13 Types Of Fabric Making Machines In The Textile Industry

It is not surprising that many enterprises producing textile products are tending to need the help of fabric making machines. Because, at present, the textile and garment industry is gradually becoming an essential and constantly developing need. Let’s review with Dugarco the types of machines commonly used in garment production through the following article!

1. Fabric making machines involving yarn/thread/fiber production

Here are some of the popular fabric making machines involved in yarn production:

1.1. Carding machines

Because this kind of machine can perform all the main functions in the carding stage. So carding machines are also known as the heart of spinning. Thanks to this type of machine, the fiber is opened up into many fibers and removes the dirt stuck in it.

machine fabric cutter
The carding machine helps to remove dirt from the yarn

1.2. Spinning fabric machine

Spinning fabric machine plays an integral part in the textile industry. Through spinning with this fabric machine, threads will be created. Alternatively, yarns can be knitted or woven together to create a piece of fabric.

machines that make clothes
Fabric spinning machine for making the thread

1.3. Yarn gassing machines

Spinning machines are fabric making machines mainly for removing excess fluff and darkening yarn colors. Not only that, it is also used as a Bunsen burner to heat the fibers.

fabric making
Spinning machine to remove excess hairs

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1.4. Machine fabric cutter

A fabric-cutting machine can be computerized or manually operated for the purpose of cutting fabric into different shapes. Nowadays, using a computerized knife to cut fabric is the most accurate and fastest tool, while a straight knife suffices when the fabric count is low. Choosing a fabric cutter is a modern and convenient option because it provides a more precise level of cutting than a manual straight knife.

fabric printing machine for home
Using fabric cutting machine helps production productivity is higher than usual

1.5. Thread winding machines

Threading is done mainly to transfer yarn from one pack to another more suitable package. Thread spooling is also required for packing, cleaning, and yarn inspection operations. The thread winding machine is a type of fabric maker machine that improves yarn quality and eliminates backlog errors.

fabric weaving machine
These Fabric making machines are used to wind the thread into the spool

1.6. Woolen mill machines

Wool unlike synthetics, wool is biodegradable. Wool mills are used to develop wool into yarn.

fabric maker machine
The wool mill is one of the fabric machines

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1.7. Bleaching/Dyeing fabric making machines

Dyeing is one of the most important steps in the production of textile products. Based on consumer demand, different fabric colors will be made in the fabric dyeing process. In contrast to dyeing, bleaching is a method applied to remove natural pigments and dyes present in fibers. This is a chemical treatment used for fabrics with natural pigments. Because this is one of the important steps in fabric production, it is extremely useful to use fabric making machine to perform dyeing or bleaching.

fabric machine maker
Bleaching and dyeing are important steps in the fabric manufacturing process

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2. Machines involving textile production

6 common types of fabric making machines:

2.1. Sewing machines 

The sewing machine is one of the fabric making machines that the textile industry always requires. This type of machine helps to join different parts of garments. There are now many different types of sewing machines, depending on their specific application that each individual will have his or her own choice. For example, a pocket drain sewing machine is used to sew blazer pockets, or a button hole sewing machine is used to make buttonholes on clothes, etc.

machine fabric cutter
Sewing machines bring high efficiency to garment production

2.2. Pattern digitizing table

Sample digitizers can change your production process instead of manual prototyping. This type of fabric making machines has intuitive tools and wizards for scanning large samples. You can digitize paper patterns and create a digital base by taking pictures.

machines that make clothes
Use sample digitization tables instead of manual prototyping

2.3. Spreader fabric making machines

The automatic fabric spreader makes the fabric-cutting process faster. This kind of fabric making machine helps the fabric to be aligned and stacked. What’s more, it makes the entire production process faster, safer, and more economical.

fabric printing machine for home
Use a spreader to make fabric cutting easier

2.4. Button sewing machine

The clothing manufacturing process can be made easier and more efficient with a machine for buttoning or buttoning. This machine can make a difference in the production of garments. It brings agility and simplifies this critical step that requires this fuss.

fabric weaving machine
A button sewing machine makes the production process more agile

2.5. Fusing machine

The fusing machine is one of the essential fabric making machines for the garment industry. Aim to provide higher quality products to customers and help optimize production stages. This machine is what you need to add strength and support to your fabric’s structure. There are many different types of fusing machines on the market today, you should consider the needs of your business and choose the one that best meets your needs.

fabric label maker machine for clothing
The fusing machine makes fabrics more durable

2.6. Line plotter 

This is a large-size drawing printer that can be used for many different materials. In clothing manufacturing, it is used to print intricate patterns and embellishments to fabrics. Using this machine helps businesses save both time and resources. With this equipment, businesses can create perfect lines and achieve finished products that stand out from the competition.

fabric making machines
Line drawing machine for printing complex patterns on fabric

The business of textiles or clothing is one that is constantly updated with the latest innovations to ensure that textile machinery and tools are always in top condition. Hopefully, through this article, you will have more useful knowledge and types of fabric making machines. Please contact Dugarco if you need answers to your questions!

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