The Organic Content Standard or OCS | Information in detail

Organic content standard is one of the most popular standards in the textile industry today. So what is this standard and what is its certification process? Let’s find out together with Dugarco through this article!

1. What is organic content standard or OCS mean?

The Organic Content Standard (OCS) is a nationally recognized international organic certification standard that specializes in depository verification for farm-sourced ingredients. The standard is used to test organically grown raw materials from the farm to the finished product. OCS certification will be issued for textile products containing 95-100 percent organic materials.

organic content standard
Determination of organic content in products is one of the three goals of OCS

The three main goals of the OCS standard:

  • Provides a tool to verify organic content in products.
  • Provides a tool for communicating organically developed content claims to the industry.
  • Provide broad access to the global organic market for farmers’ products.

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2. The OCS certification process

The organic content standard certification process includes 6 steps as follows:

2.1. Application and contract

You can apply for the organic content standard certification online. We will accept your application and proceed to create a quote. Once the quote has been accepted, we will ask you to return a signed copy of the quote.

organic content standard ocs
Application and contract are the first steps in the process

2.2. Preparation for the Initial OCS certification audit

The following documents will be provided by the OCS organic content standard before initial certification:

  • OCS Standard Brief Information Document.
  • Documentation of standards, requirements, and implementation guidelines.
  • Document list.
  • The inspection report includes a checklist and a list of subcontractors and suppliers.
organic content standard 100
Prepare all documents for the initial assessment

2.3. Initial certification audit

The organic content standard‘s initial certification assessment process is as follows:

  • Opening meeting
  • On-site audit
  • Prepare audit report
  • Closing the meeting

Upon completion of the initial inspection, a report detailing the findings will be provided. If there are no nonconformities or no regulatory violations in the standard, a scope certificate will be issued to you.

organic content standard
Opening the meeting to start the evaluation process

2.4. Labelling release

Whenever a customer wants his or her organic content standard product label approved to be approved, the design of the label template will be proposed and sent to the OCS certification body for approval.

organic blended content standard
Release of OCS standard label

2.5. Transaction certificate

Once a customer has passed the audit and is certified, they can request an organic 100 content standard certificate by sending an email. This includes submitting the certification request form and related documents, if approved, the certificate will be sent to the customer as soon as possible.

organic content standard logo
Request a certificate by email

2.6. Re-assessment or annual audit

The organic content standard certification organization will contact the customer to plan the re-evaluation and check for any changes, such as a change in production units, or subcontractors,… In addition, the client must complete the audit report and send it back to OCS for re-evaluation.

organic 100 content standard
An annual audit is one of the steps of the OCS certification process

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3. General publications related to organic blended content standard

Some general announcements related to organic content standard:

organic blended content standard
9 joint statements on OCS standards

(Reference source:

4. Popular FAQ about organic content standard ocs

Here are 5 frequently asked questions about ocs certification textile:

4.1. What is the purpose of the OCS certification?

The worldwide traceability of organic textiles and the enhancement of organic agricultural production is the purpose of the organic content standard.

ocs organic
Raising the value of organic farming is the purpose of OCS

4.2. What are the key guarantees of OCS?

Here are the main guarantees of the organic content standard:

  • Product traceability is the step that is maintained throughout the production chain.
  • OCS promotes the use of fibers from organic agriculture.
  • Ensure transparent communication through labeling.
  • Ensure commitment between the parties involved.
ocs textile exchange
OCS guarantees to encourage the use of natural organic fibers.

4.3. How to get the OCS label on your products?

Organic 100 Content Standard certification through a certification body such as Ecocert allows the mention of “organic textiles” to be displayed alongside the OCS logo. Before being put on the market, all products are tested according to OCS standards, to ensure assurance throughout the supply chain to consumers. OCS certification is divided into two levels:

  • Level 1 is OCS100: The product must contain a minimum of 95% organic fiber and a maximum of 5% additional non-organic fiber for the product to be certified.
  • Level 2 is OCS blended: Certified products may be allowed to mix a minimum of 5% organic fiber.
organic content standard
OCS always thoroughly checks the products before it is put on the market

4.4. For which category of products?

The Organic Content Standard certification is for all types of products such as yarn, wool, fabric, clothing, and upholstery, except for leather products.

organic content standard ocs
Type of product received OCS

4.5. Who can get certified OCS?

Raw material manufacturers, textile manufacturers, processors, distributors, importers or anyone involved in the textile industry can be certified Organic Content Standard.

organic content standard logo
Objects that can receive OCS

The above article is an overview of the organic content standard. Hopefully, the article can help you gain more useful knowledge about this standard. Contact Dugarco immediately if you have any questions you need answered!

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