Characteristics of Organic Cotton: Benefits, Uses & Production

Organic cotton fiber is known as a sustainable and environmentally friendly material. Characteristics of organic cotton have wide applicability. Some cotton fibers help bring comfort to the user. Please refer to the following article by Dugarco for more details!

1. What is the organic cotton

Organic cotton (or natural cotton) is grown using methods and materials that have the least impact on the environment. Farming according to the organic production system, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Help the land here to be cleared, increase fertility, and ensure plants grow in the most natural way. At the same time, building a more sustainable agricultural production, protecting the health and the environment.

Organic cotton
Organic cotton fiber

1.1. What are the characteristics of cotton?

The nature and some characteristics of cotton give users comfortable. Therefore, cotton is one of the very important ingredients in the textile industry today. Some of the main characteristics of organic cotton:

  • Soft properties. The organic cotton plant is naturally grown, and the structure brings a soft and smooth feeling when used.
  • High durability: The molecular structure of cotton plants is very sustainable, so the product is made from organic cotton with good durability and wear resistance.
  • Good desiccant properties: Cotton fabric is a high desiccant fabric, because the structure of a lot of spaces between cotton fibers, gives a cool feeling.
  • Vents: Due to the spatial structure of cotton fibers, making clothes made from cotton become more breathable than synthetic fibers.
  • Do not cling. Cotton is non -conductive material, so electrostatic does not affect organic cotton.

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1.2. Market and application of organic cotton in production

The organic cotton market has been produced since 2008 with impressive production growth over the years. Total organic cotton production accounts for nearly 0.55% of the world’s total cotton production and is the fashion material of the current trend. It. The total global organic cotton market surpassed $2.6 billion in 2008.

World cotton production increased by more than 53% in 2006-2007 compared to 2005-2006. This number is up to 145,872 tons and is grown in more than 24 countries, of which, India is the largest growing place.

Organic cotton fiber
Organic cotton fiber is a natural hollow fiber

Organic cotton is a human-friendly natural fabric. Organic cotton is non-irritating to babies’ skin, made to make baby clothes, towels, and more.

In the medical field, organic cotton is produced for use in surgeries, avoiding infections and harmful bacteria for patients.
In addition, other components of organic cotton are made in snacks and animal feeds.

In the textile and clothing industry, organic cotton fiber is a natural hollow fiber. Eco friendly clothing manufacturers love to use this material. Because the product feels comfortable and the material is very environmentally friendly. Cotton is blended and synthetic with other fibers.

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2. Benefits of Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is manufactured into fabrics with eco-friendly properties, colors and chemicals used are protected under the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification and are 100% recyclable. In terms of benefits, the facility possesses outstanding features, the product is used by many people. It includes:

  • Organic natural fiber clothing is made of friendly organic cotton.
  • Organic cotton eco-friendly help limit the use of pesticides and toxic fertilizers for products. Instead, it uses modern biotechnology in the production of goods.
  • When folding, the fabric is less wrinkled.
  • Especially when traveling, you can arrange them by curling them so they don’t take up space. Women always choose this fabric for travel.
  • The characteristics of organic cotton create a cool feeling in the summer for the wearer. Thin fabric, does not absorb sweat when going out in the sun.
  • The variety of natural fiber clothing models has a full range of designs and materials. In particular, Dugarco produces many designs suitable for each customer with cheap organic fabrics
  • Clothing that is not tight to your body.
  • Used in daily life as your blanket, skirt,…
Organic cotton friendly material
Organic cotton friendly material

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3. What are the disadvantages of organic cotton?

The characteristics of organic cotton are very good and are the current trend in the world so for production, the disadvantage of the cotton line is the material depending on the price. At each price, the quality is not good. Therefore, fake and poor-quality products easily appear on the market. Consumers sometimes buy fake products without knowing it. With good desiccant properties, sometimes Natural Cotton Clothing is some offered in Limited Colors.

disadvantage cotton
The biggest disadvantage cotton line is that the material depends on the price

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4. Is organic cotton environmentally sustainable?

Most products of organic cotton fiber are sustainable but how eco friendly materials?  This step usually takes a long time. But helps the product to achieve good quality when it is out of the market. Firstly cultivation aims to prevent environmental impact. According to research organic cotton reduces water consumption by up to 91% compared to similar products. So you can rest assured when choosing.

eco friendly materials
Cotton fiber friendly material

4.1 Accredited by reputable organizations

The characteristics of Organic Cotton bring great benefits. Cotton is Recognized by Reputable Organizations in the World. Above All, These are the two Leading Organizations in Quality Accreditation Today. These are the Oeko-tex standard and the global organic textile standard (Gots).

GOTS was developed based on regulatory requirements in the production of organic products. From the selection of raw materials to the creation of the finished product. Based on this standard, customers will have absolute trust in the business. At Dugarco, all undergo rigorous testing.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

The OeKO-Tex 100 Standard is considered a testing and certification system worldwide. Used for materials and products in the textile industry, this standard is a control measure. Therefore, organic cotton fiber is always absolutely safe when exporting.

The OeKO-Tex 100 Standard
The OeKO-Tex 100 Standard

4.2 Benefits growers and producers

Using organic cotton eco friendly helps:

  • Naturally colored cotton clothing protects workers’ health.
  • Reduce the formation of harmful pests. Thereby minimizing discomfort for product users.
  • The always-watching mode is suitable to help workers save time on fertilizing.
  • Otherwise, reducing well-rounded products, at this stage requires a high degree of care. But the results will not be as expected.
  • Properties of organic cotton help replenish soil nutrients naturally and products sustainably.
  • In the same area can grow other types of trees. This helps support the family and make the most of the available land.
products sustainably
Friendly material sustainable

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4.3 Environmental protections throughout the supply chain

Throughout the supply chain, the environment greatly affects the product. If the environment is good, the product will meet the requirements. Conversely, if the product is poor, the business has to start over. Therefore, you must test the environment before proceeding to production.

environment greatly
Environment greatly

For the finished organic cotton fiber not to be damaged. You need to check the environment throughout the supply chain such as:

  • The environment must be clean, and free of dirt or any insects.
  • Ensure safety and cleanliness throughout the supply chain.
  • Protect workers from chemical exposure.
  • Prevent harmful chemicals from leaving the workshop, water used and other factors involved.
  • You must be an to be a because.
supply chain
Organic cotton fiber not to be damaged

4.4 Organic cotton is less harmful to the environment

Many people believe that this product line is less harmful to the environment. Cotton products have high applicability in life, so the number of finished cotton products exported to the market is increasing every year. With the quality characteristics of organic cotton is easy to decompose, so it is an environmentally friendly material, so the level of harm to the environment is very low.

Organic cotton fiber
The reason cotton products have high applications in life

5. How is an organic cotton fiber made?

Cotton is produced according to international Oeko-Tex and GOTS standards. Therefore, cotton fiber has high sustainability and good quality. Since then, common products such as clothes, blankets,……

Cotton fiber
Cotton fiber has high sustainability and good quality

Organic cotton fibers are created with a natural production process. During processing, the fiber is processed into environmentally friendly cotton. Initially, people used non-GMO (non-GMO) organic fertilizers. Then, control weeds and pests using natural methods. This does not affect the final quality of the product.

natural methods
During processing, the fiber is processed into environmentally friendly cotton

From mass-market to luxury products, consumer range cotton can satisfy every need. Also, create a more sustainable cotton supply chain for businesses. In any way, cotton is still a popular material in the garment industry.

sustainable cotton
Cotton products at Dugarco

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6. The organic cotton market’s characteristics

There are many different types of cotton on the market. And each type has its design and price. Therefore, this product line is constantly changing from time to time to be suitable and abundant.

6.1 Organic Cotton is more expensive to produce

Using genetically modified seeds with high costs in the market. Organic cotton brings stable economic income to growers. To produce quality finished products, farmers need to fertilize them every day. Therefore, labor costs a lot, affecting their health.

genetically modified
Cotton clothing

Given the laborious production time, organic cotton is sold for less than conventional cotton. So its price is higher than organic cotton fiber. And the cost of this product line is also increasing and becoming scarce. That is also the reason the clothes, blankets,… using this type often brings a feeling of comfort and smoothness.

conventional cotton
Eco friendly materials

6.2 The value of the global organic cotton market

In 2010, the revenue of this product line is estimated at 5.16 billion USD. And this number will increase day by day. As an environmentally friendly material, this is easy to recognize. It is possible that in the coming years, the value of the global organic cotton market will reach several billion dollars. Since then, users have been able to use many of the most prestigious product lines.

organic cotton market
It is possible that in the coming years, the value of the global organic cotton market will reach several billion dollars

7. How is the apparel industry involved with organic cotton?

Currently, garment companies mainly use 100% organic cotton. Besides combining organic cotton with conventional cotton in the items. So the price may be cheap but the quality is not guaranteed. Although the quality has decreased, the designs are increasingly rich.

100% organic cotton
Currently, garment companies mainly use 100% organic cotton

8. What kinds of products are made using organic cotton?

In terms of application, the properties of organic cotton are easy to combine to form products that are widely used in many industries. So you can see everything, especially in your own life. Below are the types of products made from popular eco-friendly materials.

8.1 Eco-friendly mattress

Made from 100% natural cotton, the mattress does not cause discomfort to the user. Eco-friendly mattress, easy to clean and disassemble. With an organic cotton fiber cover to create coolness when used. The mattress does not cause heat and mystery. In Dugarco, mattresses are affordable. Furthermore, the use of eco-friendly materials helps to ensure product quality.

Eco-friendly mattress
Eco-friendly mattress

8.2 Robes, towels, & tub mats

The bathroom is the wettest place in the house. This is a space that is prone to mold and odors if you do not clean it regularly. And cotton towels will help keep the space clean. With super durable features and good absorption, this product line is always interesting in women. Especially when used on the skin, you do not have an allergic reaction.

cotton towels
Robes, towels, & tub mats

8.3 Clothing

At Dugarco, the clothes are carefully selected. Although not long-established, the company has built a reputation with customers. We are proud to be eco-friendly clothing manufacturers. Thanks to the product possessing outstanding advantages such as:

  • Products using organic cotton and recycled polyester eco-friendly materials.
  • Products are shipped and packaged carefully. Pollution emissions during production are kept to a minimum.
  • The product line ensures high safety. Especially bacteria and small dust are difficult to penetrate.
eco-friendly clothing manufacturers
Clothing eco friendly clothing manufacturers
  • All returned products are disinfected and carefully cleaned. Sustainable distribution is something that Dugarco always cares about and focuses on.
  • Use green marketing in every product. From there, customers get the best experience of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Produce a variety of designs from dresses, suits, accessories, etc. And each product is guaranteed sustainability and absolute safety.

8.4 Pillowcases and shams

To have a good night’s sleep, you need to have soft pillowcases. However, choosing cotton so that it is comfortable is not easy. So organic cotton pillowcases are interesting to many customers. Using this pillowcase makes sleeping easy. Especially you don’t have a headache when you wake up.

Organic cotton fiber
Eco-friendly pillow cases

8.5 Quits

Soft is used as a bedsheet in combination with a duvet. Choosing the right type of soft gel is difficult. However, when using this fabric, you will have a good, smooth sleep. Especially since it’s just warm enough on winter days. Moreover, it is an environmentally friendly material.

environmentally friendly material
Quilts cotton

9. Where Are Organic Cotton Fabric Suppliers – Gots Certified Cotton Fabric?

Today there are many suppliers of quality organic cotton fabrics on the market. However, few companies produce Gots Certified Cotton. Which, Dugarco is proud to be the number one unit in the field of apparel. With us, you will experience environmentally friendly products. In addition, safety is extremely important and always focused.

organic cotton fabrics
Organic Cotton Fabric Suppliers

Above is the information about cotton that Dugarco Corporation brings in this article. Hopefully, this article will provide useful knowledge about the characteristics of organic cotton, which is one of the main ingredients of the clothes at our clothing manufacturer. Thereby, customers shopping at the company will have more diverse choices.

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