in the international market.

For Vietnamese clothing manufacturers and other manufacturing plants, getting ISO certification is one of the signs that a brand with quality products and prestige is in the international market. As a trusted partner, help organizations find qualified products, minimize technical errors, save money, increase competition in the international market and improve customer satisfaction.

1. What is ISO CERTIFICATION and its Meaning?

ISO certification for manufacturing is an international, non-governmental, independent organization that was established and developed to guarantee the quality and safety of foods. There are many types of certifications and they are classified numerically. For example, ISO 9001:2015. 

ISO certification is an enterprise activity where a certification body (third party) evaluates the system’s quality and issues an ISO certificate to the enterprise it is evident that the organization has met the requirements for the ISO management system. In addition, it affirms the reputation and value of the company in the international arena. The duration of the ISO certificate is 3 years and a surveillance audit should be performed every 12 months.


iso certification for manufacturing
Certification ISO 9001:2015

2. Components of ISO:9001

ISO 9001 is one of the most famous ISO standards. This is an ISO certification for manufacturing that refers to quality management. When an enterprise owns ISO 9001 requirements manufacturing certification, it means that the enterprise has met the health and safety conditions, helping customers feel more secure when using the product. There are three components of IS0 9001:2015 including ISO, 9001, and 2015.

2.1. ISO

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. This organization develops the standards to certify the quality of businesses or organizations. ISO certification for manufacturing is tested annually to consider whether businesses fully meet international standards and are capable of sustainable development.

iso certification for manufacturing
Types of current ISO certifications

2.2. 9001

ISO 9001 manufacturing standards are normative standards that ensure a fair assessment of the competence and quality of organizations. This certification helps businesses strengthen and enhance their reputation with customers, helping leaders manage businesses more effectively and do business more efficiently.

iso certification for manufacturing
ISO 9001 certification

2.3. 2015

2015 is the final number in an ISO certification, which was launched in September 2015 and is the fifth edition of ISO 9001. This version has been updated with the processes to meet the specifications of certification in the most perfect version.

iso certification for manufacturing
ISO factory certification

Today, the ISO 9001 standard incorporates many of these principles with the aim of improving efficiency. Includes:

– Customer focus: Everything that is done must improve the customer experience.
– Leadership: Leaders at all levels know the company’s goals and work together to achieve them. A shared vision helps align everyone’s plans.
– Individual participation: Commitment and empowerment promote the achievement of the company’s positive goals. Everyone deserves to feel valued.
– Processes are related: All processes are involved. The final quality depends on each stage and improvements come from communication.
– Improvement: It opens up new possibilities and helps to restore internal and external conditions. Lean manufacturing techniques describe methods to optimize your manufacturing process.
– Make decisions based on evidence: You must rely on data and information to make decisions. It is important to identify potential causes and effects before making changes.
– Relationship Manager: Businesses should focus on customer and supplier feedback. Good relationships are the foundation of a successful business.

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3. Benefits of ISO certification for manufacturing factories

What are the advantages that businesses receive when got this certification? 

Manufacturing industries should own ISO certification to achieve effectiveness and minimize potential risks. Let’s find the positive effects of ISO certification for manufacturing right now!

  • You are being an effective tool to ensure cooperation and efficiency throughout the production network.
  • Enhancing your reputation around the world and gaining a competitive advantage compared to other businesses without ISO certification. 
  • Helping leaders manage their businesses in a scientific and effective way and comply with international laws and regulations.
  • Improving business efficiency, increasing profits through the rational use of resources, and saving costs.
  • Ensuring products conform to customer requirements as well as government and legislation recognition. 
  • Positioning an eco-friendly, health and safety-conscious, and reputable manufacturer, reduces accidents, incidents, and errors in the workplace.
iso certification for manufacturing company
Benefits of ISO certification for manufacturing company

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4. Which standards or ISO certificates are required for the manufacturing industries?

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards help manufacturers measure, monitor, and continuously improve systems that ensure product quality and reliability. Therefore, manufacturers need to ensure that their products are still well integrated, work well, and meet customer expectations. The International Organization for Standardization is an organization that publishes standards for products, services, and processes. International standards set standards for quality and efficiency in many industries, which are related to supply distribution and, as such, productivity. The following are the ISO certifications for clothing manufacturers to have:

4.1. ISO 9001 Standard

As mentioned above, ISO certification for manufacturing 9001 is one of the most famous and popular standards in the ISO system. It helps to assess quality risks and structure to have appropriate quality control measures. This ensures that the manufactured products are safe and quality according to the standards.

iso certification for manufacturing
ISO 9001 manufacturing

4.2. ISO 14001 Standard

The ISO 14001 standard is used to assess the impact of businesses on the environment. The environment is increasingly polluted, adversely affecting the climate and human health. Therefore, the ISO 14001 standard helps businesses operate effectively, doing business associated with environmental protection.

iso certification for manufacturing
ISO 14001 Certification

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4.3. ISO 45001 Standard

ISO 45001 standard is an ISO certification for manufacturingIt is a system of rules and regulations used to assess occupational Health and Safety. Current manufacturing industry zones all involve difficult occupational environments. Standards help organizations provide a healthy, and safe working environment for workers and others, avoiding deaths, accidents, or other occupational hazards in the work environment.

iso certification for manufacturing
ISO 45001 Certification

4.4. ISO 22301 Standard

ISO 22301 Standard is a business continuity management system certification. Moreover, it also allows you to plan ahead to ensure your business doesn’t come to a standstill. It helps businesses build systems that operate continuously in all situations including natural disasters, pandemics, cyberattacks, and more. Certification proves the company’s credibility and sustainability.

iso certification for manufacturing
ISO 22301 Certification

4.5. ISO 50001 Standard

ISO 50001 certification is a certification developed according to international standards for energy management systems. Certification helps businesses use energy efficiently, avoid waste and reduce carbon emissions into the environment. In other words, the ISO 50001 standard provides an approach to measuring and monitoring how much energy is used to help you achieve more.

iso certification for manufacturing
ISO 50001 Certification

5. ISO Certification process for Manufacturing Industry

These days, businesses have updated their up-to-date equipment and built safe and efficient production processes. Therefore, it is not difficult for businesses to obtain ISO certification for manufacturing. Here are the steps required to achieve ISO certification:

  • Step 1: Select the type of ISO certification you want for your Manufacturing Industries.
  • Step 2: Selecting a recognized and credible ISO certification body (ISO Registrar)
  • Step 3: Prepare all relevant information about your company systematically. Or you can hire a legal consultant, who will help you complete the relevant documents.
  • Step 4: Record all the documented information in your organization.
  • Step 5: Prepare all necessary documentary evidence in your organization.
  • Step 6: Be ready for internal audits to be performed first during the certification process and for periodic surveys thereafter.
  • Step 7: You will be awarded the required ISO standard when the certifying body approves your management system.
iso certification for manufacturing
ISO Certification process for Manufacturing Industry

The mentioned above are all information about Iso certification for manufacturing to help businesses develop sustainably, and create capabilities that enhance the value of businesses in all areas of production, trade, and services. We hope that the article has helped you get more useful information and wish your business meets all the requirements to receive ISO certification soon.

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