Material sourcing is a strategic decision a garment manufacturer should take cautiously before taking a garment order. Because the product is accepted by the market or not, it depends not only on the style, but also on the materials. Raw materials in general contributes approximately 60-70% to garment cost. Choosing a good supplier means your half job is done.

Sometimes fashion brands don’t have a sourcing specialist, but it’s OK the manufacturer takes care of this.

Sourcing is a still very new profession in the world. This is not a simple profession because it requires Sourcing people to converge many factors such as: having deep knowledge of raw materials, having a strategic vision, knowing in-depth analysis of the market, grasping quickly. new trend. Sourcing needs to ensure efficient procurement, minimizing costs to bring optimal benefits to customers and the company.

As a leading garment manufacturer in Vietnam with more than 30 years of experience in cooperation with international partners, we understand the wishes of our customers. We are confident that Dugarco has a team of qualified personnel and there are also suppliers that best match the criteria that customers are looking for.

Our services focus on one goal: to be your long-term partner delivering quality and reliability. Some criteria that we prioritize when choosing raw materials for a new product:

  • Quality meets customer needs
  • Service quality and supplier’s reputation
  • Good price

In recent years, along with the sustainable development trend of the world, Dugarco also researched and offered solutions to encourage its partners to use environmentally friendly materials such as recycled polyester, organic cotton, …

In short, Dugarco Studio with people with high expertise and passion for the profession, we will conquer and offer the best solutions for our customers.

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