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Over the years, many shirt designs have been born with unique designs, attracting many businesses to invest. To create your custom shirt designs, you need to cut and sew shirt according to the standards and wishes of the customer. How to find a manufacturer to cut and sew shirts professionally and ensure product quality for your clothes You can find the answers to these questions in this Dugarco article.

1. What is cut and sew in manufacture clothing?

Garment cutting and sewing is the method of cutting individual pieces of fabric and sewing them together to create the finished product.

The shirt makers’ cutting and sewing processes are highly precise and very pleasing to the eye. Each piece is measured and cut to the wearer’s standard size, so excess material is avoided after the garment is finished. From there, it helps to reduce costs and better protect the environment.

cut and sew a shirt


2. Setup sewing process at Dugarco factory

Cutting and sewing is one of the most important parts of the clothing manufacturing process. Where designs and patterns are printed on the raw fabric before the garment is cut, ensuring full color and edge-to-edge color and design prints. Frequently, designers and brands will import shirts from other sources and ensure the good quality then print their own designs on them. However, that way always has its limitations. 

cut and sew shirt
Diverse fabric designs but the same best quality

The production model for process cutting and sewing will make production faster, allowing for more creativity. Shirts are of high quality because the production process pays attention to every detail of the product. Additionally, the cut-and-sew shirt process also removes restrictions on seams, sizes, and color options are limitless.

Making a factory-produced garment takes a lot of work. If you’re looking for an easy cutting and sewing project, and want to know how a shirt is made, follow these tips and step-by-step instructions.

2.1. Sketch the cut on the paper

The clothing manufacturer said that for sampling and proper production, our paper patterns would have to be digitized. In the modern digital world sewing patterns on a sheet rather than on paper is only significant. A digitizer often contains basic manufacturing information like measurements and a flat sketch. Basically, spec sheets act like a designer.

cut and sew clothing
The design team is thoroughly trained to bring impressive designs

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2.2. Cutting

Each shirt is unique. Normally shirt patterns are made by tailors (masters) directly marking the fabric and cutting the fabric. In factories where hundreds of garments are made for the same size and measurement, the pattern is essential to bring your clothing line to life. Sample shirts are made first to check that patterns are made correctly. As factories need to make shirts for different sizes, pattern grading is done and patterns are made for all sizes.

cut and sew shirt
Complete design after many steps

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2.3. Sewing

Once the fabric is sourced and the pattern is ready to use, the pattern maker will take your designs and create patterns which are the pieces that will be cut and sewn together. You can create a garment sample and then fit it on a model. The more information or examples of similar pieces you have, the better the end product will come out. 

cut and sew shirt
Complete design after many steps

2.4. Checking the seams and cutting

If everything is fine and there are no errors, there will be one fitting, but this is very rare. Most of all, you will have to test many times, a few hundred times to make sure the product is suitable for production. Therefore, checking that everything is properly adjusted is a necessary and important step to bring the final design to life.

cut and sew shirt
A complete product was created

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3. Why the cutting and sewing process in production is important?

3.1. Create unique and complete clothes and shirts

Cut and sew shirt is the method of creating shirts that offer an unlimited range of colors. You can obtain thousands of diverse colors. After printing, the shirts get integrated into the substrate and become part of it. The image is unnoticeable to the touch, can’t be scratched, and won’t lose its color. Moreover, cutting and sewing are not only unlimited in color but also unlimited in size. You can completely print an entire garment from top to bottom.

cut and sew jean shirt
‘Cut and sew clothes’ can be done on all fabrics

3.2. Custom cut and sew manufacturers quality, quantity guaranteed

There are always incidents that you cannot command when working with the garments of a wholesale brand. What we’re talking about here is the quality of the seam, hems, collars, and even the label. Those seemingly small things can make or break a product.

Wholesale brands create garments with tearaway labels but with cut and sew, you can choose where the label will be. This opens up and provides more flexibility and a lot of new possibilities. 

cut and sew shirt
The shirt details are highly accurate

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3.3. Cutting and sewing in the factory is better than Sublimation

The cutting and sewing process gives clothes with intricate, unique designs. Cutting and sewing are also known as “all-over print”  while sublimation cannot print completely. Some small areas like under the armpits and collars always have small white spots.

This type of manufacturing process allows you to design and create different looks and styles. Here are some advantages of cutting and sewing with sublimation:

  • Can be cut with all fabrics, straight, clean cuts
  • Vivid, high-definition images
  • Sewing becomes easier and more professional.
  • Long-lasting two-way stretch fabric
cut and sew shirt
Clear print with cutting and sewing process

3.4. Make your clothes more beautiful and unique 

Cut and sew is the best way to ensure your garment is 100% unique. Cut and sew shirt is highly customizable, so you can create stunning looks that reflect your brand’s identity. You can freely choose the design for the brand’s shirt or your own style in the following ways:

  • Style unique sleeves or collars
  • Adding pockets, zippers, embroidery details, stickers
  • Resizable to fit different people’s dress styles.
cut and sew clothing
Beautiful and unique design

With a cut and sew a shirt, you can choose the exact fabrics, colors, and patterns that you want to use. This allows you to create a unique look for your brand that is different from anything else on the market. Cut and sew manufacturer shirts always provides a unique look because, in the end, all that matters is a unique outfit that looks beautiful and attractive. 

Want to learn more about our cut and sew shirt services? Then get in touch with Dugarco. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this blog post, we hope that it has given you an improved understanding of how cut and sew shirts works. We guarantee our products are of the highest quality, at an affordable cost, and easy to transport across the world. 

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    1. A ‘cut and sew shirt’ refers to a shirt that is custom-designed and constructed from raw fabric, rather than being made from pre-manufactured garments, allowing for greater customization and uniqueness.

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